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Tested Liverpool 41221 control V2

This is only my 2nd tactic ive ever posted on here so please bare with. Created this tactic purposely to suite Liverpool set up(haven't tried this with any other team yet) and i believe had a good 1st season. I wanted to successfully get those front 3 combining just like they do in real life and with 102 goal contributions between them i think was pretty good. overall its a solid defensive set up. won alot of games by the odd goal but that was very comfortably and had alot of chances in those games(signing Haland in the summer to try and get some of those wasted chance converted more) i always started with the mentality as balanced - if I went 1-0 up then id change to positive - if its into 2nd half at 0-0 or chasing a goal then id change to attacking and depending on the situation id then go back to positive so basically controlling it when got the lead. it still needs perfecting as you can see by some results but overall im quite happy with how its gone - will tinker in the pre season and hopefully bring more silverware.

would love to see the results of others maybe with different teams or any tweaks that worked in your favour i welcome & would love to see how it gets on if/when tested ;)

please if theirs any more info you guys need im happy to help
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