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The Bomber By Öztürk 2.0.4

With this tactic, we won the German league with Dortmund in the points record. On the other hand, the league is 3 with the mainz team expected to finish below the middle places.we had a great success by finishing in line.
The general structure of the tactic is to create a team that keeps the midfield crowded and plays an offensive game.
The wing waits are constantly coming forward and supporting the midfielders.
The player on the left side of the midfield plays the offensive quarterback role, controlling the offensive organizations, while the player on the right side plays the defensive quarterback role, performing the organization of passing from the defense.
They are more effective in attack by taking positions ahead of their normal position.
Our player on the right wing plays closer to the goal, taking on the scoring load with the creative striker.
We are an effective team in standing balls and we get into plenty of position, especially from the corners and crowns.
My test with the Chelsea team is also going well above normal .
It is useful to leave the training and the opposing team instructions to the assistant coach.
However, it takes 8-10 games for the team to get used to the tactic. For an earlier adjustment, you should have plenty of tactical exercises, especially in training. Also, pre-season physical training should be at the forefront. In the season, if you do technical exercises with weight necessarily will work better tactical.
The tactic will be effective on both favorite teams and weak teams.
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