September 2025 to End of Year

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Month Record: 3-2-0
September All-Time Record: 35-11-11
Champions League Group Stage: 2-3-8

Despite missing our center back and striker for Champs League against PSG we did manage a tie at our place. Even if we did score in the first five minutes and it took them the last five minutes of the match to score. Still a point is good too start off the group stage.

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Record: 3-1-0
All-Time Record: 33-9-6

No losses to end the year in the league, although we did tie our last game agaisnt Prottur R. Still an 18 point lead over second (KA) so maybe KA or KR will not be able to challenge us in the near future. They did however finish basically where their expecations were. While Grotta was ninth in the league they did have 25 points which is very good. FH who is suppose to have good odds is not showing the league that as they are just middle of the pack each year.

Three keys to the month:

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Domination again with our fourth trophy of the year (pic 1). Still while it is all good we are slowly closing in on the perfect league season as we went undefeated this year (pic2). Fans are relishing the idea of going a perfect 22-0.

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Our facilities are downgraded, but no worries as the Board, after a little nudging by Sterling, got them to see eye to eye on building it back up to State of the Art.

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8 NT goals for this youngster. Just wow, and especially for someone who comes off the bench, and lets go NT. Just call up the trio and our attacking options we should be able to score a lot. That is if you start them all. Or maybe Sterling does need to just take over the coaching duties for the NT.

October Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-0-1 / October Group Stage All-Time Record: 6-3-5
November Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-0-1 / November Group Stage All-Time Record: 4-4-10
December Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-0-0 / December Group Stage All-Time Record: 4-4-1

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If I told you we played a counter or shell game for basically the whole group stage, saw at least 2 starters missing at least each game, and scored 10 points for the group would you believe me that we didn't qualify for the knockout stage? Well that is exactly what happened. We somehow found a way to score 11 goals, which was amazing for us.

We would experience a tsunami of injuries to end the year. With the second leg against Liverpool we had 6 starters injured and the shell game wouldn't even matter as they would crush us 1-6. It is a sad year for how we ended in group stage, but Sterling has to be proud of how his boys played. We can tell our depth isn't that great for top teams in the world, and we need to fix that, but since it's such a small amount of games we don't need to worry too much about it.

2025 Season Recap and Awards


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For the third straight year we posted a undefeated season. We would grab one more tie from the previous year, but it has been a very successful league campaign. And to think we scored 10 points in Group Stage, despite not advancing, with the lack of players was amazing for us. Bjornsson who missed the last month of league play was just two goals shy of breaking team and league record for goal scoring. If that wasn't impressive enough he did end up with the highest average for the league at almost 8 (7.94). Jakobsson seemed to settle as the MC on our team as he came up with a league leading 7 assists for the team.

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KA jumps up now to a three star team s well. They are still behind KR, but at least they can say they are going to the group stages in champs league unlike KR. Ten other teams are going strong with two-and-a-half stars, and the race is on for the next one to be a full three stars. Should be FH since they always have the odds, but they seem to take over KR role of always underperforming.

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An impressive 36.02K for winning the league. I know it's now a joke for our finances, but if it rises each year that's the only thing that matters. I will continue to just get my money from Champs League, and if/when Sterling needs to sell off some disgruntle players.

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A 17K loss from last year now? Oh no. Even with the new stadium we built and everything we drop for TV rights? This might not be good.

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Only one person would be sold this season for 100K. Wait, what? That can't be true? Oh yes, but it is. We got to keep most of our young promising players and would let Knutsson go since he wanted starting minutes. He wasn't going to get it on our team, and we would sell him to the first team who offered money. It was Molde and that's the end of the story. As you can see the League, even KR, came and asked to loan our youngsters out and we happily obliged.

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This year the league would grow over a million in revenue. We would only go up 200K, but pretty good stuff now when the league is inching closer to 10 million for sponsorship.

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Everything that mattered went up. Sure Competition Prize money went down, but that is cause we didn't make it deep in the Champs league like the prior year. Even with Broadcast revenues for the league going down this year we still made more than last season. Even our commerical and retail rose a lot. That is very good to hear.

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Another affiliate this year, and another year we leave our league to make our brand even noticible. This time we head to the U.S.A.

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Our goals is to reach the group stage of Champs League (that's an understatement), but the more important showcase is that our transfer budget is now 89M and our payroll Budget is 1.1M. Sterling has said that he is looking to hand out more contracts each year if the players want to renegotiate. Right now though most of the high profile players don't want too. Which is not the best of news.

Team and Player Awards:

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We would finish the season unbeaten, for the third straight year. Always have next year for the perfect season.

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It also helps to fuel that unbeaten season when opponents can't score on you as Baldvinsson would break two records. One for the league, which he previously own, as he had 16 league games. The other would be more impressive since the owner was Jajalo (shows how good he was with the lack of class players we had) as he breaks the record for a season by one with 27 games.

