Dec 10, 2009
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It's been awhile since I posted my story. For the past six years I tend to get one major save going (I am in it for the end game goals I create for myself) between my oh so favorite Europe teams. My beloved San Marino (how dare SI not put them/league in the game this year) and then Stjarnan fc from Iceland.

I got hooked when ESPN did a story about them and all their hilarious goal celebrations. In which got me hooked for their national team. Yes, my favorite national teams across the pond are San Marino (which is sad I never gotten to see their games) and Iceland. Which is why...well enough about me and lets get to the real reason people like to read these stories...

End Game GOALS:

Main Goal: To make Iceland the most powerful league in the whole world. Closest I came was last year where after 42 seasons I got them up fourth in the world. This seems to be unachievable for me. Reason will be discussed later, but maybe after 50 seasons I could get there.

Secondary Goal: To become the head coach of Iceland NT and take them all the way which the stepping stones in real life have already started on this quest. This goal is quite achievable.


I do apologize for this story. It will get very repetitive most likely. I like talking over small teams in small counties and seeing what I can do with them. The problem is once I get guys to fit in my tactics the story each season is will most likely will be the same. Also it will come a point where all the players in the world will be regens. Which leads we to my rules..


1. Tactics: Only able to use someone else's tactics after 10 years if I am struggling (in Champs league). Plus usually starting out using my own should at least give a season of two of struggling In our actual league. Last when creating/testing I have to do it hitting the ground running. Which means the first time I create a tactic is when I start the game.

2. Transfers: Super easy. I can buy anyone as long as its a free transfer. You might ask why not if you have the transfer budget, but my counter is how exciting will it be to only buy free's for the whole career. Granted I have been doing this for the past couple years in my save so it's not that bad to manage my team. As for the end game main goal this is my downfall.

Since I mostly play in LL's (unless it's Serie A with San Marino) money is hard to come by. Especially in Iceland where the stadium's are terrible, the pay for the league and tv rights are downright laughable. So buying free's and then selling them a couple of years later for a nice profit will allow me to keep float with the outrageous team salary that will make my club go in the red. Now some times I try to speed up the league by when I do have money to buy players around the league for outrageous prices (like 40 million for a guy who wouldn't be able to start on my under 19 team) just to boost their finances up, but this year they will have to do their best to keep up with me. Which tends to make the league a little slower to reach the top goal. But hey, again this is going to be hopefully a long story.

3. Coach- Normally I start with the lowest rated coach and see how it plays out (if you haven't notice I like challenges). This year since of Rule two, I am going to cheat, by my standards, and go with a coach that is similar rating to the current head coach. Again for the long game I kind of want to have somewhat of a quicker chance of getting the Champs league so the money can start coming in for my little nation. Which after all that BS lets talk about the new coach of Stjarmam FC...

Greatest Soccer Player ever (Duel sport too in Volleyball)

Most people are understandably taken back by the worlds greatest soccer player to grace this beautiful earth decided to give it all up at the tender age of 21, to take over the reigns of Stjarnan FC. He turned down a 100 million deal, although some people said it was greater, for just one year for some of the worlds biggest clubs. Instead he decided to put up the cleats and put on a suit to be a head coach. Rumor was Messi wanted him to be his coach so he could learn from the best, but in the end decided to turn away from the spotlight and work his way up. Then again he decided to not turn Pro and decided to go to college first as he was showing the world how goaltending should be played. What better place than to Yale to get an education as well. Still while us mortal men won't know or comprehend the reasons of everything that has lead his to coach this specific team the people of Iceland do know one thing. The man, the myth, the legend is going to take this tiny county and Stjarnan to heights it's never heard of. Welcome Scott Sterling to your new team...

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Also two video's on youtube that shows why he is the worlds greatest...


Recap of season so far. 14 games

Scott decided not to change a lot with the team coming in. Only brought in one coach, which was an assistant coach, and only one player as well. Shipping out of course was the current assistant coach and sold two players as well.

The senior squad mostly is intact from when he got here with a few changes. First we shall look to see the transfers:

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As you can see we made a nice little profit on Arnar Mar Bjorgvinsson, and well the 35 year old Veigar Pall Gunnarsson wasn't getting any younger or well playing time so he was gone. As for Charley Formen it might not be the best for the salary, but he will shore up our defense.

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Also Coach Sterling released Horour Fannar Bjorgvinsson (loaned from KR) since he decided to go with a goal keeper on the actual roster after pre-season. With the release from loan and the selling of the players he did decide to call up two players so far in a midfielder and a striker.

View attachment 119177View attachment 119176

With that the rosters are the same with though three players still getting a lot of attention in the transfer market.


View attachment 119175

So pre-season didn't start very good for Scott Sterling and fans were already questioning if he couldn't impart all his knowledge on the game with his team especially after the Under 19 team beat his squad. Sure he change the tactics of his team to a 4-4-2 narrow, but surely he the senior squad should of easily put away the team. Luckily some of the fans got excited when they took on their first real opponent in IR in which a easily 2-0 win was shown. However, as you can see the next 3 matches were all loses with each game an own goal was scored.


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Scott Sterling already said he didn't real care about the Deildabikar. And why should he, it's not the league and Stjarnan has never even made a final in it's 56 year club history. Especially after the pre-season where they struggled. Apparently with two changes with his tactics, from counter to control, and Flexible to Fluid the team came out hot. Especially with a few changes to the roster (this is where the loan keeper Horour Fannar Bjorgvinsson lost the starting job) things just clicked. Even with not everyone match fit, we did have three injuries and a couple people with a cold, coach Sterling came out hot when the games count and won the first 5 games by the score of 14-1. Even in the game (FH) where they scored first they rattled off three goals to easily win.

After finishing first fans thought it would be a cruised to the finals. Which wasn't the case at all. Three games on short rest, players not fully match fit, and having the Quarter Final and Semi Final go to penalty shootouts they limped into the finals. Apparently Scott Sterling would impart his expertise on his goalie as both shootouts they won and the goalie stopping two shots each time.

View attachment 119172View attachment 119171

Somehow in what looked to be a third straight game going into extra time after a late goal, Stjarnon would somehow manage to score one more to seal the deal. With that hope is high for the official season to start and see what this team and the new coach have in store with them. While they are predicted to finish second the team thinks they might win it all, and by the way they have started after a rocky pre-season it looks like it very well might happen.

Everything is not groovy though as the finances are already in the red on the month and looks like the overall balance for the year will be red. This is not good for a team that is not professional, with a small stadium and needs to improve on facilities.

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May & June 2016

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May wasn't a bad month for CoachSterling. 5 games played with the longest winning streak ever forStjarnan and now sits at 10 games. Most fans thought theBorgunarbikar Third Round was a loss, apparently the board doesn'tcare nor Sterling, since he bench all his starters to let hisreserves play the game. It also marked the first time he didn't use asub as this game which when to a shoootout for the third time thisyear, and in another cup match, his boys came out on top.

Although it might not be good at thelast two games of the month were ties, but the positive note is theirdefense is sure looking good as they netted 6 goals and only gave up1 in five games. Although most could say it would be four since thecup game most of the reserves got to see the pitch for the firsttime. Also I forgot to take a picture of the league standings butStjarnan is in first place by one point.

Daniel Laxdal 1
Holmbert Friojonsson 2
Porri Runarsson 1
Guojon Baldvinsson 2

Johann Laxdal 1
Hilmar Arni Halldorsson 1
Charlie Formen 1

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June would either be the rise or thedownfall of Sterling at Stjarnan. There would be six games playedwith five of them being league matches with the fourth round of theBorgunarbikar. The first loss when it counts came in this month atthe ends of the Borgunarbikar cup where Sterling would send out allreserves and unlike another shootout they were denied any goals whilegiving up two. Despite the cup game the club started to turn on thegoals in which they scored in four of the six games with two gamesputting up ten games. So while last month where they only put up 6goals/5 games they put up a whopping 15 goals/6 games. More shockingis that in two of those games they didn't even score. Stillundefeated in league play they did tie KR (always seem to be ourrivals). While the goal scoring went up so did our shutouts as weonly posted one which was the tie to the KR game. So giving up onegoal in five games last month we gave up 9 goals in six games. Againa little skewed with the reserves playing in the cup much.

