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Meet FC Rosenheim. A club brought to life by the people of Rosenheim, Germany with one major goal in mind. See the BEST talent from Germany be produced by one club. THEIR CLUB. Apple and Fly Emirates are investors in this project for FC Rosenheim as they feel there is incredible potential for not only the club, but the talent production of Germany as well. Apple has a vision of helping take clubs from the lower divisions of football to the very top while documenting it every step of the way. Therefore, FC Rosenheim has an Individual TV deal with Apple TV, while Fly Emirates gets not only the Kit Sponsor but also the naming rights of the Stadium which is Das Emirates Stadium von Rosenheim.

The club's one major rule is it wants their managers to sign solely German talents. This means that players can only be signed if they are German. Why does the club want to do this you may ask? Germany has always been a powerhouse when it comes to Football Talent. Whether it is Miroslav Klose, Franz Beckenbauer, or Manuel Neuer, the clubs of Germany produce household names. They want to put the world on notice that Rosenheim is the next German talent factory, and if your side has a German in it then they most likely came from Rosenheim. Now, this doesn't mean you can only sign players from the German leagues, you are able to sign players that are German from anywhere in the world. So, if you happen to find the next Neuer but he is playing in the Premier League, then great, you can sign him. The only rule you must follow is that you sign players strictly of German nationality.

So, what is your goal of this save? Take FC Rosenheim to the top of German football and help them become the #1 producer in German Football talent. Who knows, you may just make them the #1 club in the world while you are at it!

Info for the save:
You are a Professional side in the 3. Liga in Germany.
You have one of the best sides in the Division but are not expected to finish top.
Your entire team almost is only on a 1-year contract, so choose wisely who you intend to let go on frees and who you sell as it could impact how long it takes you to reach the Bundesliga.
A majority of your staff is also on 1-year contracts and even though you have the best in the league it could be very different come season 2.
Last little bit, there is no way to strictly enforce only being able to sign players that are German as that is REQUIRED for this save, after all that is what makes FC Rosenheim what they are. So please adhere to that.

So now with all that being said here are some screenshots of what you will see on arrival at the club, along with the download file! Enjoy! If you choose to give this save a go, feel free to DM me parts of your journey or even tweet it to me on twitter @YGormy!

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