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Red Alert Mezzela ! By Birol Öztürk 2.0.4


With this tactic, we used the mezzela player effectively and in the first season we won all the trophies with the LIVERPOOL team. We also finished the league in 2nd place with the BOURNEMOUTH team. These achievements are truly incredible. We have scored 108 goals with the Liverpool team.

The game itself already States which features should be found in which player, but in order for this tactic to become more functional, we need to place much more emphasis on some player features. I will write down these features in order for each location below. Even if these features are at the level of the league you will get the chance to finish far above the expectations of the league.
Goalkeeper : forward, hunch
Due to our defensive line being in front of the ball in the back of the goalkeeper's hunch and sudden exit feature will allow us to eat fewer goals.
Stoppers: pass, bounce, speed , acceleration
Our stoppers have to be quick because our defensive line is ahead. For air balls to be effective, especially high jumping and head hitting features provide an advantage. It is very important to have good passing characteristics because they are in the role of pass stopper.
Wing waits : diligence, endurance
Since our wing-backs are in the role of two-way players, they need to be effective both on defense and on offense. To achieve this, it is important that they are hardworking and durable.
Defensive quarterback: Team Play, technique , diligence
If our defensive quarterback, who plays a key role in our tactics, has high team play technical and cerebral characteristics, the tactic works tremendously.
Right winger : dribbling, speed, acceleration, no-ball field
Especially in the penalty area to find plenty of goals in the middle of the field without the ball that allows the wing players to have a high field characteristics will allow us to enter more goal position.
Left wing player: since our left wing player will play in the role of quarterback, his technical characteristics should be high so his vision, first touch, technique, passing characteristics should be high will make the tactic more effective.
Forwards: speed , acceleration , finishing
Our striker's speed for the middle of the ground, high acceleration characteristics will make him the king of goals. If you have a striker above league level he is very likely to be the goalscorer.

- You do not need to set the opposing team instructions, but if you have a highly qualified assistant, you can leave the opposing team instructions settings to him.
- You can leave the training to your assistant, who has high features in general. However , if you want to adjust this tactic to work better in your training, you must always give the option of attacking from the wings and distributing the ball. In addition, it is a great benefit for the team to run a ball organization that stops 1 or 2 times each week. It would be better to have physical training before the season. In addition, the team's tactics to get used to the full version 8-10 match between the team tactics and team harmony training to have this process Shorten.
- Tactics and games related to the various photos and videos I share a different line-up of those who want to go out on the field and want to win a match by keeping the crowd in the midfield will be a tactic I'm sure will be preferred.
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