So what is the most successful Version of this tactic , oh yes i have been away working and forgotten most things how to play LOL 3 months since i last played
As I am now on holidays, I figured Id pick up FM again and tweak this tactic a bit more. So far with Leicester, we are top of the league and doing very well:

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For the first half of the season, I played with the V2 with no tweaks. Once I had trained some of my CM's in marking/tackling, I implemented the BWM role that I touched on a few pages back. Finally, in the last 3-4 matches I have also tweaked the other CM role and have found that it complements the BWM and that my CM duo is playing much better (scoring more goals, becoming more involved in the play and our goals conceded has dropped quite a bit.

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& finally, another small tweak that I have implemented in the last 8 or so matches has been to have my AML & ST swap. I did not change anything else as of yet, but it has seemed to improve our form as well. I imagine this can work the same with AMR & ST, I just chose the left because I have player's more suited for it (Kramaric & Carrasco). If you are like me and rather have attackers who can play 2-3 different positions, then this may be for you!