May 3, 2012
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Birch replaces Benitez


Chelsea fans got their wish as Rafa was sent packing finally. Roman has promoted Youth Coach Sam Birch as the new manager on a 1 Year Deal.

Birch has been a youth coach since the Mourinho days and has been tipped to rise to the top of the game. Here's what he said in his press conference:

''I'm glad to be trusted with such an amazing job, firstly Id like to say I will be running the first team my way. I'm going to give youth as much of a chance as possible, players like Lukaku, McEachran, Ake, Piazon, Chalobah will all be integrated into the first team and I'm sure they will become stars as long as they work hard. Secondly with the financial fairplay rules coming in soon I wont be splashing the cash, I wont sign anyone over the age of 21 either.''

So basically I've struggled to get stuck into a save this year but hopefully managing my favourite side I can commit. Also the rules should make it interesting for you guys too :)
I'll follow! Going to actually try this myself, nice idea!
I'll follow! Going to actually try this myself, nice idea!
Thanks dude. Been wanting to do it for ages really, hopefully goes well :)

A new Sam91 story, today is a good day. Looking forward to this!
Cheers man:)

Also just for everyone to note I'm using LFC's update. And very happy with some of the boosts he's given to the youngsters in the side especially Feruz. Update just before the first game of the season, promoted a lot of youth up from the reserves and Under 18's!
good luck should b e interesting getting the youth in the team
im enjoying this at the moment followed a lot of your stories cant wait for start of season and new signings
Good luck mate I like using as many Chelsea youth players as possible when I manage them so definately going to follow this :)
A tougher challenge would have been only buying players under 18. Good luck though I will definitely be following this! Will you have an age cap where you will sell the veterans once they reach a certain age or what?
Pre Season


Let my assistant take control of the games
Promote a lot of youngsters to the Senior Squad
Sign just one youngster


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So I just snapped up one youngster so far in Nathan Redmond, we only had one natural right winger in Moses and Redmond looks like a real talent plus he's English. A lot of un-wanted were sold. Still need to try and offload Turnbull and Hilario though.

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In world news not a lot has happened apart from Kaka moving to City from Madrid.


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So as you can see I'm using my trusty 4-2-3-1 and it fits this side nicely. Ba will start over Torres and Feruz will be our back up forward. Also promoted Ake, Loftus-Cheek, Baker and Blackman. All will get chances in Cups and against weaker sides. Also I promoted Saville and Swift but they probably will never be good enough sadly. But Ake and Feruz are the ones who really have the potential to become part of the future.

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I also manager to get Roman to increase the Youth Recruitment Networking to help our youth intakes.

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Thats all for now until the end of August in which we could have won 2 trophies already!!
A tougher challenge would have been only buying players under 18. Good luck though I will definitely be following this! Will you have an age cap where you will sell the veterans once they reach a certain age or what?
Yeah but I didn't wanna miss out on any decent regens if I notice them at 19 or 20. Haven't set myself any age but I normally find myself selling players when they hit about 30 anyway to make room for decent younger players anyway.

what logos/face pack you using mate..? I believe

Good luck with this mate :D
Thanks man!!


Super Cup Final and Community Shield Final
Get off to a good league start
Thrilling game versus West Ham


Norwich 0 - 2 Chelsea

Moses, Hazard

Chelsea 2 - 1 West Ham

Romeu, Luiz

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Community Shield

Chelsea 0 - 0 Manchester City
Chelsea win 4-3 on pens

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European Super Cup

Atletico Madrid 1 - 2 Chelsea

Hazard, Mata(PEN)

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Monthly Review

A brilliant month, but we didn't really play to well in any of the games. We got lucky against City as they had plenty of shots but failed to hit the target too often, we won the shoot-out though and secured our first trophy!! Norwich were no real match for us and goals from Moses and Hazard won the game, Hazard's finish was superb and I can't wait to see how he develops. The game against West Ham could have gone anyway, we grabbed the lead but soon after Tomkins won a header from a free kick and I thought we were going to have to settle for a draw but Luiz bombed forward from right back(I'd subbed Ivanovic and chucked on Ake and moved Luiz to RB) and slotted home with a superb finish, hopefully Ba and Torres were watching as neither could hit a barn door this month!!!

The Super Cup was easier than expected, it was 1-1 at half-time but we'd had 8 shots to their 2!! Mata slotted home from the spot(Lampard had been subbed for Loftus-Cheek). Meaning we finished the month with 2 trophies!!! Brilliant start to my time here. As you can see from the screenshots our youth have been involved, albeit from the bench mostly, but still getting some time.

Here's a screenie of the rest of the worlds transfers, we didn't sign anyone else and only 2 youth players left on loan:

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Champions League draw was also made and got handed a bit of a tricky group:

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PSG are a good side and Ajax are no pushovers. Could be tricky :/

Player of the Month

David Luiz


The fun loving Brazilian has been sensational, 3 MoM's and the winning goal in the Derby.


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Strong start by the Big 3, Liverpool yet to pick up a win but only 2 games in.​
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