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So our league attendance dropped throughout the year. Still 9,878 is still a good starting point for our team. Sterling is not even going to bothering asking the board to upgrade the stadium with 3K seats not being sold. Everyone knows the answer to that.

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For the season though we set a new record for attendance of 10,613. Even not putting a fully healthy squad people wanted to come see our team play at home.

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We claimed two spots for Player of the Year. The worrisome thing for the league is that Bjornsson is only 19 years old. How many more can he claim?

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Welcome two strikers to the Golden Boot award. Time will tell when both of these 19 year olds will be sold, but the good news is that both of them are 2 years from breaking the team's record for goals in the league. Scary thing is that they are both 19. Yeah I repeated myself twice. They are 19 years old!

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Maybe we should of given this award to another player. Does Bjornsson need to win Icelandic Young Player of the Year award as well? Apparently so. At least it was our whole team though on this list.

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Sterling claiming another head coach award. Unless Grotta or some 1000-1 place team finishes second next year it looks like Sterling will continue to grab this award. He beat out his competition by almost 500 points this year.

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Seven players making the Icelandic Team of the Year (GK, DR, CB, CB, MC, AMC, ST). One of the shocking things is that not both of our strikers made the list. Oh well I guess that is what injuries do to you in league play.

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We claim Fair Play again from KR. How are they seriously even up for this award, but Grotta finished third place!
2026 Roster

With that the new starting lineup forthe 2026 season:

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Broke shut out records for league and for the year as an 18 year old. Got his first start as the national team goalie last year as well. Third year starting. 19 year old with 41 caps.
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Becoming our best defender (and not a center back!). He is young, from France, and wish our NT could of capped him. Second year starting. 17 year old with 22 caps.
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Still our best center back on the young team. Still not progressing like everyone wants him too. Third year starting. 19 year old with 37 caps.
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Coach Sterling is looking for his new starter to replace Svannson. Again going with youth and hype of being good (only Svannson lived to that hype). First year starter. 17 year old with 4 caps.
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As the ability to be better than Geirsson. That and he is younger and cheaper. Might struggle as the weakest link on the backline. First year starter. 16 year old with 5 caps.
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Finally getting the start after Valgeirsson went down with an injury. He actually stayed healthy for most of the year (he was one who got injured in group stage of Champs league). First year starter. 17 year old with 22 caps.
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Can be the best midfielder on our team. First has to stay healthy though as he missed 5 of 6 games of the group stage. Second year starting. 18 year old with 18 caps.
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Might not have the ability like Goujonsson, but is the vet and most experience in our midfield. Fifth year starter. 22 year old with 53 caps.
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Not the best goalscorer, but is vital in getting our strikers a lot of open/easy looks. Third year starting. 19 year old with 40 caps.
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All he does is score. Only if we could keep him happy and on the team. Third year starting. 19 year old with 40 caps.
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Golden Boot winner, and second consecutive years of putting up at least 17 goals in the league. Third year starting. 19 year old with 45 caps.

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After 5 years of being a starter this 24 year old is now slotted coming off the bench. Has 64 caps.
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When was the last time we had a 30 year old on our team? Tokic maybe? Either way this is an accomplishment either way and to shows how vital he is to our team. Experience plentiful as he has 130 caps.
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After making the starting XI last year he gets put back on the bench this year for the 25 year old. Still is very sold as he has 123 caps.
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Despite him getting less playing time last year is still our first striker we call in when there is an injury. With 87 caps for this 25 year old shows he is a proven veteran.
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Was loaned out last year to KR. Still he is only 19 and has good promise, but right now is just the backup to Baldvinsson. Has more caps for being out on loan (37) than he does for our team of just 11.
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Gets a lot of playing time, but not being Icelandic he might be the first person to be sold. He is very good though for just being 19 with 31 caps.
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18 year old who has 20 caps to his name and moved from third to second on the depth chart. Not going to be the best for the club in his position, but will be solid and that is all that we ask for.

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Once though to be the next great player, and he started off that way, he seems to be slowing down. He is a player who needs to play a lot of games and last year he didn't which saw his scoring numbers take a dive. Still this 22 year old has 50 caps to his name. Plus he is only 2 goals away from breaking the team scoring record in league play.
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This 21 year old looks destine to be a backup, but that is fine by us as we are able to keep four centerbacks on the team and has 58 caps.
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This 24 year old isn't going to be improving anymore, but still is a solid replacement off the bench with his 79 caps. Especially when he didn't get called up to the senior squad until he was 19.
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After six years starting is now being relegated to the bench. That's what happens when you are injury prone. Still a 23 year old with 83 caps is still valuable and will find plenty of playing time still on this team.
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Third goalie on the team. Either he or Geirsson will be loaned out this year as Sterling only likes to keep two goalies active. Still this 21 year old American has only seen 2 caps, and while he is becoming the weak link he might just be sold off.
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A 17 year old with 14 caps and is just solid for league play, but not for champs league. Still if we have an injury he will play in Champs League.