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Coach Sterling has his beat with a gameup on second place with a four point lead with an undefeated recordright now. As for the stats go we don't really do much of anythinggreat other than play amazing team ball as two of the top threeaverage rating are Stjarnan players. Also shutouts we post 2 morethan any other club.

The winds are turning though for CoachSterling and might now while everything is going swimmingly in theleague behind close doors there is a storm brewing. Sterling has abunch of ambitions for the team and right now that might be too muchto bite off in which something has to break, and right now there hasbeen a small bend.

View attachment 118959View attachment 118958View attachment 118957

Now the club is operating in the redespecially with the monthly loss of six digits. One of the up andcoming centerbacks apparently doesn't want to see where their newcoach will take them and has decided to not resign with the team anddecided to leave for Germany at the end of the year. Each month seemsto bleed money and while coach Sterling has asked for a new stadium(denied), Stadium expansion (denied), senior affiliate (accepted thencanceled), professional status (denied) it looks like someone willhave to go soon. Will a first place in the league be enough to keepSterling around, or will he bounce to a bigger team in the leaguethat has the same ambitions as him? Time will tell, and while thefans are loving him it might not be enough.

Holmbert Friojonsson 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Hilmar Arni Halldorsson 2
Guojon Baldvinsson 5 (3 in one game totie then team record)
Olafur Karl Finsen 6 (4 in one game toown the team record)

Johann Laxdal 1
Porri Runarsson 1
Hilmar Arni Halldorsson 2
Charlie Formen 2
Olafur Karl Finsen 1
Alex Por Hauksson 3
Guojon Baldvinsson 1

July 2016

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July was a crazy whirlwind month.Stjarnan is not going go make Coach Sterling have a undefeated seasonas they lost two of the five games. With the 2-1-2 record for themonth they now find themselves out of first (up by 5 points lastmonth) to now in second place with the dagger coming with a lost tothe now first place team to end the month. Maybe it has to do withteam chemistry, team finances, injuries, or just falling back toearth. Whatever the case is the season is not lost yet. Still it wasthe good, the bad and the ugly for the month.

View attachment 118949

The ugly: Sure we might of lost firstplace, but we did have 4 injuries to our starters. Knowing that twoplayers are now going to be sold also affects team chemistry. AsSterling has pulled all the right strings all year he might ofaccidentally pulled the wrong one by bringing back his startinggoalkeeper from injury against Fylkir. While losing first place thatmight put some pressure on the board if it was a smart decision tohire Sterling as coach especially if this slide continues.

View attachment 118948

The Bad: You might wonder why showingyour finances are back in the black is the “bad”, but that iscause the board decided that our young goalscorer was too good tokeep on our team (its all about the money) and coach Sterling decidedthat another deal was too good to turn down. Here were the two dealsthat went down.

View attachment 118947View attachment 118946

The good: We got our startinggoalkeeper back (despite being a bit rusty) and will have two otherstarters back within a week. Also the lost in the cup game will keepour players fresh for the final third. Plus the hardest competitiongames we face off are at home. Word is that some player names arebeing brought up who want to play for Sterling so anything it willhelp the team for next year. Last despite this month, a tweak intactics once again by Sterling will see if he is back to pulling allthe right strings and with a trim roster it might just be good enoughto keep all the regulars fit and get the bench match fit as well sono one misses a beat.

Daniel Laxdal 1
Hilmar Arni Halldorsson 2
Porhallur Kari Knutsson 1
Olafur Karl Finsen 2

Johann Laxdal 1
Holmbert Friojonsson 2
Guojon Baldvinsson 1

August 2016

Not perfect, but as close as one wouldhope. You would think going undefeated for the month with a 4-1-0record we could get some breathing room in the league. We didn'tclaim first place until the last game of the month as Fylkir would go3-2-0 with their second tie as the last game of the month.

The ugly: Guojon Baldvisson!!! Sure wesold off some strikers, and he went on a tear until he decided to getinjured and miss the rest of the month. Probably the first time theugly and the good are referring to the same person.

View attachment 118823View attachment 118822

The Bad: Let's keep this traditiongoing of having a positive balance mean it's bad. Now who did we selloff you might ask, about the player we brought in for freeat the beginning of the year. Now our two cornerstones on defense forthe next four years are off the team. You would think of all theseplayers so far sold off would help Sterling get his way on somethings, but sadly the board won't budge. They rather just stay afloatand not spend money to improve the team, or will they...

The Bad: Let's keep this traditiongoing of having a positive balance mean it's bad. Now who did we selloff you might ask, about the player we brought in for freeat the beginning of the year. Now our two cornerstones on defense forthe next four years are off the team. You would think of all theseplayers so far sold off would help Sterling get his way on somethings, but sadly the board won't budge. They rather just stay afloatand not spend money to improve the team, or will they...

The good PART 2: So they will resigncoach Sterling as coach for another year. No increase in money, but if hegets relegated his salary will go from 25% increase to 35%. Oh happydays, but lets be honest if coach Sterling decides to tank nextseason he won't be hired back so the raise was basically pointless.Here our prayer goes out that the new Chairman will actually givemoney.

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The good PART 4: Apparently I didn'tsave the picture, but going back to the ugly here it is. GuojonBaldvisson decided that he wasn't, or well was going to be the nextperson to be sold. I don't know, but he did play like a madman beforegetting injured. How so you ask? How about reclaiming his name in theStjarnan record books now for most goals scored in a game. Sure wetied earlier in the season and then our up and coming striker OlafurKarl Finsen broke it, and then was sold, before breaking his as hescored five in one game.

Goalscorers: Hilmar Arni Halldorsson 1
Haukur Oskarsson 1
Holmbert Friojonsson 4
Larus Bjornsson 2
Guojon Baldvinsson 7 (5 in one game toown the team record)

Assists:Charlie Formen 1
Guomundur Asgeir Guomundsson 1
Baldur Sigurosson 1
Haukur Oskarsson 1
Porhallur Kari Knutsson 1
Holmbert Friojonsson 2
Larus Bjornsson 2
Guojon Baldvinsson 3

Septmeber 2016 with recap of 2016 season

View attachment 118760

View attachment 118759

So what looked to be down to the wirefirst place finish wasn't as exciting as the build up. Actually itwas kind of a let down. Sure we had the easier schedule (5th, 9th, and 10th place teams) while they have toplay two of the top five teams. It was over before the last game evenplayed and while there was a record to be broken on (most games wonin a season for Stjarnan) coach Sterling let some of his players restand they ended with a tie.

View attachment 118757

While the double is impressive coachSterling had this to say as the curtain came down, “The only goalwas to win the league and to qualify for Champions league. Surewinning the double is nice, and especially winning the league, butright now we have higher asperations and right now we are kind ofhandcuff on what I can do.” While most think it is a shot of theboard for not approving anything, again this is just the end of theseason and they did give Sterling a new contract. Is there someproblems between them, we don't know, but everytime we asked beforeit was always “We are working together to strive for greatness”.

View attachment 118754View attachment 118752

Look at all that money we got forwinning the league, and then look at all the money we have to pay ourplayers. So it looks like we will be in the red for the year despiteall the players we sold. Fantastic. Something will have to change sowill that affect our ability to win the league for next year?

Haukur Oskarsson 1
Holmbert Friojonsson 1
Larus Bjornsson 1
Guojon Baldvinsson 3

Porhallur Kari Knutsson 1
Holmbert Friojonsson 1
Byrnjar Gauti Guojonsson 1
Haukur Oskarsson 1
Baldur Sigurosson 1
Guojon Baldvinsson 1

Offseason is finally here!

