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Recent content by sinned_82

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    Left-footed AMR

    Hi all, i'm starting my first season with Liverpool, and plan to use a 4-3-2-1 formation with inside forwards. I'm looking to get a new pacey AMR who is ideally left-footed so he can cut in and shoot. Thing is, I've only got a little over 3M and that does not give me much options. Any...
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    English Work Permit

    Encountered an unexpected situation in my Liverpool save, so hopefully I can clarify this to avoid a similiar situation in the future. Few days before the close of Jan transfer win (2012/13), I had a bid and contract accepted by a 19yo Brazilian regen. Multiple scout reports say he will be...
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    Liverpool 11.2 - Striker

    In my 3rd season (2012/13), looking for a striker who excels in Advanced or Complete Forward role. Bonus if he could play on the wing. Have about 20M to spend. Pls advise, thanks!
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    Requesting transfer out of the blue.

    I got Luis Suarez at the start of the last season, and have been playing him regularly. Towards the end of the season, he got injured for 4-5 months, which I then proceeded to put him in the reserves. He recovered a couple fo weeks into the new season, and I forgot to promote him back into the...
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    Looking for young MC - Liverpool

    Hi guys, i'm in the Jan transfer window of my first season. Looking for a young (U-21), deep-lying playmaker type MC/DMC for under 3M pounds. Currently have Kevin (spanish) and a Philip Klement in my shortlist, but looking for more options. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Plenty of chances, no goals

    Hi guys, I'm into my first season with Liverpool, and as the title suggests, my team has the majority of possession and alot of shots on goal, but little on target and even less goals. On the average I would have 20-25 (sometimes more) shot on goal, and only between 5-8 on target, with only 1 or...
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    Qualify as home grown

    Just wondering what's the maximum age you need to get player in for him to qualify as home-grown at club? I just bought a Vaclav Kadlec, he's 18, but it doesn't show in the Home-grown Due Date column. Anyone knows why is this?
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    Recommend AMR, DR for Liverpool 11.2

    . Just started my first save on FM11, managing Liverpool. Looking for a good AMR that can play immediately, and backup DR for Glen Johnson. Any recommendations is appreciated, thanks!
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    Quality English Players

    Hi all, i'm in my second season with Liverpool, and doing fine so far. I'm now looking for affordable English players, mainly because of the CL English players quota. I already got Joe Mattock, so would appreciate any suggestions on quality English blood good enough for the EPL. Thanks!
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    All rounded CM

    Hi, im looking for a good all-rounded central midfielder good enough to play straight in the first team (i'm managing liverpool in the first season) for under 12M. Moutinho has gone to Inter, and i'm looking at Marek Hamsik and veloso. Any suggestions? thanks!
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    Liverpool administration

    Hi all, i'm managing Liverpool in my first ever season in fm09, and I noticed that my club's finances is slowly, but steadily declining every month. Now it's been mentioned in these forums that Liverpool will enter administration in the game, I would like to know if it's inevitable?