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Well this is probably going to be one of the, if not, the most exciting group stage ever in Iceland history. All three professional teams are in, and that means both teams that made the group stage last year are going to face off. If there is one year that would crack our winning streak, or better yet let us finish second in the group stage, it might be this year. Plus with the lack of being fully healthy as a team it will be an exciting Deildabikar.

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First time under coach Sterling that he would enter the UEFA Europa League. Which is hard to believe. Either we finished fourth or second in the group stage of champs league to always avoid it. Still this year getting everyone back healthy we should be able to push far in this tournament.


Starter: P. Baldvisson
Backups: A. Geirsson, T. Hlavaty
Key Losses:

Records would fall for shut outs last year. This year we have two new starters in the backline so it might not be the year for a perfect record.

Starter: R. Martin (DR) , P. Gunnarsson (CB), A. Magnusson (CB), O. Larusson (DL)
Backups: H. Aegisson (DR), A.Gunnarsson (DR), J. Sigurdsson (CB), B. Karlsson (CB), G. Geirsson (DL)
Key Losses:

Magnusson and Larusson get the starting nod for the first time. Both are under 18 so it might be a little rocky. Still Martin and Gunnarsson are very good, plus having Baldvisson in goal doesn't hurt either.

Defensive Midfielder:
Starter: Hallfreosson
Bench: Valgeirsson
Key Losses:

We flipped starter and bench this year. Still if we do have trouble, or injury problems since they both have them, we can easily switch that back up. Still youth needs and beats experience on this team. Especially if the hype is he will be a better player than currently we have.

Starters: O. Guojonsson, V. Jakobsson
Bench: O. Jakobsson, G. Bjornsson
Key Losses:

Same four from last year and all four reprise their roles. If anything this is good and we need Goujonsson to make a big jump his year in progression. Or we might be giving up a lot more goals this year.

Attacking Midfielder:
Starting: M. Halldorsson
Bench: M. Nunes
Key Losses:

Again same two and both can be starters. Actually both have been starters and will split time. If one goes down with injury we still have another one. Lets hope it isn't like last year and both got injured and we had to use our DR Aegisson in this position. In all fairness he can play the position though.

Starters: O. Arnarsson, M. Bjornsson
Bench: H. Kolvidsson, R. Baldvinsson
Key Losses:

Does anyone see any changes here. Both of them were in the top three for league goals last year, and with Bjornsson winning three awards it looks as our attack has now become the focal point of this year. Coach Sterling wants more league time for his starters which might be the best since Baldvinsson needs a lot of minutes/games to be a consistent scorer.
looking forward to seeing how far you go in europa

I had to leave earlier than expected so that is why I didn't post the two seasons. So I wanted to finish off the season I was at and then I am going to post 2 full seasons. I just decided on how to break it up since they will be very long reads if I don't. Not like half of my posts aren't long enough. haha
Season 2026 Part 1

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If you threw away the KR results it would look like our dominating selves. Even with a young backline although most of our bench did get to play a lot during the Deildabikar which is made up of experience players. Still the KR tie wasn't too bad of a game. We dominated shots (22-8) but just couldn't get one to fall in. Other than that the lowest scoring game we would have would be just two goals, and we did only allow three goals. All three would come in the group stage as well.

It was a very good group stage as all three professional teams qualified but IBV was nipping at their heels. KR is trying to take our previous route of allowing few goals by sacrificing offense, and KA is trying to be us now by going for goals, but not really concerning about if a team scorers on them. Though our team is just top class as we can do both now.

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Geirsson showed why he might need to be back in the starting lineup as he had an 8.03 rating for the Deildabikar which was the highest. We didn't score the most goals or assists, but how could we when it looks like the injury bug came back and hit us hard. Still it would be the first time since 2020 where we would actually tie or lose a game in the Deildabikar.

Last Years stats:
Went 10-0-0
Outscored Opponents 29-1
Had 9 clean sheets
Leading Goalscorer: Magnus Thor Bjornsson 6 goals in 4 games
Leading Assister: Rene Martin 3 assists in 4 games (Goumundur Geirsson 3 assists in 5 games, Heioar Aegisson 3 assists in 6 games)

This Years stats:
Went 9-1-0
Outscored Opponents 32-3
Had 7 clean sheets
Leading Goalscorer: Runar Baldvinsson 8 goals in 7 games
Leading Assister: Hrafnkell Ulfur Kolviosson 4 assists in 8 games

Total Years under Coach Sterling (12years):
Record: 104-4-2
Outscored opponents: 229-34
66 Clean sheets
3 Quater's went into extra (one decided by shootout)
4 Semi's went into extra (one decided by a shootout)
1 Final went into extra

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Nothing fancy here. We had most of our starters the first game (we did get to injuries in the game) and would pick up another injury in the second leg. Still a 4-0 combine win (3-0 away) was easily what we needed to move on to take on last year's champs.

