Good story Idea! I am giving up with FM now until the new one comes out as my Computer keeps acting up! Nice to see someone else using a Paint program to make the stories more realistic. Liking the Trophy Cabinet haha!
Nice and very creative! Great story of a great club!
Great idea for a story. Love the two transfers so far too.

As a United fan, it's my dream to see Ronaldo and Bale in the team. Good luck :)
Pre-Season 2013/14 Preview

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Pre-Season 2013/14 Preview

I decided against letting my assistant organising friendlies and organised them myself. I have organised a Home Friendly against Chelsea which should generate a little bit of profit for the club, then we have a tour of America and a tour of China to look forward to.

Team Overview

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This is my Team Sheet, new signings Baines and Thiago along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, looking very strong.

How did you get £300M to play with? I never get that sort of money.
How did you get £300M to play with? I never get that sort of money.

I forwarded from January 2013 until the end of 2012/13 season so it's at the correct point, June 2013.

I turned off transfers in first window so transfers would not be allowed until June 2013.

So Man Utd had a huge profit and a balance of £495m and gave me £300m+ and a £2.6m wage budget.
Bye rooney Can you make it abit more personal But anyway Good update
i mean a personal life to Alex like what he dose away from United on the rooney case See who wanna Buy he might do a u turn :D