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4-4 F'n 2

4-4 F'n 2 2021-01-18

Complete tactical breakdown of the tactic please find here

Tactic made for Dave's stream save. By myself and Dave.

You can find a more detailed blog as well as the video here https://www.westreamfm.com/blog/fm21-best-442

I've tested this from Vanarama to Premier league, From South Africa to France. It worked everywhere I've used it. Lots of goals and relatively solid at the back.

For levels where you can't get a Complete Forward use a Pressing Forward Attack instead, It works in my experience as good if not even better.


Training Oppo Instructions - Left to assistant

Corners work better with Inswingers from my experience

Throws - LB/RB Long throw stat above 10/11

RW- You want pure pace in this role as he is used to counter attack off set pieces.

Speaking of Set plays. I pride myself on them and these are far the best I've put out this year.

Please watch the video for a more complete breakdown!!
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