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Recent content by YasserRahman

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    Editor - Creating a league with Groups + Championship Playoffs

    I've been working on an idea with the Indian league, basically, Indian Football received a 800 Million USD funding from IMG-Reliance over a 15 year period. I was just trying to create a new league structure with the money going to the clubs via TV and prize money over 15 years. The league...
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    What is this " Debug " ?

    I've never managed a National Team before but recently I got offered the India U21 Job and I took it without even thinking twice. I went around looked at my options and saw an option called "debug" under views. I clicked it and all the UID's of the players came up on the screen along with...
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    Managing club and nation

    Quick questions, I was just wondering if it's possible to manage and country and a club at the same time ? I read somewhere it was possible, but didn't really know how to go about it as I don't want to risk loosing my existing job.
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    Country News - HELP

    I'm playing a game as a manager of an Indian Club that I created . I get notifications from other countries about National Squad selection, people getting dropped and picked etc, but I'm not able to do the same for India. I've added the country to my shortlist, and also the country manager. But...
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    Transfer of Saved File & Edits from PC to MAC

    I currently use FM on Windows XP at home and I was thinking about moving my office MAC home and using the Windows system at office. I was wondering if I can transfer my saved files and edits ( Added clubs and players to India ) from that computer to this? If I can, what files should I be...
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    Staff created on Editor, But don't show up in game.

    Hey! I'm new member here, but i've been reading up things on the forum for years. I just got myself FM2011 and started. I wanted a little help with some editing I did. I created a new club and placed it in the NFL, India. I created the Chairman and set attributes. I created and added one...