May 2034

0-0 game but went a perfect 7-0

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5/2 (Champs League Semi Final Second Leg, Game 16 at home)
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Another game Man United would just dominate the possession from our starters. While our reserves seem to be able to control the ball our starters tend to just go 100 mph despite what the cost being down 2-1 on aggregate. It wouldn't be until a luckily break in the 79 minute where we would tie the game up on a penalty kick. That would be all that we needed to advance but just ten minutes later just before stoppage time we would score another one.

5/13 (Frabaer Bikar, Game 17 on neutral ground)
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Coach Sterling would switch his reserve strikers up and it wouldn't seem to matter as we only got 2 good looks on 17 shots in the game. I shouldn't really say good looks but more of just shots on target that anyone could of stopped since they weren't powerful shots and straight at the keeper. Still we would go to a shootout where our bench would beat their starters as we would claim our first cup of the season.

5/16 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 18 at home)
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Coach Sterling wanted the start of the league to be with his starters to work on their tactics and not the finals of the cup. With a team that should finish in the top six was totally dominated by us even if we only had possession for 51 percent of the time. They only got off one shot, and by the time they did that we were already up 4-0. We would end starting the year off with a bang with an 8-0 win and Eggertsson would score a hat trick.

5/21 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 19 on the road)
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Five days rest is good enough for the starters especially with a top three team and tactics to still be worked on. Possession is finally being in our favor for the starters which Coach Sterling is happy, but again another game with 35 shots, 12 on target, 3 clear cut chances, but only 2 goals. Both coming in the second half while they had 7 shots, 4 on target, and 3 clear cut chances.

5/24 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 20 on the road)
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Reserves would finally get their first league game and off of a eleven day rest (you would think it was longer), but Bjornsson would score a hat trick in the game. While they did only have two shots in the game, both on target, they didn't manage to score a goal like it seem most teams would do on limited chances. While they did have more possession for the game it was mostly in their end and midfield than more in our final third.

5/27 (Champions League Final, Game 21 on neutral ground)
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While fans were ectastic we claimed the trophy again coach Sterling was livid after the game. "Our only goal came on a corner kick in the 119th minute. We had 30 shots with 13 on target with four of them being clear cut chances and no one could finish. We kept them too much into the game almost gave the game to chance on PK's." Mostly he was mad with himself for not finding the right balance for his tactics with his starters before his bench.

5/31 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 22 at home)
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If I told you we had 61 shots in the game, 15 on target, 6 clear cut chances, and only found one goal in the 115th minute you would easily think this was our starting XI playing. As across the pond in the US as a famous college football (american football) coach Lee Corso would say "Not so fast!" Actually was our reserves, and when was the last time they would get, heck even 35 shots in a game? Still we would win the third round of the cup somehow without a PK shootout.

Top Goalscorer: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in four appearances
Top Assister: Two with 3 in four appearances

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KA and I have started off fast this month with perfect records. Grotta and KR not so much with a 1-1-1 record. While it is still early we do have two threes without a win in Keflavik and Fram. Also Bjornsson who hasn't seen a lot of league play (one game) is tied for the leaders in scoring with 3. Our young striker who replace Bjornsson might be tied in goals with him but does had an impressive 9.25 rating to go with those three goals.

Three questions for the month:
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1. Three straight wins in Champs League. This year wasn't easy at all, but we bring the trophy back home with us. Good thing our team is young and still hungry.

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2. Glad one Iceland team made the Biggest Overachievers list. I feel it's a disgrace if we don't have someone in this. Although we haven't for the past couple of years.

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3. How good were we in the Champs league this year? Well apparently everyone loved us since 8 of our players made the Dream Team.
June 2034

Records are meant to be shattered

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6/4 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 23 at home)
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"I think we have it" said coach Sterling after the thumping his starters did in this game. An own goal would help with a hat trick with one being a PK. I swear it seems when they score an own goal and someone gets a hat trick one of the shots is from the PK spot. Still in this game one position would be change in the tactics and it would prove to be powerful as the starters would collect 69 shots in this game with 28 of them on target.

6/7 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 24 at home)
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Bjornsson doesn't want to be forgotten as he would add his own hat trick this game. He could of had four if he scored on his PK kick, but sadly there wasn't an own goal this game. Still a shutout as it was the first time the opponent got a shot on target, and it would only be one time.

6/11 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 25 on the road)
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Starters for the second game this month wouldn't allow a shot on target, and would just punish the opposition with shots (48) as we would come away with an easy 5-0 lead. No hat tricks, but our strikers did score two goals apiece.

