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playgm Blue Blood Sword Three Libero Edition 2019-12-31

Thanks to Perkuno, he's tweaked the original Blue Blood Sword by Beckham1990


The same principles apply as before so I'll copy and paste.

No OIs are necessary, but adjustments to the PIs help a lot (as seen below in other information). It is recommended to press any creative/playmakers in the opposition's team.

DL takes right corners​
DR takes left corners​

PI's you need to adjust depending on opposition:
If the opponent has no AMC and a lone ST, you need to change the PI of the Libero to mark the ST.​
If the opponent has no DM, use the AMC to mark the closest MC (or most creative MC).​
If the opponent has more than two DMs use the AMC to mark the most creative DM.​
If the opponent uses 3 DC's, ensure the IFs are marking their corolating DL/DR.​
If the opponent uses an ML/MR, change your wingbacks to mark them.​

What to Expect:
Solid in defense, and helps the tactics work well in away games.​
Enjoyable to watch!​
All of the players are capable of scoring and assisting throughout a match - similiar to total football.​
Half-plug and play, you can and should make some simple adjustments depending on the match (these adjustments weren't done in the tests, that was purely plug and play).​

Perkunos said:
To change the players instructions for the libero on the left and on the right, stay in the tactic overview panel (not the player specific one) and the small arrow on the right side, it will open a box and "edit instructions" is on the top-right corner. (If you try to edit them with the player instructions specific panel, they will revert down to normal central defenders)
That way you can also play them with a support duty

Have fun and enjoy!
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