View attachment 118751View attachment 118750

Year Recap: We won the league and theDeildabikar. That was great despite the heated race all year forfirst place in the league to have it sizzle out in the final month.With three games left and only up one point to win the league with atie as the last game and still win the league by 7 is impressive.Also coach Sterling already tied their history record for most winsin the league with 15. Also a 15-5-2 record is impressive with allthe injuries and people we sold. Apparently I was suppose to win theleague but I am sure I was listed as coming in second in thepre-season polls.

Also if Goujon Baldvinsson didn't getinjured or had those two huge record scoring games (3 and 5 goals) Idon't think the fans would have gave him the title of Player of theSeason. Also out of the fans Team of the Season three are no longerwith the team (Formen and Guojonsson were sold and Friojonsson was onloan from KR) with a fourth, Runarsson, who missed most of leagueplay with a serious injury. The silver lining, if there is one, isthat most of our players are young on that list so we should do fine.Only one player is at the age of 30 (striker Baldvinsson).

View attachment 118749

Here is the complete injury list fromlast season. Bad that two of the three people who missed a couple ofmonths were starters for our team. Also we lost our head physio afterthe season, apparently our club isn't good enough for his stature. Ohwell maybe he wasn't good enough since we had a bunch of injuries.

View attachment 118748View attachment 118747

Again Baldvinsson turned it on at theend of the year, but 17 league goals in 17 league games isn't a badstat. Only problem with him is he wants out. Coach Sterling lookingat the current depth chart would be limited (only one legitimatestriker) so that means a tactical lineup change. Even still he mighthave to change it up if the roster stays the same going into nextyear. He wasn't even projected on either of these lists in the finalmonth and a half, so it shows how clutch he was for us to win theleague.

View attachment 118746

What a striker it was. From 33 yardsout and through traffic just knife the upper left as a Stjarnanplayer got on this list. We had some decent goals on the year but assoon as that happened the league knew that it was the goal of theyear.

View attachment 118745

Sure its Iceland, but you have to startsomewhere. With a new team, new tactics, language barrier, boardforcing your hand at selling off some players to keep afloat financesit is not that hard to think why Sterling wouldn't win Coach of theYear. Even if we somehow didn't win first in the league it stillwould have been hard not to give it to him. However, Fylkir coachHreioarsson did put up a good fight.

View attachment 118744

Five players made the Team of the Year.With all the talk from our back-line not being strong we did have 3of the 4 (despite Formen is no longer on the team). Now the race ison to get our training up, with some new coaches to hopefully helpout in training as well to push most of our young team in a positionto compete in the top division in Iceland.

View attachment 118743View attachment 118742View attachment 118741View attachment 118740

The board did take one step in theoff-season to increase our junior coaching budget. Hey it's a startand you have to always find some starting ground with the Board.

As for the finances (second picture) we can see that well we make a ton of money. Fantastic. That basically covered maybe like 3 weeks of pay for our players. So the future is not bright for Stjarnan when it comes to finances. Although it looks like coach Sterling is starting to change the culture around, or well the new Chairman is more inline with the coach since they did inject 275K in the club (third picture). Last picture is probably one of the most beautiful things the new chairman has done. While he has invested some money, Coach Sterling decided to not waste any time and asked for improved training grounds (sadly didn't take a picture of this). Sterling tried to sneak in with youth but was denied since 2.2 million went towards the training grounds.

Key Signing:

Well since coach Sterling did only bring in one player the first year you would think he would be here. Sadly he didn't even last the full first season as was sold off so can't really make this list. Despite what he did in his short time here. However, the fans and coach Sterling was happy to have Charlie Formen for the limited time. Although from the other additions we might not be that far behind the curb and might be able to keep going for titles with a few of our youth guys.

Other Additions:

1. Attacking Midfielder (Center) – Haukur Oskarsson
He only got 7 starts in the league and had 2 goals and 2 assists. Why is he first you ask. First he is only 16 years old and was a player who came through the ranks of our youth for new players. Someone who was just signed and then started everygame when the title was on the line should explain why he is here. (Also pictures will be posted later for additions since they will be shown for the upcoming season).

2. Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder (Center) - Alex Por Hauksson

Injury and people playing great made this reserve player at the start of the season ( he is also 16 years old) get to see most of the season on the bench. Still for the year he got to play in 13 games (3 sub) and all three of his assists came in league play with a even 7 rating for the year.

3. Striker (Center) – Larus Bjornsson

Sure he was added early in the year from the reserve squad with the selling of some strikers and some injuries. He didn't get to play much this year, and at the beginning of the year he found himself in 5 games (2 as a sub) for only a rating of 6.44 with no goals or assists. However, when he did start to get some league time at the end of the season he turned it up in the 7 games (4 as a sub) with 3 goals and 2 assists with a rating of 7.52.

4. Defender (center) – Atli Freyr Ingolfsson

Also came up the ranks with Oskarrson (16 years old), and was thrown in the fire at the end and probably worst so. He got to play in 4 games (1 sub) and didn't even play center back for us but left back after we sold Formen. As a guy who doesn't have as much potential as Oskarsson he did have almost a 7 rating for playing out of position.

Key Loss: Attacking Midfielder(Center), Striker (Center), AM (RL) Olafur Karl Finsen sold for 325K

Well this is tough. We did have seven people departed (6 sold, 1 didn't resigned and signed with a bigger club). It was going to look like Formen who we just signed to start the year, but if Ingolfsson can keep playing like he did in his short time, and learn leftback, it shouldn't be that big of a loss. But when you are forced by your Board to sell off your promising young striker that would do it. Still 8 goals in 11 games might be hard to replace especially by a 24 year old.

Other Losses:
1. Defender (Center), D (R) - Byrnjar Gauti Goujonsson left on a free

Such a shame to lose him on a free. If anything it would have been nice to at least sell him for something. Sadly he wanted no part of my team. I wish him the best, but this might be one of those times of “I told you so.” about leaving. While he did only have one goal and an assist he was lockdown as a center back for our team. Although he might have the first laugh depending if we can find someone else for the new year.
2. Defender/ Wingback (L), M (L) – Charlie Formen sold for 300K

Let's be realistic we knew he would probably would have been sold off in his final year (I assumed he wouldn't want to re-sign), but I didn't see this coming. Most people like to at least finish one full year with a new team, but he wanted out and a silly team was willing to pay a nice price for him. Although if his replacement falters next year I am the silly person for letting him go since he was clutch for us on that left backside.

3.Attacking Midfielder (Left), M (RL), AM (RC) Halldor Orri Bjornsson sold for 185K

One of the first people we sold for a big price. Honestly didn't want him to go, but the price was too good to turn down. Plus we have a bunch of young people on our team who can now get more experience (with playing time) since he is gone. Also it was good form by Sterling to show the Board he is willing to sell off people to try to help the club early on when they fell in the red.

4. Attacking Midfielder (Right), Striker (Center) Arnar Mar Bjorgvinsson sold for 72K
I don't know if this was a good deal or not. Either way as a 26 year old who wasn't seeing anytime on the pitch and fetched a good price (maybe should of pushed it to 100K) but it was the first door opening for the younger players to get some pitch time.

5. Defender (Center) – Gretar Sigfinnur Siguroarson sold for 10.75K

Not a commanding price but lost a step as a 34 year old defender. Plus at the time we have a pretty good backline who was going to stay on the pitch for most of the time without coming out.

6. Attacking Midfielder (Center), Striker (Center) – Veigar Pall Gunnarsson sold for 2.4K

As a 36 year old on a team of youth players would have been great to keep him around to tutor, but was taking up a lot of salary and basically gave him away for free. Sure we sold him for 2.4K but we still have loyalty to pay out at 2K. Still his salary was the key so within the first few days of taking over as coach he was on the trade block.
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2017 Pre-season and everyone's favorite Deildabikar

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Johann Laxdal would be in his finalyear of contract so Sterling wasted no time to seal that deal upquick. With three quick signings, two coming on the same day, thatpushed out a regular started who didn't want to be on the teamanymore so forced his sale (our GK). Also the Board decided to selloff another player for the price being to high and Sterling hadnothing to say as he allowed the sale unlike the previous one. Maybeit is cause the new Chairman has helped him out he decided to acceptand move on.

