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Brutal Tactic 4312 By Öztürk 2.0.4

This tactic, tested in leading European leagues, resulted in very successful results in all teams. The success of leganes ' chelsea and Southampton teams in the English and Spanish league was highly above expectations. The main goal in this tactic is to feed the strikers from the wings and get them to score goals. To that end, our wing players will play in a Supporting Role and try to score goals for the forwards rather than scoring goals themselves.
Our offensive midfielder will often pass with the hard-working striker to keep the ball in our possession.
Our wing-backs are constantly going forward and they will often open up the middle to our forwards and bring them together in goal.

We pulled the whole team back, especially in cornerback defense, to avoid any trouble with the standing ball defense.
In attacking ball organizations, our stoppers have always come forward to find plenty of goals.
For the tactic to work more efficiently, you should prefer players with high pass capability.
In addition, it is very useful to have technical studies in training.
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