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    Scouting Problem

    So basically I've just started a new game with Gillingham and I've asked my scout to compile a few reports on players. My problem is that I have stopped getting reports coming through and are just sat in my scouts assignments page and just have ongoing written next to them. Some have been there...
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    Favourite Quotes Thread

    Basically this thread is for things anyone has said that has either made you laugh your bollocks off or things that were so true you felt inclined to post them on a football forum. So I'll kick off with this one: "Jack White has done advert for Coca-Cola. End of. He ceases to be in the...
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    Football Teams You Hate and Why?

    I may make a fair few enemies on here cause this is quite a long list. I appreciate a lot of the reasons many won't know what I'm on about but if any Blades read this they will understand. A quick disclaimer: People on here are exceptions of any reference to dislike of fans. We're all...
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    Chris Brahney

    Police found his body in the Manchester Canal this morning. He went missing after the Stone Roses gig at Heaton Park last Friday. Such a sad story after what would have been a brilliant night for everyone. Thoughts are with his family and his friends. RIP Christopher Brahney. :( :(
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    Albums you regret buying?

    May just be an album you have bought but were disappointed with or one that you bought years ago and look back and think why did I buy that? I remember buying the Pendulum Immersion album when there was all the hype around them and just listening to it back made me realise how bad I thought it...
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    Is it just me..

    ..or does anybody else think the Football League Show is ****. The whole show is a complete joke, from the opening credits of tramps, grannies and kids having a kick about, to lizzie with her fcking useless blue peter like contribution to the show, to that bald heaed [email protected] with his 'potted...
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    Problem starting the game!!

    So here's the deal. Just got my laptop back after having it fixed and a whole factory reset. I have tried installing FM11 offline and basically it wouldn't install properly and the game kept coming up with an error. So as a last ditch attempt at getting the game on I tried installing through...
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    Billy Sharp

    Time to show some love for Doncaster Rovers' Billy Sharp who played and scored last night against Middlesbourgh just two days after his 2 day old son Louie Jacob Sharp died. Billy led a minutes applause at the start of the game in memory of his son. After he scored he revealed an under-shirt...
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    Disc Not Found

    So basically the game loads up then it comes up with the message Disc Not Found but the disc is inserted. It isn't installed with steam if that makes a difference. Any ideas?? Gone into the control panel on my pc and where it normally gives info on the disc drive is not there. So probably a...
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    Your sides worst 11

    Being a Sheffield United fan I could probably name at least 3 teams all with 7 subs. But here is my ultimate worst 11 players ever to have worn the Red & White Lee Baxter- made 3 errors on his debut that led to goals. Subbed at half time never seen again Jordan Stewart- Absolute waste of time...
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    Another alleged *** attack by a footballer

    As a Blade myself hope gets off after all he is only accused of doing it. If he is proven guilty I would have no problems with getting rid of him. Wales star Ched Evans quizzed over *** ‘attack’ | The Sun |News
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    Best Gigs You Have Been To

    There's two for me. Kasabian at Sheffield Arena and I saw The Enemy at Ibiza Rocks. Reverend & the Makers supporting at both. Quality nights. So what about everyone else?
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    Your Club's Dream Team

    So, if you could pick the best 11 players that have ever played for your club and put them in one team who would they be? For Sheff Utd: Simon Tracey Kyle Walker Chris Morgan Phil Jagielka Derek Geary Peter Ndlovu Nick Montgomery Michael Brown Michael Tonge Brian Deane James Beattie btw...
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    FA Youth Cup Final

    Finished Sheff Utd 2-2 Man Utd Good match and a good atmosphere. 29,977 packed in Bramall Lane to see it. Not only that it's probably the best game I've seen at the lane all season. Interested to know if any Man Utd fans on here came to see the game and what they thought of the game btw...
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    Something Football Could Use More Of

    I know in some case respect between fans is highly unlikely but it's good to know that at least football isn't totally full of hatred for one another. Sheffield United | News | Latest News | Latest News | Swans laud Blades fans