2017 Stjarnan Team

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View attachment 118689View attachment 118688View attachment 118687View attachment 118686

View attachment 118685

View attachment 118684View attachment 118683

View attachment 118680

View attachment 118679View attachment 118678

The vaulted seven reserves

View attachment 118671View attachment 118672View attachment 118673View attachment 118674View attachment 118675View attachment 118670View attachment 118669

We all know that the Deildabikar is our pre-season. It's not a knock to our league or teams we have to play, but the actually friendlies are just getting people started to get match fit. It usually takes 3 games in the Deildabikar to get our team to a good match fitness.

View attachment 118668

It was a very successful campaign this year with our new striker getting injured and missing a month. Another surprise, while good yet still might be concerning, is that some of our youth players are now getting called up to their respective national teams (under 21 and under 19). Still with some players missing, and sending some players out on loans Stjarnan showing why they are the league champs as they went undefeated with a 6-1-0 in play. The Semi final was a little scary as it took extra time before we found our first goal (scored 2 before half in extra) and the finals was a little close with just a 1-0 score. Yet for the second straight year we cruised to first place and won it all.

Last years stats:
Went 6-0-1 (lost to Grindavik 1-2)
Outscored opponents 19-5
Had 6 clean sheets
Quarters and Semi's went to a shootout
Leading Goalscorer: Goujon Baldvinsson 4 goals in 9 games
Leading Assister: Goujon Baldvinsson 3 goals in 9 games (tied with Charlie Formen who had one extra game)

This Years stats:
Went 6-1-0 (revenge on Grindavik 1-0 this year)
Outscored opponents 19-9
Had 4 clean sheets
Semi went to extra not a shootout
Leading Goalscorer: Goujon Baldvinsson 11 goals in 10 games
Leading Assister: Hrvoje Tokic 3 goals in 5 games (tied with Eyjolfur Heoinsson (7 games), Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson (9 games), and Johann Laxdal (10 games))

Scott "The Man, the myth, the Legend" Sterling

View attachment 118657

So it only took a year and one competition for Scott Sterling to crack the top 10 Hall of Fame Coaches for Iceland. So if he keeps up this pace by year five he should be the undisputed coach of All-Time for Iceland.

Season Expectations

View attachment 118656

Okay I understand last year us being second, but this year they still have us second?!? We kept our leading scorer back, added great striker (at least stats wise), a way better GK, and someone to replace Formen. Yes I know we sold some players who were good and could score, but everyone else is back from last years team. Unless other teams when out and bought a ton of people I don't see how this is the case.

View attachment 118654
Yeah I don't get it. Last year the only like 3 people were bought for the league (or that's what it seemed like) for a total of like 5K. Most of the money that was brought in from the league was around 950K (but 900k was from our team). So there has been a lot more movement this year, but as you can tell other players are selling instead of really buying so I don't get why we are second. Oh well just a clipping to put on the wall.

View attachment 118652View attachment 118651

Well, well, Chairman. Where were you last year? I love this guy. The second picture is a little further, but after the first investment that the Board did you knew this was going to happen just had to wait until I was about to ask the Board again which is right before the season play starts. Wahoo!
May 2017

View attachment 118530

Monthly record: 5-0-1
Can we just not sign up for the Borgunarbikar. I don't care about it (yet) since I don't have the team to actually focus on it. It would be the first time we would lose in a shootout under coach Sterling in a crazy away to end the game. The game was tied until the 82 minute when an own goal give us the lead. Right before the game ended a foul was called on us in the box which allowed them to tie to send it into extra's. Yes half of my bench again got the start in the cup who wasn't fully match ready.

View attachment 118529

Record: 4-0-0
This is what the fans care about and what a fast start we came out with. Sure we are tied for first place with KA (who?!?! oh the team with the 1000-1 odds to win...yeah them) with a game to be played. Everyone already has a lost and the scary thing is we don't have everyone back from national team play yet.

Three keys to the month:

1. Who would of thought Hrvoke Tokic would be our leading scorer in league play after missing a month of play and before that went 10 hours without scoring his first goal. That and Goujon Baldvinsson is only 4 goals of owning the most goals ever for a Stjarnan player (remember he had 11 goals in 10 games in Deildabikar this year)

2. Who says you need a bench? Coming into the season we had 24 players on our senior squad. After some people left for loans, people getting demoted to Under 19 team, and having national teams ask for our players we are lucky to field 16 players a game. Luck is on our side since we only had one major injury this year and that was early in the year.

3. For league play so far we are scoring at least 3 goals a game. One game we were down, before storming back to a 3-1 win. Now running two tactics. While very similar they both have two different play styles to them and right now it's hard for the opposing teams to figure out which is which. In the end it's just too much as Stjarnan is angry for being voted to finish second this year.

Daniel Laxdal 1
Goujon Baldvinsson 2
Haukur Oskarsson 3
Hrvoje Tokic 9

Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson 4
Atli Freyr Adalsteinsson 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 2
Goujon Baldvinsson 3
Hrvoje Tokic 1
Porri Runarsson 1

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June 2017

View attachment 118451

Month record: 6-0-0
It was a crazy month for Sterling who spent more time away from the players and pitch and more in the office. Could a team almost lose the season when for the second month they go undefeated and currently are riding a 30 game winning streak? Last year runner's up (Fylkir) were the only challenging game and they bag 3 goals against us (we scored a whopping 6). For the month we only gave up 4 goals.

View attachment 118450

Record: 10-0-0
So we are the only team in double digits for goal difference so far with 25. KA who is surprising trying to push for champs has 9 (again they are suppose to have odds of 1000-1). Maybe that is why our league isn't doing so well in the world...

Three keys to the month:

Surprisingly for Baldvinsson it would come against the second place team (KA) to break the career record for goals as he tapped one in off of a rebound to score his 63 goals. Problem is from the beginning of the year of knowing being close to the record he has carried himself higher than everyone else and now half the team is upset with coach Sterling who has declined trade talks for his striker. When Baldvinsson has asked from the beginning of the year to move on from the club.

View attachment 118449View attachment 118448

While firing hot this year, coach Sterling tried to make two bold moves. That was to make two 17 year old players on his team the highest pay players. Sadly he only got one of them (Alex Por Hauksson) and lost Oskarsson. Sterling responded that the league and his team needs to be able to complete. Apparently the no professional status for Stjarnan is catching up to Sterling. If both of those players left it could have been too much for this team to have and despite having an 8 point lead for the league could of lost it. Still 80K for a 17 year old might not go over well when trying to sign other people to the team.

View attachment 118447View attachment 118446View attachment 118444

So Stjarnan is on the rise as a club (pic 1), as you can see from their young players trying to be poached, but the league itself (pic 2) is struggling as it slipped 4 places and now sits in 47 place in the world. However, a new record for the highest scoring game (pic 3) against Fylkir shows how much class Stjarnan has become from the new year.

Daniel Laxdal 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Goujon Baldvinsson 3
Haukur Oskarsson 1
Hrvoje Tokic 4
Kari Petursson 2
Snorri Pall Blondal 2

Brynjar Mar Bjornsson 4
Daniel Laxdal 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Goujon Baldvinsson 3
Haukur Oskarsson 2
Porri Runarsson 1

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View attachment 118371

Month record: 4-2-1
For seven games in a month that's not a bad record. Then again when you break it down its good vs. evil. Sure, league play wasn't great, but most of that was cause Sterling was treating it like the Borgunarbikar. With 3 out of the 4 matches he decided to let his reserves play. One good note is that most of the senior squad is now match fit. On the other side of the coin it is cause Champions League play has started and while the first matchup was an even toss up the second one is against a stronger opponent.
View attachment 118370

Record: 11-2-1
Going 1-2-1 for the month isn't very good, but after the last two months of being perfect we still hold a whopping 7 point lead over KA (who just managed to break double digits in goal difference). Even with Tokic getting injured the second time this year (first time missing league play) he still has a comfortable lead in goals by 6 and has the first time a player has over an 8 rating going for league play.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 118369

The Board decided to offer another year to Sterling, but this time with a 3K yearly raise. Board is a little concerned with this months performances in the league play which held them back for offering a multiyear deal, but if anything it just cements another year at Stjarnan.

