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    Fifa 2020 Pro Clubs

    Hello, everyone here on FM base a few years ago now I created the first pro club on this forum we were known as FM BASE FC on Xbox 360 we did have a rivalry with another group on here now we've all moved on just wondered if anyone else is still around playing FIFA pro clubs. I am now on the ps4...
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    Abel Ruiz Barcelona wonderkid

    Name:Abel Riuz Club: Barcelona b D.O.B: 28/1/2000 Nationality: Spainish...
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    who needs neymar messi suarez

    Lower league play like barcelona Hello and welcome to my football manager 2016 433 formation ive been using it in fmt mode and for the members who dont know what fmt mode is its fmc I cant go in to great detail about the tactic but its been very impressive so far and would like to share it...
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    Win ratio part 2

    Win ratio part 2 Hello every one to my new updated version of my win ratio tactic I have been using it more quite some time now and it has made this football manager a lot more fun at the start of the game I struggling to get into football manager 2015 I decieded to create this tactic I...
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    LFCMarshall FM15

    Hello every body just wondering who you all are playing as on the new update and have you signed some bargins I am playing as man united. I am all so in talks with carlos maine from sporting hes looks a great player on this update. Team Transfers
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    Trophy_whorder win ratio

    Trophy_whorder win ratio You have come to the right place if you want to win matches in my short time on this fm ive had good success using this tactic I am currently using this tactic with lyon in my third season and my win ratio is very good and trophy count is rising. How to get the...
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    Will Keane for a mid table side a goal machine

    Name: Will Keane Club: Manchester united D.O.B: 1.11.1983 Nationality: England Position: st One of the best singings I have ever made on this years football manager I would highley recommend you trying him out play him as a poacher and you will get a shed load of goals and so cheal as well I...
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    Pione Sisto wonder kid FC Midtjylland

    Name Pione Sisto Club: FC Midtjylland D.O.B: 4/2/1995 Nationality: Saudi sudan Position: AMRL ST Any one got any future screen shots of this kid.
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    Hachim Mastour 16 Ac milan

    Name:Hachim Mastour Club: AC Milan D.O.B: 15/6/1998 Nationality: Italy Position: amc rw st Has any one used him before he looks a great player foor the future.
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    club real name fix file and logo

    football manager 2015 can some one reccomend me a good file of the in the title and a new skin too.
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    Sascha Horvath wonderkid from Austria Wien

    Name: Sascha Horvat Club: Austria Wien D.O.B: 22.8.1996 Nationality: Austria Just seen him on my Ebbsfleet save he looks a great player any future screenshots of him
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    A another wonderkid to come from mexico

    Been on the full game for an hour and look at this talent one to have in your shortlists Name: Hirving Lozano Club: Pachuca CF D.O.B: 30/7/ 1995 Nationality: Mexcico Position: attacking right wing Agent: Eduardo Blanco
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    fm15 beta code

    Ordered my copy today from game when should the beta be sent by email last year it was two weeks before game release bit of a noob question?
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    Binos on there way to dominate scottish football

    Binos on there way to dominate scottish football Hello welcome to my Stirling Albion scottish hero story i have all ready done the first three post will be a catch up on whats been going on at the club I am really excited for for the new season being in the scottish premier league playing...
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    God like 2014

    Prologue Hello everyone welcome to my football manager 2014 last and final tactic thread god like in my long career i have used many different tactics all with the same philosophy except for this one I wanted to create the counter tactic with my Bayern Munchen team in season 2049. What is my...