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    How to change contract clauses???

    Hi Guys, Im in a save with Southampton and have a clause in my contract saying "sign players from Chairmans country" I have serveral discussions with them trying to remove it but i never know what to put to get it took off? Can someone help me because they keep saying they're dissapointed with...
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    Good laptops to run FM!

    Hi people, Can anyone advise any good laptops to run FM? What spec should i look for when buying a laptop which will run FM well? Cheers guys !
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    Champions Cup Squad Registration - I CANT GET PAST IT! HELP!

    Hi Guys! How do i get around this? I have to pick 4 players trained with my team for 3 years between 15 - 21 years of age. I can only select 2??? What am i meant to do, i literally cant pick 4. What shall i do guys? Help ASAP please as its a "Must respond" so i cant even carry on with my...
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    Work Permits

    Is there anything you can do other than get a feeder club to get around these?! I hate them. You never get any of this in real life. Can you do anything on FMRTE (I dont ever edit but I'm sick of not being allowed to sign players who will improve my team.) Please help me out.
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    Share your saves!

    Has anyone got a save a few years in? I loved FM2012 and got to 2033 but I just can't take to FM2013, I don't kiw what it is but i can't get into a save and enjoy it like i did on the last few FMs. So has anyone got a save they are really enjoying or has a tycoon to take over with? if anyone...
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    Lee Clark sacked from Huddersfield!

    Lee Clark has left his role as manager of League One promotion contenders Huddersfield Town. Clark leaves Terriers | Huddersfield Town News, Fixtures, Results, Table | Sky Sports Is he on his way to Wolves or Leeds? As a Wolves fan i said I'd like him before he was sacked, so I'd love him for...
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    Wolves sack Mick McCarthy

    Wolves have confirmed that manager Mick McCarthy has been sacked following the club's derby humiliation at the hands of West Bromwich Albion. McCarthy axed by Wolves | Wolves News, Fixtures, Results, Transfers | Sky Sports Who Next? Whats your Thoughts? I'd Like Gus Poyet or Nigel Atkins, who...
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    Striker, Jan 2014, Arsenal!!

    Just been Given £80m from the board... Van Persie ain't doin it for me(4 in 13), Neymar's struggling to score(7 in 19), although Leandro and Kadlec get the odd one and two i need a ST who will get me goals, more or the same ammound as games played... I'm thinking Pato or someone similar, who...
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    Red Bull Franchise Challenge?!

    Well, earlier i was looking at Thierry Henry's Wikipedia page whilst being bored in my frees at Sixth Form. I then come across New York Red Bulls and then the Red Bulls page. I then looked at some of the Teams the owned: - New York Red Bulls, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Leipzig (German team)...
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    Anyone else seen this!? FLARE!!!

    LOL, Haven't been active on here been busy tbf, but has anyone else seen this!? I lol'ed and went omg i was so shocked aha!
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    How to put facepacks and badges in game?

    Is it the same as FM11, and i just put them in the folder 'graphics' and then click 'reload skin on confirm', because i've done that and the badges don't seem to be showing, help!? :D Thanks lads! :D
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    Wolves- First season

    £10m to spend. Need a decent LB and ST(maybe a youngster who can develop) and just generally good players who'll join. Only just bought FM12 and need some player ideas asap, cheers lads! :D
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    Bully's Back - A Wolves story.

    Mick McCarthy Walks away from Wolves Wolves have today confirmed that Mick McCarthy has left the club due to Mutual consent, with McCarthy being quoted saying "his heart wasn't in the game anymore." The club have confirmed that they will be looking for potential managers. While the club are...
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    James Corden - A football manager.

    Been reading James Corden's book and heres an extract from it: "I didn't do much except sit around playing Championship Manager - which is without question the finest computer game that's ever been invented. I still play it now from time to time, though its called football manager these days...
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    Steam: Install new game?

    Right, I have Steam and run it on my main laptop, yet I've had a netbook for college, but i want to download steam for my netbook, but it doesnt have a cd tray so i cant put the cd in, and how do i install FM11/FM12 on my netbook, do i have to buy it twice to have it on two different laptops or...