If I told you that in Champions league play we would be without our two starting strikers in two games, with another game only having on would you believe me that we scored 7 goals and only gave up 2 goals? I hardly don't believe it either, but against HJK we won both legs 3-1 and somehow sneaked out a 1-0 win on the road at Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

Kari Petursson is another youth player that was plucked from the youth reserves and thrown into the fire. He was the only natural person who could play that position who was under the age of 32, so might as well bring in a 20 year old to shore it up. Didn't have a bad month despite playing in six of the seven games bagging 2 goals.

Daniel Laxdal 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Goujon Baldvinsson 3
Haukur Oskarsson 1
Hrvoje Tokic 4
Kari Petursson 2
Snorri Pall Blondal 2

Brynjar Mar Bjornsson 4
Daniel Laxdal 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Goujon Baldvinsson 3
Haukur Oskarsson 2
Porri Runarsson 1​
August 2017

View attachment 118195

Month record: 4-0-3
Looks like Sterling has changed his mind on what is more important as he used reserves again for the second month for league games and focus heavily in the Champions League. It didn't look to pay off since for the Playoff Second Leg they would run into Ludogorets who beat Sterling and company at Ludogorets. Also the next match was a come-from-behind win for Fylkir to hurt confidence a little bit.

View attachment 118194

Record: 2-0-2
Sterling again for the second month would play reserves in three of the four league matches. Scoring is starting to slow down, but that will change since Champions League isn't a factor anymore. Still a lost to Fylkir (they are terrible this year after keep pace with me last year) was hurtful and KA (still in second) is showing they do have everything clicking with them as now everyone in the league has at least 3 losses.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 118193

The Board was either wore down by the nagging of Sterling, losing key youth players, or just excited of the money Sterling has brought to the club this year as they finally caved in turning Stjarnan only the third team in Iceland professional.

View attachment 118192View attachment 118191

Sterling can now focus on league for the rest of the year. This might be bigger than Iceland making Euro's two years ago since a semi-professional team is playing with the big boys. This is probably the sole reason we got professional status coming up, but as you can see we are in a very tough group. So some big losses are going to be coming our way. Still mighty little Stjarnan, with their starters, are magical when playing at home.

Kari Petursson continues his hot place as he was the leading goal scorer and assist this month. The fire isn't too hot for this kid. Although we did get finally someone to help back up his attacking midfielder in a new prospect, but that is more of a project while Petursson is proven to be a force for our attacking midfield.

Daniel Laxdal 1
Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Horour Arnason 1
Hrvoje Tokic 2
Ivar Orn Svansson 1
Kari Petursson 3
Larus Bjornsson 2

Eyjolfur Heoinsson 1
Horour Arnason 1
Hrvoje Tokic 1
Johann Laxdal 2
Kari Petursson 3
Larus Bjornsson 1
Snorri Pall Blondal 1

September 2016 to End of Year

View attachment 117974
View attachment 117968
View attachment 117969

Monthly Record: 4-0-4
League Record: 3-0-0
Champions League Record: 1-0-3

The league was over before the month started which looks to be now that Stjarnan is by far the top team of the league. In what looked all by locked up for second was little KA which faltered and actually would lose out to Valur for second place.They did have the same amount of points, but with Champs league not to worry about Stjarnan decided to play their main starters and they would dominate for three straight wins. Sterling would tie another team record for most wins in the season with 16 wins.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 117973

“I like to dream, but I know we have no chance of advancement. I would like to believe we can win some games, but reality scoring goals would be success.” Coach Sterling said before Group Stage started. It looked as if they would go scoreless in Group play, until the new year came and the last Group game would be played. It would be on the road, but somehow we not only got to score our first goal we would win the game as well.

View attachment 117972View attachment 117971

Baldvinsson would claim Player of the Year, set the Stjarnan record for goals for a player, but it would be Tokic who would win the Icelandic Golden Boot. Between the both of them they would put up 24 goals when Baldvinsson played in 16 games while Tokic appeared in only 14.

View attachment 117970

Listen for what Tufegdzic did for guiding KA this year was nothing short by amazing. You have 1000-1 odds of winning the league, and this is with the powerhouse of Stjarnan on the rise, and they finished ten points behind them and lost second only in the final month. Still Sterling took a non-professional team to the Group Stage of the Champions League and won one of the games from group stage. I don't know, but if you are going to look at the Head Coach of the Year it should be for the year not just league play. Just my two cents though.

Hrvoje Tokic 4
Goujon Baldvinsson 3

Alex Por Hauksson 1
Bynjar Mar Bjornsson 1
Horour Arnason 1
Johann Laxdal 1
Kari Petursson 2

2017 Season Recap and Awards

View attachment 117967

For the second straight year a deep outside the shot box from a Stjarnan player would claim the goal of the year. This wasn't from the distance from last year, but this was still a beautiful curling shot that got around two player and on the out reach hands of the keeper.

View attachment 117966

Four players only made the Icelandic Team of the Year. Coach Sterling did sub out a lot of regular starters, but still got both strikers to make the team this year with a midfielder (Runarsson) and then team icon defender Daniel Laxdal as well. Shocking our goalkeeper didn't make it, but still impressive after the starters all missed 6 league games to rest for Champs League play.

View attachment 117965

So it seems like it wasn't just my thoughts of winning the league two straight years that we were the best team. This is also surprising of the amount of youth players who are playing on our senior squad.

View attachment 117964View attachment 117963View attachment 117960

Finances are in great shape. Now the race is on to get our facilities to world class. This might be a problem as well now that we have the money that the board will not look to help garner more money (lack of stadium capacity) and with that money coach Sterling needs to keep improving the team but without making the salary too high that it hurts the team in the long run. Sure our revenue is going up, but as you can see most of those numbers are K's instead of M's.

Funny note is that our Chairman Brynjar Gunnarsson won his second term (this is awesome since he put money into the club), but for some reason 3 directors decided to leave after him getting his second term. Could this be a problem? Also I love how we got a new sponsor but could it be any lower worth?

View attachment 117962

Nothing too shocking here, although most have already been said already throughout the season. However, it is the first time we did have a player lead the league in goals, assists, and rating. Also the first time a player hit at least an 8 for a full season for us.

View attachment 117961

Maybe this would be more news if we didn't get the cash from the Champs League, but honestly it is the first time ever in any of my saves (have done at least 4 in the past 6 years of this game) that another Iceland team decided to show interest in me as being there coach. Still with what we have and especially our young players there is a slim chance of Sterling to leave right now. Maybe down the road when Stjarnan is a powerhouse in Europe, but as of now one team needs to be build up first for Iceland.

View attachment 117959View attachment 117958View attachment 117957View attachment 117956

Eyjolfur Heoinsson (pic 1) lost his starting job in league play after his second minor injury, and Baldur Sigurosson (pic 3) were sold for cheap mostly to get their wages off the books which is why the team didn't press much more.

What looked to be a dangerous tandem up top for at least two more seasons was to see Goujon Baldvinsson (pic 2) to be sold as well. Again, he wanted to be sold before the year, which means for the third straight year an newly face striker will be a regular for Stjarnan.

Last picture shows what it is like for how much of a rise this club is, or how valuable their young players are as they can actually fetch a price. Shocking the Board decided the price wasn't too high to now override Sterling, but the question now looms of how long will he be on this team before wanting to play for a bigger club. Coach Sterling has been more protective of younger players not being sold, and seems to only sell players who are getting past their prime or who are eating up too much wages on the team.