View attachment 103363View attachment 103362

Lyon won the whole thing last year,wait...what? Either they sold off their completely whole team this year, they got the luckiest run, or the competition wasn't that great cause even with our injuries we were favorites both home and away. While we didn't win at their place we got a tie which is all we needed, although giving up a late goal.

View attachment 103361View attachment 103360

Not going to say we could of easily won this tournament if we had our starters, but when you go from having one starting striker and putting up 14 shots (9 on target) and then with all bench players we only put up 8 shots and get crushed 1-5. If we didn't make it in the group stage without injures I guess we had to see this coming. Still it is disappointing since Milan would make it to the finals before losing.


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Not a ton, but we did break the 3K mark for season ticket holders now.

View attachment 103358

Another player who been stuck on our youth team (26 year old MR) was taken from Grindavik on a free. Another out of system player sold is fine by me. Hopefully he can improve their team.

View attachment 103357

Bjornsson would score the quickest goal for our team and it came in Europa League. The happiness would end just ten minutes later when he had to be subbed out with an injury.

View attachment 103356

60 games unbeaten in the Deildabikar. Sixth year and counting now without a loss...

View attachment 103355

This will only be news once we actually lose a game. Now it is just being an every day thing that we win all our games...err..well win or tie all our games.

View attachment 103354

We got 4.81K from winning the Deildabikar. Yeah that money is definitely going to the bank right now.

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FH thinks maybe if they can steal some good players, he actually looked really good, especially for being 19. Sadly just like before he was an out of system player as he is an AMR. While we do have one on our senior squad we don't need two and he would be the third man on the depth chart. Still this one we would get 700K for him.

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Well we are not evens anymore. Still are going to win the league easily. Breioablik is making the biggest noise earlier on since they have 9-1 odds of winning? Lets see what it is like when we play against them, but FH is a slim chance with 50-1. Grotta still keeping their 100-1 odds but are listed to finish right above the relegation line.


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Month Record: 6-0-0
All-Time Record: 54-3-4
All-Time Frabaer Bikar Record: 10-0-0 (3 times ending in a shootout)
All-Time Borgunarbikar Third Round Record: 8-0-3 (3 times in extra, with 3 ending in a shootout)

Our reserves would get the start again for the Frabaer Bikar and it would be a little nervous for the fans since they wouldn't see a goal for the first 82 minutes. Still we would find one, and again would out shoot KA, and would win the double so far. As for the third round of the Deildabikar IA would score first, but two quick goals, would quiet there crowd and would add one more to just silence them.

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Record: 4-0-0
All-Time Record: 35-2-0
Bjornsson would come back in the last two games of the month and already is the leading scorer for the league with 8. We still are easing some starters back into the starting lineup but already a 12 goal differential already looks strong for such a jumbled team. While it is not surprising to see KA and KR in second it is surprising to see KA perfect for the month and KR sitting behind us both with two points. It now looks like only a three team race for first, but us being the stretchrunners, will they have enough gas to keep up all year?

Three keys to the month:

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This is great news. I know it is early in the season, but if we can keep this going strong we might ask the board to expand the stadium at the end of the year. Although last year we tapered off at the end.

View attachment 103348

Inter got the biggest overachievers? What?!?! That is our award.

View attachment 103347

Talking about Champs League and overachieving. Maybe it's just any team from Iceland since we wouldn't claim it, but KA did as they reached the group stage last year.


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Month Record: 6-0-0
All-Time Record: 61-7-1
All-Time Borgunarbikar Fourth Round Record: 7-0-1

Offense is starting to come alive. Lowest output was three goals this month. Again the bench saw two games this month with one being a league game and the other being the Fourth Round of the Deildabikar in which we are cruising.

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Record: 5-0-0
All-Time Record: 52-7-0

Is the season already ours? Second month in and KA and KR are fading. Granted KA only loss on the year came to us, but we won 4-1 at their place. We did allow two goals in two games this month, but as KR broke the double digit goal difference mark we are currently sitting at plus 30. As of that right now the top 5 teams are all predicted to finish in the top 5. When has that ever happened? Arnarsson got healthy and has been on a tear. Everyone is so worried about stopping Bjornsson (12 goals) they forgot that Arnarsson is actually the better striker and now is in second with 11 goals.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103344View attachment 103343

So we drop in richest club (pic 1). I will take it. Means we still have kept all our young people, although in a year or two there might be some more changes. Ugh...

View attachment 103342

Nooooo!!! Iceland you are killing me slowly. We drop two more places and now we are back in fourteen place. