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The Sniper By Öztürk
I tested this tactic with the BVB and mainz teams in the German league as usual. To me these two teams are the best test vehicle in the game. In the tests I conducted by keeping the morale levels of the players in all the teams in the league stable, I am the champion of the German league with the BVB team by scoring exactly 86 points . In the same season, mainz team scored 53 points and surprised everyone, especially the media. Also when we look at the fixture we will see that we have had different wins against teams like Bayern, such as Barcelona, with the BVB team. We have achieved great success by eliminating the Barcelona team in the Champions League groups and the inter team in the Champions League first qualifying round, which shows how effective the tactic works.

Tactical Understanding
Our line-up is the 4321 line-up, which to me is the most potential line-up in the game. We tried to blockade our opponents by keeping our understanding of the game offensive-weighted. In the team Instructions, We have ensured that our wing players are particularly effective in the wing area with the option to drive more balls over the opposing defense. We played the player on the right side of our wing-backs in a modern attacking role, allowing him to make frequent contact with the hidden striker immediately ahead of him. In other words, we tried to use the right wing more effectively, especially in attack. The players on the left side of the team tried to find goals inside the penalty area, especially by waiting on the opposite side. We used our left-back in a support role to avoid any defensive weakness, and thus adopted a more balanced style of play in the offense. Our defensive quarterback in front of the defense, as always, has a great importance in getting out of the defense with a short pass. By playing with two offensive midfielders, we kept control of the ball.

In defense, we made intense pressing on the opponent's defensive line by setting up the pressure line to the front. Thus, our opponents could not get out of defence in a balanced way.
In the passing game, when we lost the ball, we tried to find goals with counterattacks by re-grabbing the balls that we had lost by pressing against. In addition, again in the passing game, our goalkeeper definitely started the game in touch with the defensive players and thus it became extremely easy for us to get out of the defense with a short pass.
Keeping the tempo high, we quickly went to our opponent's goal and caught them off guard. That's why our passes are usually vertical.
Our midfield wing players played in an attacking role, looking for goals at the opponent's goal and scoring plenty of goals.
To be as effective as ever on standing balls, our Stoppers came forward and got goal opportunities. It is therefore extremely important for our Stoppers to be tall.

You can leave the training and the opposing team instructions to your assistant coach.
However, if you do not want to quit, I recommend that you give individual Press instructions to the opposing team, especially to the opponent's defenders and midfielders. In addition, if there are any players or players in the opposing team who may be effective, you can select cause to play against them with weak feet.
In training, especially at the beginning of the season, make sure that the team physical training so that you have less risk of injury during the season. In the course of the season, the weighted portion of your training should pass with offensive training. In addition, once or twice a week stop the ball organization work and technical training. Thus the tactic will work extremely effectively.

The game already shows the important features of each player in the player profile, but also make sure that you have one or two players on your team who will use the balls effectively. Also, make sure that your stoppers have good air ball characteristics to be effective on standing balls. Since our defensive quarterback will be the brain of the team, surely the technical characteristics of this player must be top level. Our striker's finishing ability should be above league level, or at least at league level . Take particular care that your goalkeeper's agility and reflex characteristics are good.
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