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Bradford United Database (Custom Club)

Databases Bradford United Database (Custom Club)

Meet Bradford United. A club recently formed by not only the people of Bradford, but Apple and Allianz as well. Apple has a vision of helping take clubs from the lower divisions of football to the very top while documenting it every step of the way. Therefore, Bradford United has an Individual TV deal with Apple TV, while also being sponsored by Allianz and getting to play at the Allianz Arena of Bradford.

The club has one major rule that it wants their managers to abide by. That rule is that they are REQUIRED to sign players only from the Nations of the U.K., meaning that signing players from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales is 100% REQUIRED. Why does the club want to do this you may ask? Bradford United's goal is to become the Best Club within England while only having players from the U.K. as they want to prove that the best talent can be found in your own backyard.
So, what is your goal of this save? Take Bradford United to the top of English Football, surpassing the Big 6, and do so while only using talents from the U.K. Region. And who knows, you just might make Bradford United the best Club in the WORLD.

Info for the save:
You are a Semi-Pro side, so no full-time contracts until you hit Sky Bet League 2.
You have one of the best sides in Non-League Football and the finances to go with it.
Your entire team almost is only on a 1-year contract, so choose wisely who you intend to let go on frees and who you sell as it could impact how long you are in Non-League Football.
A majority of your staff is also on 1-year contracts and even though you have the best in Non-League it could be very different come season 2.
I state this part in the instruction file, but I will state it now as well, the U21 and U18 sides are bare. It is up to you to build your youth setup as you see fit including the staff.
Last little bit, there is no way to strictly enforce only being able to sign U.K. based players like how Athletic Bilbao have their Basque restriction. So, in the supporter profile I have added in the 4 nations (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, & Wales) and that is REQUIRED to sign players from those nations. So please adhere to that.

So now with all that being said here are some screenshots of what you will see on arrival at the club! Enjoy! If you choose to give this save a go, feel free to DM me parts of your journey on discord or even tweet it to me on twitter @YGormy!
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