2018 Whirlwind Pre-season and Deildabikar

New Season, Could of been a new team but now is a newer team, Dynasty in full swing

Is there a power struggle or does coach Sterling just trying to build a dynasty too early with this team. Either way going into the third season is the biggest changes the roster has seen. Last year there was three new starters coming to the team (I know we sold some people throughout the year so that changes things, but from the team that finished the year to the new year there was only three new faces). Now this year there is 5 new faces to the starting XI.

Coach Sterling had the two best strikers in the league with Baldvinsson (owns the team record forgoals scored) and Tokic (first year scored most goals in a season for the team). As soon as the new calendar year would turn Baldvinsson would be shipped off. He finally got his transfer he has been looking for for the past year and a half.

Only two new signings for the year, but (SPOILER ALERT), they would be sold before even seeing their first league game as they both wanted to play for a bigger club. Coach Sterling was disappointed, maybe even angered by this, that he said that he will only be looking to sign Icelandic players from now on since it seems that foreigners were using him and his team as a stepping stone. That quote also came out just two days before ST Tokic formally requested to be transferred and GK Jajalo is trying to be poached from bigger teams.

However, the biggest change for the starting XI is confusing most people on this team is the backline in which two new starters are being projected while both replacements are still on the team, with one being the captain for the past two years in Laxdal.

The new looked Stjarnan team.

View attachment 116678

View attachment 116676View attachment 116677View attachment 116675View attachment 116674

View attachment 116673

View attachment 116672View attachment 116671

View attachment 116670

View attachment 116669View attachment 116668


View attachment 116662View attachment 116663View attachment 116664View attachment 116665View attachment 116666View attachment 116667View attachment 116661


Third year and once again cruising until the playoffs start where we had one game to extra time. This time wouldn't need a shootout since we would score in extra's to give us the win. Although it would be the first time Sterling would go undefeated and in crushing fashion.

Captain Daniel Laxdal (31 years old) has been accepting of his demotion for new comer Jon Alfred Sigurdsson. Maybe it had to do with it that he is now tutoring him as well as coach Sterling said he is a rock for this team despite getting regular time. It would show as Sigurdsson (pic 4) would set a new record for Deildabikar with a 7.88 rating in only 6 games.

Last years stats:
Went 6-1-0 (revenge on Grindavik 1-0 this year)
Outscored opponents 19-9
Had 4 clean sheets
Semi went to extra not a shootout
Leading Goalscorer: Goujon Baldvinsson 11 goals in 10 games
Leading Assister: Hrvoje Tokic 3 goals in 5 games (tied with Eyjolfur Heoinsson (7 games), Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson (9 games), and Johann Laxdal (10 games)

This Years stats:
Went 7-0-0 (first year with perfect record)
Outscored opponents 28-3
Had 7 clean sheets
Quarter went to extra not a shootout
Leading Goalscorer: Hrvoje Tokic 6 goals in 7 games
Leading Assister: Heioar Aegisson 3 goals in 8 games (tied with Logi Marteinsson (9 games), Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson (9 games))​
Total Years under Coach Sterling (3 years):
Record: 19-1-1
Outscored opponents: 38-14
10 clean sheets
Three Quarters went into extra (one decided by a shootout)
Two Semi's went into extra (one decided by a shootout)
Leading Goalscorer: Guojon Baldvinsson with 15
Leading Assister: Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson with 6​

View attachment 116656

How can the Board think the Deildabikaris not unimportant. I can see why they say that for the Islenska Frabaer Bikar since that only hurts us for fitness for league play. Sure the Deildabikar is our pre-season, but we have been dominate as soon as Sterling took over, and it's always good to try some new young guys to get first team experience for them.

So last year's recap of the transfer market (pic 1) for Stjarnan. A couple of old guys were sold, lost one young player (which wasn't really in the first team plans anyways), and saw some people get some playing time on loan. If you are only signing three people you hope you get your money's worth. While they were all were free signings they got their investment back in just one year for all three of these players as they were key to our successful Champions League Group Stage.

This is troubling (pic 2). Sure he is a guy who doesn't get to play much, but he does have experience. Yes I know it seems like our whole team is under 21 years old, and youth players have been dominating on the scene ever since coach Sterling got here, but for the big matches coach Sterling relies on these type of players. Plus a concerning note is that he was only sold off for peanuts as well.

Yay!!! Finally the bookmakers have priced us in our rightful spot. KA seemed to do well for being up and finishing in third, but again see them as a super weak team. Can they find the magic of last year to challenge Sterling and Stjarnan for the title this year?
May 2018

View attachment 116497

Month record: 5-0-0
All-Time Record: 14-1-1
First time that we would have a perfect record in May. In the second consecutive year we would win the Frabaer Bikar, despite it going to a penalty shootout. Also Stjarnan would finally win the Borgunarbikar Third Round game for the first time under Coach Sterling.

View attachment 116496

Record: 3-0-0
All-Time Record: 10-1-0
Sterling would come out of the gates hot again to show that they are the team that everyone is chasing in the league. What is concering though is that we only scored 4 goals in those three games. However, we did shut out all three teams forthe month. After some blowouts in the Deildabikar one might assumed it would be larger than that. Sadly KA has lost it's magic at the start of the season as they lost all three of their games and sit in last place. KR (not really our rival, but I assume they are everyone's rivals) is showing they might be ready for a step-by-step with us this season.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 116495

Barcelona for the second straight year wins the Champions league. We made the news for being the biggest overachievers for reaching the Group Stage. Sterling doesn't care since they gave them the cash flow to take their first step into becoming a dominate force in Iceland by upgrading their facilities.

We won the third round in the Borgunarbikar for the first time in three years. How will this play coming up with fitness for this team? Could this be the year we actually start trying or is it going to be too much and cost matches for Sterling and company?

We only scored four goals, but if I was to tell you that our reserved striker would lead the month with 2 (in only one game since Larus Bjornsson got injured). Tokic has been quiet but is tied for the leading assister for the month with 2.

Jon Arnar Barodal 2
Larus Bjornsson 1
Logi Marteinsson 1
Davit Skhirtladze 1
Hrvoje Tokic 1

AEvar Ingi Johannesson 1
Jon Alfreo Sigurdsson 1
Davit Skhirtladze 2
Hrvoje Tokic 2
June 2018

View attachment 116438

Month record: 5-1-0
All-Time Record: 15-2-1
Our bench came up huge with a win over Kari in the Fourth Round of the Borgunarbikar with a convincing 3-0 lead. We only gave up two goals on the month, but finally our scoring decided to get back on track.

View attachment 116437

Record: 4-1-0
All-Time Record: 14-2-0
Out of five league games we only gave up two goals. Which would be amazing, but one of those games we only managed a tie. So maybe KR won't be able to keep step-by-step with us as they have falter a bit and we currently hold first with a 7 point lead. KA did finally manage a win, and only sits 7 points out from third place. So looks like one amazing team (us) and then third place to eleventh place is only separated by 4 points.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 116436

While not only is Sterling taking Stjarnan to new heights so is the rest of the league as the league almost jumped ten places (9 in fact) to make it into the top forty. Last year was a slide and looks like the only way this league is going to go is up now. We went up so much (really 9 spots ?!) that it was more places than any top flight division.

View attachment 116435

Sure our league moved up, but could it mostly be by Sterling and company? In European club rankings we moved up more than any other team, and yes it was more by nine spots. We might not make noise in Champs league, hopefully we can get back there, but maybe this type of stature is what we need to keep some of our young homegrown players to stay on our team.

View attachment 116434View attachment 116433

So Scott Sterling has dominated Iceland soccer since arriving. (Sorry the picture is actually 101 games and not the 100th game). In 100 games he has put up an astonishing 76-9-15 record with winning 76% of his games. In a total of cups he has won all three Deildabikar titles, both tites of the Islenska Frabaer Bikar (one in a shootout), and lost both Borgunarbikar in the third round (current season the cup is still going and made it to theQuarter Final). Plus both seasons has won the league. Yet only has one Coach of the Year award (good job KA!)

