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    Financial fair play regulations?

    Can this be removed??
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    New patch/update is ready for download

    Change list anyone?
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    New FM update? (patch?)

    Just went to play and it's popped up new update available, is a patch? Anyone know what's on it?
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    CM3 tech help

    Hi, I got my old copy of CM3 out from it's dustly slumber over the weekend and installed from disc no problem (win8) The icon appeared on the desktop and I thought all was good... It wasn,t....."sorry not supported on windows nt". Well I thought that's ok as I've seen this in the past and I've...
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    SAF has retired, who and what is next?

    so it's official Fergie has called it a day, what is next and who will be installed to carry on his legacy? I've only ever known Utd with fergie I'm 28 and to me he is Manchester Utd. It's been my long time belief that Utds dominance would decline after SAF's departure. Today should be a...
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    Adding a stadium pic?

    I've got a pic of my local teams ground, how would I go about adding it to the other stadiums I have already downloaded? Same question but for players faces? Would appreciate some help with this. Steve
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    Tycoon's and business men?

    Hi all, had a thought and wanted to run it by the forum in hope that someone could clarify for me.... Are the tycoons and business men in the game part of the DB? Are they generated randomly at the start of each game or are they fixed so the same ones appear each time you start a save? Are...
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    Video mash up?

    I've saved a shed load of matches using a number of different teams using the same tactic, I wanna some how cut em up and mash em together into a video montage showing the style and play being replicated with teams of different quality and different leagues ect. Anyone know if that's possible...
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    Guide to the MLS?

    is there a guide to the MLS? I've just started a new game and I have not got a clue what the **** is going on? Weird regulations, different player contract types, I've just been asked if I want to put my player on the disabled list and if I wanna take part in some kind of lottery to sign a...
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    Laptop doesn't read fm discs!! All fm discs!

    Sorry not sure what sections to post in?? Now before I get the ingenious technical advice that my CD/DVD drive needs replacing may I just add I have tested around ten DVDs and ten CDs and they work fine, put a couple of copies in there too to check them and they also worked. A few days ago I...
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    My views of FM 13....

    I would like to start this by saying I'm not bashing the game...well not completely anyway, which leads me to my 1st question... Why are the mods being so overly protective of the new game? Its not your 1st born child and there's no need to protect it like it is. Closing down threads where...
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    Before and after Beta update....

    Before the update. After the update. My question......is this a bug/corruption or an actual change as part of the update?Ive seen this on other sites so i know its not just me, only seen one other person mention it on here so i doubt its part of the update, how can i get rid of this as...
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    Qucik easy question about update patches?

    Do the patches such as the most recent one take effect on the games your currently playing or do you need to start a new game to get the latest fixes?? Cheers Steve
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    100% domestic player bias??

    Just wondered if anyone has had 100% or close to that in the top leagues?? It's something I'm currently trying to implement across two saves I've got going. One with Qpr second season, I'm at 70% having brought in a large number of English players that were unhappy at not getting games...
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    Someone jog my memory..

    Can't remember what game it was on, maybe cm4 or the 1st fm? I don't know? Anyway..... I remember a training system which unlike today's slider version, it was actually individual training tasks, i think it was Monday to Friday and you could select such routines as 'piggy in the middle', 'play...