Blackburn 3-1 Liverpool

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Aug 23, 2006
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Two goals from Benjani heap more pressure on under-fire Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson as his side are comprehensively beaten at Ewood Park.

Steve probably missed that penalty on purpose...he just want roy out of the club just as we do!!!:mad:
I've gone beyond anger and shouting re hodgson - I just cannot comprehend it any more.

I'll take a 2-0 nil loss at Old Trafford right now - I'm scared we're going to get humilated.
surely they arnt going to keep hodgson on after wolves and now this?
im sure with media after he will say we played well!!!! its a joke
How long till we get the "Roy Hodgson has been sacked" thread?
I feel so sorry for the Liverpool fans, I really do.
"you're getting sacked in the morning! sacked in the morning!"

Blackburn & Liverpool fans singing that. He's gotta go.
Ragnick in ASAP, **** Dalglish. Get a permanent manager in NOW.
I can appreciate this. See you Roy, doubt you'll be missed.
just seen this on twitter

WilsonShow Wilson
by williamshankly
Liverpool Bust Up: "Security called to tunnel as thought 3rd party involved,all lfc camp." A few players & staff
just seen this on twitter

wilsonshow wilson
by williamshankly
liverpool bust up: "security called to tunnel as thought 3rd party involved,all lfc camp." a few players & staff