6/18 (Borgunarbikar Fourth Round, Game 26 on the road)
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Bjornsson is kicking himself after missing the second PK in this month. Especially so this game since it would of given him a hat trick. Still four games in and only four shots on targets we allowed (only by our reserves) but would allow a goal on just one of those 3 shots on target this game. Again another team with just 6 shots in total and allowing a goal. Still they would score first and we wouldn't take the lead until end of regulation.

6/25 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 27 at home)
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Fans who came out to watch our team were in for a treat. Both strikers had at least four goals in this game as we would dominate from start to finish. Finally someone would get a shot on target against our starters, but it wouldn't matter. They would have an own goal but sadly no PK in this game nor did we need it as we won by double digits.

Top Goalscorer: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 10 in three appearances *At least a hat trick in two games*
Top Assister: Magnus Halldorsson with 5 in three appearances *Four in one game*

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KA and us are the only undefeated teams in the league. Somehow KA only played one league game this month. Still it would be Grotta to jump back into its normal second place spot. KR also only played one game this month and lost so they are sitting in 10th but still have at least 3-4 games in hand on teams. However with our last game we are not sitting at 48 goals on the year in just 8 games. Don't want to jinx it so we will just leave it at "Wow!"

Three questions for the month:
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1. We are the fifth best league in the world!!!
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We are on level playing ground as the top leagues. This is exciting. Only if we could be making the money like they did...

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2. With a win like that of course it is going to shatter records. Biggest win was four years ago and we broke that by 3 goals.

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3. Top ten on this list isn't too shabby.
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while we are still pretty far away from the 1 billion mark we are climbing. Coach Sterling did say that if Stjarnan does top the richest clubs he might think about a new challenge. Teams in Iceland are already holding pink slips for their managers if that is the case. Still pretty far off, but would he really leave?

July 2034

New Tradition? 3 Goals a game?

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7/2 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 28 at home)
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Starters start again and against a top 6 team only allow 2 shots with 0 on target. We on the other hand would get another hat trick from a stirker, an own goal (okay so maybe not a PK when an own goal) and would cruise over KR without batting an eyelash.

7/5 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 29 on the road)
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With a cup game starters would go on short rest and does it really matter as our defense didn't need it as another game where no shots were on target and they only had one shot. No hat trick but still manage to score at least three goals in this game.

7/10 (Borgunarbikar Quarter Final, Game 30 on the road)
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Our bench hasn't been able to play that much. Last time was last month so they were a little out of shape. Still they didn't play like it on the offensive end. Well shots came but no goals. Especially after an early goal from them we would have to wait for the last ten minutes to get the equalizer and then another half an hour until we won in a PK shootout in which only one shot was missed from both teams. Normally there is usually a couple missed from both sides.

7/13 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 31 on the road)
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We would bring our starters back for the league game and they would rest three of there's. It would show as they would get a shot on target, and I mean just a shot, but it was no match for us in where we would get three goals all from Eggertsson.

7/17 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 32 on the road)
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Starters have been on fire so why not let them play. He seemed to crack a little, and when I say a little they allowed 5 shots with 2 on target this game. The only goal they would score would be an own goal, and another hat trick would steal the deal for them.

7/23 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 33 at home)
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This is normally when the reserves would play, but Sterling is keeping with the hot hand and the starters would dominate this game. Almost 60 percent of possession and only 2 percent they spend in our final third. With that 2 percent they didn't even attempt a shot as we would attempt 47 and against have one person score a hat trick for the third straight game.

7/30 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 34 at home)
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With a week off coach Sterling wasn't going to let his reserves play against a top three team in the league. Sadly no hat trick but we did score three goals. Almost score more than they had shots in the game (they had 4) with only one on target.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 10 in six appearances *Hat trick in two games*
Top Assister: Magnus Halldorsson with 6 in six appearances

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We are the only undefeated team left and that basically puts the title in our hands. We have scored 75 goals in just 14 games. KA is again battling for second and is losing at the moment to Grotta. Every team has at least won one game and only three teams are really playing for the two spot in relegation this year. KR needs a lot of work to get back into the Euro Cup.

Three questions for the month:

1. 75 goals in 14 games. That averages to a little more than 5 goals a game. With just 6 games left and needed 25 goals we would finally hit the 100 mark on the season.

2. Of course we have played 14 games and given up 0 goals. It's hard when opposing teams don't even get to have one attempt on target, but we seriously can go the year without giving up 0 goals?

