is your attacker scoring that great with OI's like before?

and with that change to defenders?
I have to say mate, this is perhaps the best tactic I have used in any FM (been playing since 03). Maybe not the best offensively (but its still fantastic and plays some beautiful footy), but for me I have never had anything close to this defensively. I have used this tactic for all but maybe 3 of the league matches:

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The only major tweak I made was changing the CMR to a ball-winning midfielder (Instructions: Shoots Less Often, Dribbles Less, Mark Tighter, Fewer Risky Passes);

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AMR has been fantastic for me from the onset, no matter who I play there. Tweaking the AMC and AML positions a bit now to see if I can get them to be more productive.

(Edit) Figured Id post my current run of fixtures as well, since the new year:

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