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Recent content by ShaGunner

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    Mid-aged Brazilian regens??

    Anyone know how/why they pop up in game? It's been like this for a few FM games. Basically, a mid 20s (or in some cases early 30s) Brazilian regen will pop up in a non-league and have abnormally low player value (under a mill) but have really good stats. Most fail to get work permits but I'm...
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    TESTING: 4-1-2-1-2 Goal Glut Diamond.. DOUBLE with Arsenal

    Hello guys, have had a lot of trouble with this FM14, a lot of the plug and play tactics not working the way I want them to, so I came up with this after tweaking after every 2-3 games. It is a 4-1-2-1-2 Diamond formation. EVERYONE in this tactic is heavily involved in the play and creation...
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    Tactics no longer fluid??

    Using a tactic that I've set as my 3 default in hopes that it will turn Fluid faster. Once it went fluid I changed training to Def. Positioning... now i'm on game 38 (championship) and noticed my tactic is all awkward...????? Just lost 3-0 to QPR from silly goals. Is this a bug?? Or am I...
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    New signings going off on loan automatically?!

    Hey guys, Just picked up Will Hughes, Perin and a young English forward from Newcastle into my Man City squad... but as soon as the transfers finalized they all went automatically on loan to other clubs? I was hoping to play them into rotation as Hughes would be quality in the league cup and...
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    EPL Manager of the Year?

    Anyone know how this award works? Just finished end of the 2011-2012 season and it looks' like this (I'm managing Newcastle). 1st - Manchester City 91pts 2nd - Manchester Utd 87pts 3rd - Arsenal FC 80pts 4th - Newcastle Utd 79pts 5th - Chelsea FC 79pts EPL Manager of the Year award: 1st -...
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    Selling off key players?

    Just thought I'd pose this question to see if anyone else has sold their key players for any reason... be debt, unhappiness, etc? I havn't yet, but I'm willing to start a new Arsenal save and sell off Fabregas to bring in many youngsters / prospects for the future. Share yours here!
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    Balotelli and Coentrao under-performing?

    I'm on 2014 at the moment, and these two just haven't lived up to their expectations. I regularly play Coentrao in a left-back position and these are his statistics overall: For training I'm using Duncs Medium Workload but his attributes don't seem to be the problem as he's averaging 7.33...
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    Stats in editing assistance, please!

    Hey all, I'm creating numerous amount of players (about 11ish) for a new team I'm starting in the EPL. I only want them to have specific stats such as myself granting the midfielders 15+ passing etc, however the other stats such as loyalty, aggression etc I don't really care. Is there a number I...
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    Too many forwards.. best choice?

    Hey all, in my 3rd season with Arsenal at the moment, and I've won all of them - however players getting upset almost 95% of the season and very poor morale I've decided to buy new forwards... but then the others' tend to get their morale back up. So, all in all - here are my following...