3. For all the tinkering it has turned out to be amazing for Coach Sterling. He said he is set and hasn't changed anything for either squad for the past month and a half. With the results should even consider to do anything else?
August 2034

A loss strikes a deep blow in fans hearts

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8/6 (Borgunarbikar Semi Final, Game 35 on neutral ground)
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With the lack of fitness it wouldn't show up again in this match stats except for the final score. We didn't score three goals, but did get two of them and didn't allow them to have a single shot on target with our reserves. Not bad even if our second goal came right before the final whistle.

8/9 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 36 on the road)
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Fram would put on some life in front of their crowd as they found two clear cut chances on four shots on target. Still Baldvinsson would deny them any chance of changing the score. Another hat trick from Agnarsson in this game as we would keep our 5 goals score in a league game.

8/12 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 37 on the road)
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Fans were concerned when Sterling opted to go with his reserves here with two cup games coming up. Still the average would dip down while we would score twice on just two shots on target. While we dominated the match it seemed as if our attacking chances we were just firing shots if we could crack their back line of five and nothing was getting close to net.

8/15 (Super Cup, Game 38 on neutral ground)
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It's been awhile since we would actually start our starters in the Super Cup. We would score a goal before the end of relegation in each half and again Agnarsson would end up with a hat trick. Plus a win finally in this cup is good for our league and prestige.

8/19 (Borgunarbikar Final, Game 39 on neutral ground)
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All good things must come to an end as for the second straight year we wouldn't win this cup. Right now it looks as if our fans don't care as long as we score 100 league goals and give up 0 goals. Still we would dominate this game just couldn't find the back of the net with our reserves and most of our shots didn't get on frame.

8/22 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 40 at home)
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6 shots, 3 on target, and one clear cut chance for them. That one clear cut chance from a two-on-one counter from a terrible turnover deep in our final third would give the first allowed goal in the month. Still it wasn't too sad to be down as we cruised in this one and had all four of our goals scored before they found the back of the net.

8/27 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 41 at home)
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Another league game and another hat trick from a starting striker. This time it would be Eggertsson although Agnarsson was one goal shy of a hat trick. They only had one clear cut chance that was barely pushed wide from our goalie to keep the scoreless streak alive.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 8 in three appearances *Hat trick in two games*
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in three appearances

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We already clinched the title but most wonder if Bjornsson will get another chance or two to play so we can have all three top scorers in the league on our team. Agnarsson is close to breaking some scoring records, but with all the scoring we have done this year that isn't too hard to imagine. With just four games left KA has some major work/luck to get to finish ahead of Grotta as one of their games is against us. KR manage to bounce back and looked all but sealed into the Euro Cup again. With the relegation race heating up as potentially 5 teams are vying for the last two spots in the league.

Three questions for the month:
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1. One scoring record fell and that is total goals for the season and still have at least 10 games left to play.

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2. Well that's a cool record to have. But...

3. Something is going to fall. Either the perfect season, 100 goals for the league or shutouts. Next game international play is going on and we can't postponed the match. Money is on perfect season and shutouts falling.

September 2034

God gives and takes it away

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9/10 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 42 on the road)
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You better name our goalie player of the match. Coach Sterling would have to create mostly new instructions for a brand new team and change up one spot for some under 19 people. He would bunker down. "We might not win but we also don't want to lose" and if this was the game to lose they had their chances. In the 30th minute they would get a PK that looked to be all she wrote for the shutout. A new goalie fresh off the boat (just 16 years old) would get the start and he shined by blocking the kick to the left. Halftime would be 0-0 which pleased everyone in the away locker room. A goal and another PK, this time would be successful, would end the game just shy of the five goals we needed, but we still kept the shutout in tact!

9/19 (Champions League Group B, Game 43 at home)
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Starters would come back and would show that maybe with a higher pressing line might not be good against the top teams as they would score on just four shots, despite all four being on target. While the fans were happy they couldn't get back to the last three league games...

9/22 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 44 at home)
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Coach Sterling went with his reserves in this game which everyone expected. Another two goals and only allowing one shot on target to inch closer to both records. Now just four goals with two games to go. Sadly the next two games are against top 4 teams in the league.

9/25 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 45 on the road)
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Our strikers could only manage one goal in this game, but luckily our AMC picked up the slack as he scored two goals to just give us one shy of the 100 mark. It looks as if that is all sealed up and now just one game left for the perfect and not allowing a goal. But it is against KA...

