541 The Silent Killer - a realistic, fun, overachieving tactic!

541 The Silent Killer - a realistic, fun, overachieving tactic! 2020-01-11

First of all credit to TFF for FM19’s Avenger, as this is a tweaked version of his tactic.
After much frustration with FM20, trying EVERY tactic available with lack of success and fun, decided: why not try the tactic that I enjoyed the most in FM19, a tweaked version of TFF's avenger. I did not tried it before, as I assumed that with a new Match Engine it would not work... but to my surprised it played the exact same realistic, fun, consistent football as in FM19!
This is not a flamboyant tactic, it will rather give you a decent attack, rock solid defense, and a realistic style of play.
The team will play as a unit, with everybody pressing the opposition players in big numbers.
If you are the underdog, you will give the top teams a really tough time.
If you are the favorite, you will win 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, don't expect large results.
If you get a red card, take off one of the MC.
If you feel it’s not working, give it some more time, be patient.

Training: AM
OI: none
Players: anyone, as long as they fit the position, I really don’t care how good they are for the role.

Did a fast test with big underdog in Sweden Premier League Eskilstuna, with the original team, no transfers.
Played all the matches, but to do it faster, made no subs, unless forced, and auto selected the team every match.
The results? Amazing! Predicted LAST, finished 3rd, with some great wins even away to the stronger sides. Had some serious injuries in key players, that really complicated things in the last 7-8 matches, or I’m pretty sure… I would be champion!

This is Pure plug and play, HAVE FUN!
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This tactic works like a Swiss defense watch. For 10 games I missed one goal with Manchester United