Alexander Bannink 1
Larus Bjornsson 3
Petur Geor Hilmisson 1
Daniel Laxdal 1
Logi Marteinsson 1
Ivar Orn Svansson 2
Hrvoje Tokic 3

Heioar Aegisson 1
Alexander Bannink 1
Larus Bjornsson 2
Petur Geor Hilmisson 1
Johann Laxdal 1
Kari Petursson 3
Hrvoje Tokic 1​
July 2018

View attachment 116367

Month record: 5-1-2
All-Time Record: 11-4-5
For making the Quarter Finals of the Borgunarbikar (we would lose) would give us a whopping 8 games this month we have to play. This is critical since we have Champions League starting as well. We showed a respectable record for the month, and this is when most of our bench starts to see more league play time since Sterling wants to push for the Group Stage of Champsleague.

Record: 3-1-1
All-Time Record: 6-4-4
I am sorry I thought I took pictures for the stuff this month (was trying to finish the month before I left for Thanksgiving) but apparently I didn't save any pictures. So I am not going to look through everyone's record to see what the records were. All I know is that it's usually not the best month as you can see from our all-time record, but we might be in trouble for the league title and the bookmakers are starting to get nervous.

Three keys to the month:

I wish I had a picture, but maybe it is good for not. Heartbreaking moment to start the month against KR. (You have no idea how much hatred I have for this team. I bet they are wonderful players and coaches in real life, but every season and each year I do a save in Iceland they are a pain in my side). We would easily win 5-2, but Tokic would go down and the stretcher would come out. After the game everyone's worst fear would come to life as he has a torn ACL and would be out for the rest of the year.

Champs League Second Qualifying Phase started (it looks like we might be moving out of this stage in a year) after we demolished B36 to a 6-0 rout. Although our next matchout is against Dinamo which might be too much for us to handle. Luckily we had most of our starters have the whole week off so the majority should be fresh.

Lets call up another 18 year old kid to replace our best goal scorer and our dreams of making the Group Stageis now just that...dreams. Hopefully coach Sterling can motivate his team to come up big, but the team isn't depended on one player. Also last year we had both leading goal scorers miss two Champs league games, so don't say impossible yet.

Jon Arnar Barodal 3
Larus Bjornsson 6
Porhallur Kari Knutsson 1
Daniel Laxdal 1
Logi Marteinsson 1
Kari Petursson 1
Ivar Orn Svansson 4
Hrvoje Tokic 1

Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson 1
Heioar Aegisson 1
Larus Bjornsson 3
Pall Hroar Helgason 2
Petur Georg Hilmisson 1
Johann Laxdal 1
Logi Marteinsson 4
Nokkvi Nokkvason 1
Kari Petursson 1
Ivar Orn Svansson 1

August 2018

View attachment 116137

Month record: 4-2-1
All-Time Record: 12-3-4
The magic continues, even if we are hanging on a thread. Coach Sterling said after making the Group Stage for the second straight year “I know it might of not been pretty, or the style everyone has seen for the past two and a half year's, but hopefully they can forgive that and accept us making the Group Stage.”

View attachment 116136

Record: 2-1-0
All-Time Record: 8-2-2
The league play wasn't very pretty as we would give up 4 goals in three games, but we still have one game up on now FH with a four point lead. Good thing our defense is solid since we haven't had the possession or the ability to keep the ball on the offensive side like we do normally. It's getting down to the nitty gritty and KR seems to be losing steam (fourth) and KA looks to be relegated with only 3 wins on the season.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 116135

So the only two goals we scored last year was by Tokic who will miss the group stage. I know our team is better, but again this year it might be “can we score a goal against a squad we face”. Our defense has been breaking agains tjust league play due to the tactical changes, and snuck into the Group Stage with defense and a lucky goal here and there. That won't fly against the big boys. Pray for Sterling.

In back-to-back games there were two amazing goals. Well one was from Laxdal which was almost 40 yards out. It might of just been a poor cross, but if it was a shot this year we should have two of the top three goals in the season. If not we should have at least one. Not sure if it will be the top goal (which we had the past two seasons), but we always seem to get one goal at least 30 yards than either bends for a beautiful goal or sneaks past two defenders and the outreach hands of the goal for a goal.

First time under Sterling that his team's moral is at least good. Okay Tokic is poor, but he wanted to transfer, and the ACL tear hampers his ability to get better, so I am not really counting that. Hopefully we can keep this unity going strong for the rest of the year to win the league. Luckily Champs League gives us a breather so Sterling has more time to concentrate on the league title.

Jon Arnar Barodal 3
Pall Hroar Helgason 1
Ivar Orn Svansson 3

Jon Arnar Barodal 2
Pall Hroar Helgason 2
Porhallur Kari Knutsson 1
Johann Laxdal 1
Kari Petursson 1

September 2018 to End of the Year

View attachment 116029

View attachment 116028

September Monthly Record: 5-0-2 /September All-Time Record: 10-1-5
October Monthly Record: 0-0-2 / OctoberAll-Time Record: 0-0-3
November Monthly Record: 0-0-2 /November All-Time Record: 0-0-4
December Monthly Record: 0-0-1 /December All-Time Record: 1-0-1

As you can see from October on we didn't win a single game. We did score in 5 of the 6 Group Stage games. Would you be impressed to find out that we scored first in four of those games as well. Sadly our defense wasn't very helpful this year (Sterling did try to push tempo more instead of using the shell) and we gave up more goals this year. Still we scored more than last year despite setting a new record for loses in Champions League.

View attachment 116027

Record: 5-0-1
All-Time Record: 8-2-2

Probably could of ended the month perfect in league play. Didn't matter since we would clinch the league with the first win of the month. Everyone else seemed to falter but we went strong and cruised to the largest margin of winning the league yet. Still the final game coach Sterling would decided to let some youngsters get some first team time to see which players would stay up on the first time next year to help replenish the ranks. It would be the first time under coach Sterling that none of his players broke the double digit scoring mark in league play.

Three keys to the month:

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Sterling and Company are first (professional) followed by FH, then KR (professional), and then Valur as the only clubs in Iceland that has a two-and-a-half star rep rating. It would be a bad year for KA, who finished third the year before, hit rock bottom pretty much this year and lost some players(board sold them) and could only manage 3 wins on the year to only get relegated.

We really need some teams to get professional status so we can start keeping our players in our league (or well Sterling to keep them with Stjarnan). Sterling finally got over the hump and tied one league record (pic 2) and broke another with occurring 54 points (pic 3) in the league.

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When half of your starters are under the age of 22 do you expect it to be a landslide in your favor? Talks around the director's table though is that they are going to need it since a bunch of teams are looking to start poaching players away from a club that is starting to become world class (in facilities).

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So we only had one of the top three goals of the year. Since Laxdal wasn't in there (would of been nice, but I guess it was just a botched play). Still three years in and we have had the best goal in Iceland all three years.

Heioar Aegisson 2
Jon Arnar Barodal 4
Larus Bjornsson 5
Alex Por Hauksson 1
Atli Freyr Ingolfsson 1
Daniel Laxdal 1
Jon Alfreo Sigurdsson 1
Ivar Orn Svansson 1

Heioar Aegisson 3
Jon Arnar Barodal 1
Larus Bjornsson 1
Petur Georg Hilmisson 2
Atli Freyr Ingolfsson 1
Logi Marteinsson 1
Kari Petursson
Ivar Orn Svansson 2
2019 Season Preview

Dynasty could be over, Coach Sterling running club like a College Team

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$300K was only what we brought in for the whole year after selling off 6 players. Yet we have a bunch more (free's and loan's) so that kind of skews the numbers a bit. However, it would be the pre-season that would see a flurry of moves which is the talking point for Stjarnan fans. Let's see in detail of exactly what happened:

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Was the first person to be sold. He really never played for us and spend most of his time out on loan. Most are not going to complain about the fee either for a player who only got to see 2 league games (both subs) and a total of 10 games (8 cup matches). Especially with how Larus Bjornsson turned it on late last season. Plus he is younger and cheaper than him.

