I have this problem myself sometimes. It will get better when you get better players:) Don't let it discourage you or make you change things to the tactic. These things happen:mad:

But when I get the feeeling my lead is in danger I start changing things.

Close Shop and Park the Bus
I start using 5-1-2-1-1 after about 75 minutes, with a one goal lead. After 80 minutes I Park the Bus (5-1-3-1-0) when I have a one goal lead. In the end I just want to win and I don't care how(6) Just switch the players like in the picture and contain.
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Close Shop or Park the Bus

And sometimes you don't blow it and just completely destroy the big boys (now I'm just showing of):D
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Man that feels good(A)

Hi mate is there any way I can also use this 5-1-3-1? Cheers

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