9/30 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 46 at home)
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Fans had to wait a long time in the first half but we did finally crack triple digits in scoring as Eggertsson was the one to do it. A minute later we would be at 101. At half and with them having 5 shots, 3 on target, and 0 goals it was getting nervous. They would only get one more chance on target in the second half but that would be the chance to crush everyone's hearts as in the 63rd minute the shutout streak would end and that's how the curtain would fall over the league. "Worst than a loss" replied one player while another was just speechless after the game.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 4 in three appearances
Top Assister: Orn Runar Hjaltason with 2 in four appearances

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Can you really complain with a perfect record for the season? Broke the talked about near impossible mark of 100 goals, and almost posted the perfect shutout season which I think everyone though would be unattainable. Heck we even had a 101 goal difference. Grotta was the next closest to us and they were at 19. KA despite losing to us in the final game still jump past Grotta since they somehow lost their last two games to give KA second. KR went on a slide as well and dropped to fifth but I think they are happy that they are back in the Euro Cup. Selfoss and Keflavik both got relegated in a close battle but everyone had at least 17 points this time around.

Three questions for the month:
1. Of course I didn't take the picture this time but we actually are one of the favorites to win Champs league with a 11-1 odds.
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better yet we have one person who actually has odds of being the top goalscorer as well!

View attachment 86756
2. Would Bjornsson in the new role been able to break his old record? We don't know but fans are impressed by the 20 year old who is around 50 goals for the year, and counting...

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3. So close. Seriously the only player not to make it was our defensive midfielder. It's cause we didn't shutout every opponent is why we did get all eleven on Team of the Year?

2034 End of Season

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10/4 (Champions League Group B, Game 47 on the road)
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We were slight favorites and while they did score first it was pretty much an even game. While they did have one more shot on target than us most of our shots were quality shots while theirs were straight at the keeper or without a lot of power. Still falling in a hole twice we were able to fight back and take a win from Tottenham at their place.

10/25 (Champions League Group B, Game 48 at home)
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No body apparently wanted to play today. Sterling wouldn't make a sub (he normally never does in these games) but let his team play about and got humiliated on the pitch today. Sure it was a home game for them, but we were favorites and played like we should of been given the win. We didn't and we lost as they were quality on all three area's today.

11/7 (Champions League Group B, Game 49 on the road)
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Apparently there was no pre-game match talk in this game as Coach Sterling didn't have to remind them what happen two weeks ago. We came out focus and sharp. They didn't own us in possession and we would shut them down in the final third to just three shots and one on target. With four different scorers we took the win that everyone was expecting us to grab here.

11/29 (Champions League Group B, Game 50 at home)
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Another favorite on the road and another let down. While they mostly were content on holding the ball on offense, it was the defense they would look to attack after they would force a turnover from us. The counter would finally work in the second half which would give them the game. We didn't do anything well in the final third and turned the ball over more than we had shots in this game.

12/5 (Champions League Group B, Game 51 at home)
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We would start the game off on a bang after Eggertsson would get taken down in the box in the second minute. A few minutes later would would add another one, but the insurance goal would come right before half. Tottenham was sitting in second place going into this game, but after the huge defeat it would bump them down to third place to end the group stage.

12/13 (FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final, Game 52 on neutral ground)
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Eggertsson would miss his hat trick from a failed PK in this game as he would kick it high. While we did score four goals coach Sterling was shocked to hear after the game where we had 49 shots and 25 on target. He dominated the game so much maybe our guys got fatigue in the final third from shooting so much as to why the lack of goals didn't pop up everywhere.

12/16 (FIFA Club World Cup Final, Game 53 on neutral ground)
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Another final and another close match. We were missing one starter from the injury last game, but still their defense came to play so they wouldn't be embarrassed. While we did have a lot of shots hardly not any threaten until we had our first clear cut chance on a counter which Eggertsson would seal the deal early in the second half.

2034 Recap

Owner expectation: Winning it all
Analyst expectation: Winning it all
Results: Losing in the finals

Deildabikar Group Stage Results
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Deildabikar Results (Group Stage and Playoffs)
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Finally got back on track of an undefeated group record of 6-1-0 record. While not scoring against Selfoss we did manage to at least score three goals in each game as we ended up with 31 goals while only giving up 1. Again our production dropped once we got to the playoff's, but lets be realistically by getting to the finals we are going to have to play 2 of the top 3 teams in the league (KA, Grotta, or KR) and all three are very good defensively. The quarter final we should of dominated and only ended up winning 2-0 against Prottur R. Next would be Grotta and keeping with our tradition of using our bench we manage to sneak out with a 1-0 win. We wouldn't be so lucky in the finals as KA would turn the tables on us as we would lose 0-1 to them. While we didn't win it, maybe we need to bring in our starters now for the final since both Grotta and KA send at least 10 of their starters in the game. The biggest underachiever will always stay to the top four (Stjarnan, KA, KR, or Grotta) since we are still so far ahead from everyone that one of us isn't going to be able to get out of the quarter finals and that is what is going to put them for that award. Still Agnarsson who barely even played in this tournament did come away with the most goals (10) and was a sign to be for the rest of the year.

