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CRAZY 5230 - No midfileders No strikers Everything should go wrong, and yet... you WIN 2020-10-06

Hi guys. I was a bit bored with FM, and stopped playing for a couple of months. But a week ago decided to start a fresh save using one the top tactics around, with Sirius in the swedish premier league. Predicted 12th, things were not going that well, very mixed results, was mid table, and stopped playing.
Then I read something about strikerless formations, and as I had a few good creative AMC's in my team decided to create something different. Got things from Knap's and Lisa's tactics, and created this very crazy "thing".
In time to be champion! Then got a mid season (november) job at a very demoralized, bottom of the table Guimaraes in Portugal. Obviously had to prepare the squad for the tactic, so decided to sell some of the team's best and influential players that were pure MC's, and wait for January to buy some players to fit the tactic. And even had to promote some youngsters in order to have enough players for the required positions, so my expectations were not great for my first matches, also because morale was very poor. What I got was immediate great football and results.

What will immediately draw your attention are the red squares, warning you that there's no way this is going to work! :eek:
But well... it does. Sell strikers and pure MC's, and get good, fast creative AMC's and you will have great fun.

No OI's
No specific corner taker
I never change anything, plug and play (actually you might want to use a SUS tactic to hold a result against a strong team, but honestly I don't bother...?)






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