This story is cursed lol. I went to update it with images etc but when I opened FM12 I found I needed an update. Half way through the update it told me the steam servers were too busy!

So once again, I will TRY and update the story another night this week, possibly Tuesday.

I have also thought of a few twists to add in later so look out for those......if I'm ever able to update it!
**** it, will try and get the FM12 update tonight and get on here and post somthing before I have to go out!!

I've made a signing too, anyone want to have guesses at who it is?


He plays in the Prem
He is young
He is pretty well known (for the amount of games he has played anyway)
All good guesses! And your along the right lines.... But would this manager really go for boring old Ramsey.... ;)
Sigh, you guys suck at this. It's obvious our pioneering manager was told he couldn't sign Lee Chung-Yong by his physios, sacked them all and then realised you really can't play through a broken leg.
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Seedorf Hattrick! Obviously playing for a contract extension, the wiley old verteran greedy *****! 3 long shots from the beast, beautiful.

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18 shots 3 on target.... We just took the **** really, took the **** so much that they resorted to filthy fouling!

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So two days after the Fiorentina game it was Christmas day. Look what I found in my stocking. Lovely little personal card! It wasn't there at night when I went to bed though so I wondered how the **** he got in.... the chimney maybe? I soon found out when I went for my car..

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Bless his golden heart.

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Back to business and before the match I popped into the Referees room to give him a gift. Somthing elegant, somthing classy..... 20 grand in used notes Cliff Richards greatest hits CD. Point one - what the **** was Thiago Silva taking a penalty for again! Ibra is set as the penno man! Secondly why was Emmanualson taking one like 5 mins after he came on as sub...!? THIRDLY.... why was Van Bumhole taking a penno 8 mins after coming on! I DID NOT AUTHORISE THIS ****!!! A wins a win though, even if it took THREE penalties.

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Easy win, cup match, piece of ****.

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Seedorf with ANOTHER hatty! Has he joined the Super Adventure Club and started drinking from the fountain of youth? I dont know & don't care if he keep scoring like this!

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VERY close game that they could easily of won. That filthy crooked nosed Gonzo Chiellini got sent off....HA! **** YOU PIRLO!!

After the win everyone was exited and happy. Especially Ibra....Remember how I told him to cut the Kung-Fu ****? Well....


********!! I would disaplin him if it wasnt so ******* hillarious! Look at Cassanos little crator face! He **** his pants! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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I think you've signed the best striker in the world. Big Nic.
Duh, Frimpong.


Milan are preparing to sign Emmanuel Frimpong from Arsenal for around 2 million squid. Average Joe sees the conbatitive midfield player as the heir to Gattuso in the bone crunching midfield role.

Barton( i know hes not that young but hes insane), frimpong, giggs( hes young), miaaichi, romoe, lowe, mceachran, bbarkley, rodwell, moses, henderson, shelvey.
O, to late, i had to cut down a tree mid post, litarrally.
I think I know a player for you, but only if you think you dont have enough pensioners in squad. Former Ajax, Barcelona and Liverpool player Jari Litmanen. :D
Going to update again tonight hopefully, I've already go a bunch of games played so will just need to do the stroy part :)

Thoughts on the signing people?
So after Ibra booted the tart Cassano after the game the other day I turned up to training to see Kun-Fu fever has hit Milano!


As you can see 'Ibra The Shoulders Of Steel' does not even flinch at that ***** Antonini kick. Maybe I should get Ibra kitted out and show the lads how to really do it some time!

(******* ****! came on to upload an update and screenshots are not working again :mad: that bubble bullshit again)