Frabaer Bikar:
Owner expectation: Win
Analyst expectation: Win
Results: Won
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We always will be in here. Unless we lose the league. Which Sterling hasn't done since...well ever. Still we would need a penalty shootout in this game to win. We would get revenge from last years lost to Grotta to give us our first silverware of the year.

Champs League:
Owner expectation: Quarter Finals Stage
Analyst expectation: Semi Finals
Results: Won Champs League
Champs League Results (Group Stage)
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Champs League Results (Group Stage and Playoffs)
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Another year we didn't finish first in our group. Still I guess it doesn't really matter as long as we grab one of the top two spots. While our goal difference was great at +13 while only giving up three goals, it was Chelsea who would dominate our group in that field as they would score 20 goals for a goal difference of +14. Also of note we were unable to beat Chelsea in both matches. Our first real test in the playoffs wouldn't come until Man United in which we weren't even slight favorites on the road. Still prior to that it was Benfica in the Knockout Round in which we easily won 5-1 with the only goal they scored coming at home. Next was Liverpool for the second ELP team we would have to face and while we won 6-3, it was a close match at their place despite us winning 4-3. Next would be our toughest match since Chelsea in the group stage as we would face Man United. They would get the best of us in the first leg at their place, but the fortress would hold up in the second leg as we didn't allow a goal and won 3-2. We would go back to the finals and would face PSG in where our record in 8 games was 2-1-4 (the last time facing off in 2028). It would be a close match all throughout the ninety minutes. So close we would need extra time to decide this one and we would get a goal right before we went to a PK shootout.

Owner expectation: Winning it all
Analyst expectation: Winning it all
Results: Won the league
League Overview
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Pepsi Results
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What a crazy year. Records broken left and right this year. One for the biggest win (14-0 over Selfoss), top goalscorer in the league (Agnarsson), to scoring 100 goals in the season, and having 21 straight shutouts. We were all but a half way from getting the perfect year for shutouts, but that ended in the hands of KA. Still we would score a minimal of 2 goals a game and despite most of our starters playing our bench did well in the few games they had to play. Not to mention the one game from national team play that had us playing a bunch of under 19 people and a brand new tactic. While it was crazy the fans are excited to see what we can do next year with everyone coming back. Or well, maybe everyone...

Super Cup:
Owner expectation: Win
Analyst expectation: Win
Results: Won
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We haven't won this the last two years, despite playing our bench. This year Sterling would play his starters and it would show as they were fresh and in shape as we claim the title and our third trophy for the year.

FIFA Club World Cup:
Owner expectation: Win
Analyst expectation: Win
Results: Won
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We were heavy favorites to win this and while the first game was a dominating game even the second game he dominated in even if the score was just 2-0. Still for our fourth silverware of the year in which we had a total of five isn't bad at all. Best way to cap off the year.

Stjarnan Questions and Thoughts:

Biggest concern: After dominating the league will our players think that everyone should be handed to them and they will just go through the motions or will we have another year of just total domination. I don't see us cracking the 100 goal mark again but we probably can come close to it.
Biggest shock: While most people would say it was allowing a goal at the end of the year I would have to say it came just three games prior to that as we took on Selfoss with a brand new tactic, new players, and somehow still won 2-0 at their place.
What to do: Sterling went to playing most of us starters for most of the league games. Will he continue to do that next year? If so that means we will have to be dropping, loaning, or selling off bench players since I assume we don't want to carry over 30 players on our senior squad.
Do we own Champs League: Four straight years. Crazy I know, but honestly most of the challenges come in the group stage. After that it's smooth sailing until the Semi's where we have our first chance and then are even favorites for the finals.
Undefeated, perfect, or disaster: After almost the perfect...and I mean perfect season anything we do next year will be a let down. Not scoring 100 goals will be a let down. Tying a game, or even only scoring one goal in a game will be a let down. So even if we go undefeated next year it will most likely be a disaster.
What will happen first in the league: Giving up a goal in a game or only scoring one goal in a game?
Players moving: Bjornsson is in a tricky spot. He is in his final year of his contract. After the year Agnarsson had there is no way he is getting back into the starting lineup...or is he. Sterling said he would be sold, but right now no movement. Too keep his stock high and without letting him walk Sterling did say he will find a lot more playing time in the year to show teams he still has it. His value right now is at 42 million so hopefully we can come close to that.