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Not the best fee for him, but he was in his final year, and coach Sterling decided to bring up youth players (3 total) that cost about 99 % of what Aoalsteinsson costs. With being 32, last year in contract, and injury plagued last season it was just more about shedding money for fresh new faces.

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Fans are not happy about this one. While only 28 he did lose the starting spot to a younger player last year due to injuries and how well the youngster played it seemed that the price was too good to turn down. It might be the worst since he could play three different spots on the back line for this club and they are short of experience players now on the backline.

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An 18 year old midfielder who looked to becoming a staple, and becoming maybe the best player on the team, to a silly release clause of 500K. Just a word for you agents out there. If you want a release clause at least let coach Sterling choose it. You will get more money if it happens and if not your players can still learn and train at a very good place. Last they are in a league they can dominate to raise their profile.

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So for finally claiming the team record (pic 2) for most appearances he gets shipped off. This one is really hard on the fans. He has continue to be the captain for coach Sterling all three years and despite getting up in age he was in his st year of the contract. Coach Sterling said it had to do more with getting rid of the salary and despite being a team icon that it was time for him and the team to move on.

In the end coach Sterling would shave off close to 600K off the books for the year. The real question is will they keep Tokic. He currently is in his last year, but is coming off of the ACL tear and is asking for a huge pay raise (from 80K a year to at least 320K). Fans hope selling off those players will see the money go towards Tokic for at least three or four more years. As of now though no word yet on a new deal.

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Your new captain and vice captain since both were sold off now. As you can tell they are both hot prospects (both under 20 years old), but have the highest leadership on the team. Ingolfsson played well in the games he got to see some time and only time will tell if coach Sterling set back this team.

People are saying that Coach Sterlingis running this like a college sports team. As of right now it is true. This is going into the fourth year for Sterling, but only Porri Runarsson has be luckily enough to still be on the team. Granted early on the Board needed some money and some players didn't fit into his scheme, but this off-season you probably would like to keep some veterans on the team for at least playing experience in big games as well as helping the younger players along the way. With all those roster changes, and the senior roster is super short (only starting XI and subs) now so lets check the starters for the new season:

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Like Tokiv he is in his final year, and one of the top earners on the team with 50K, but he has been vital of getting us to Champions League Group stage every year (we really haven't face much competition until the playoff round though). Coaches say he won't get any better, but right now is our only choice and has played in 42 of 44 league games since arriving.

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Second year on team and played very well in his first season with us. He hardly does anything in the attacking zone since he doesn't ever cross midfield, but he is solely there just for his defense. Hopefully he doesn't have sophomore slump this year or getting rid of the both Laxdal's will make Sterling look more foolish than he does now.

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Took over Daniel Laxdal spot last year which eases some minds as he was rock solid playing in 30 total matches last year and every league game. He didn't play in Champs League since we had Laxdal, and you saw how dominate some teams were which hopefully this youngster can pick up the slack for the aging Daniel Laxdal.

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He got to see a lot of playing time last year to injuries through a couple of people, and showed he could do a good job. Not as polished as Ingolfsson, but with the bulk of minutes now his to lose he should be able to close the gap or at least become a solid player before too long.

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Has been asked to move from the midfield now to play mostly a defensive role. Broke into the team as a fill-in-on-the-spot for attacking midfielder, then last year saw most of the time as just a midfielder, but now has to be a wing back. While it would be nice for him to be a lock down defensive winger, he isn't there, but he also is the older player on our back line at the veteran age of 22.

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Was one of the youth players from last year's class and played in six appearances. Looks to have the starting spot and hopefully can keep his stamina up since there is really no one to back him up, and this is our weakest spot on our youth team as well.

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Been on the team since coach Sterling has been here, and has the most games played with 66. However, he wasn't looked upon as an every day starter, and does have some injuries problems. He was suppose to start last year got injured and lost his role to 17 year old. Coach Sterling needs him healthy and be a force to keep all these youth players on track.

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34 games so far as a defensive midfielder. With the lack of talented-ready-to-start options at midfield he has been moved from that vaulted DM spot to now here. Hopefully Valgeirsson doesn't have too much stamina issues, but coach Sterling hopes he gets most of his play time at M instead of DM. He does have a 2.5 million release clause so hopefully we can keep him around before a team comes and poaches him.

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Our new captain and despite only being a AMR has been a beast at AMC for his past 20 games he has played there. He doesn't have stamina issues, and will probably never be pulled from a game he starts. Only fear is if he goes down, although we do have two viable options to fill this spot it will just make it that much harder to give rest to other critical positions (backline).

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We need to re-sign him (and our GK) and they are our go-to guys on our team. While only playing in 22 league games (torn ACL last year) he is still our leading goal scorer on this team. He need him to come back and tear up the league like he was doing before the injury. Most fans think the Board wants to see how he plays from the recovery before offering a new deal.

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He does have more league games than Tokic (33 league games) but only has 13 goals. While that number is really low for a striker, you have to remember most of the time he saw at first was as a sub or when he did get the start was when he was out of match fitness. He tore up the league at the end of the year and even scored in Champs League so hopefully he can only continue to get better with more minutes.


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He is our jack of all trades player. He isn't great, good, or well even decent, but he can fill in for most positions. Although right now with the lack of options on the backline this is why he is here. Let's hope no one gets poached or injured for a long spell this year.

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Another person who can play three positions. Will see most of his time as a DR, and might even be the starter if 18 year old Nokkvason falters early in the year. Also is going to be key for cup matches to give other positions a rest. Will not get the glory like Gudmundssson, but will be vital for us.

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Sterling saw him on the under 19 reports for the year and the coaching staff says he has good potential. It was good enough for him to call him up to the senior squad for this year. Especially when coach Sterling has loaned out two more strikers (who got senior games last year) so he will be the fourth striker on the team.

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Has been on the team for the past couple of years and gets to see some time in pre-season or cup games. Only has seen 2 league appearances, but luckily for us our goalie hardly gets injured for a long spell, so he don't have to worry about him as a every day starter. He has played a game in Champions League when Jajalo was injured so he knows what it is like (only gave up 2 goals).

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Got to start most of last year, but an injury late in the year got him to lose his spot in the starting XI this year. He isn't great to look at, but for what Sterling asks for (just defense winger) he does very well for that role. He might get it back if Petursson has to give some other players a rest in the midfield, but for right now coach Sterling doesn't want his backline to be all 18 year old's.

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Again another player who was called up straight from the youth team after backup striker was sent on loan. It might not be the best to carry two strikers on the bench who never seen first team minutes, but coach Sterling isn't one of those types that follows the book.

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Will be the first person off the bench to relieve someone in the midfield, but coach Sterling is nervous about him. He too has been on the team since Sterling got here, but only seen the league play 6 times in his career under Sterling. Before Sterling saw 27 games so he is battle tested.

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For all our youth players who were poached you would think we would have at least one in the elite division. Sadly we don't have one yet, but as you can see neither does a lot of other teams. Stjarnan have the best facilities now in the league so that should be changing soon, although not too soon, since that means we will be losing key players when we don't have that many players on our senior squad.

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Even despite the youth you can see that Stjarnan and company haven't thrown in the towel for league play this year. Bjornsson (pic 1) finished second runner up for the GoldenBoot, and Tokic won it the previous year. Bjornsson, Petursson, and Hilmission (pic 2), who is no longer on the team, were top three in Young Player of the Year. Also Bjornsson, Sigurosson, and Jajalo (pic4) shows some top people at their position as they made Icelandic Team of the Year.

What is going on with Scott Sterling not winning the Coach of the Year (pic 3). It wasn't even close either and his win percentage wasn't even above 50?!?! Sterling is the coach, and Stjarnan is the team, everyone is chasing and trying to be in this league.

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KA is trying to recapture their magic two years ago, and trying to be like us, they went out and took our under 19 assistant to become their head coach. While he was good and we wish him luck we did find a good, and in quick fashion, a new manager (pic 2).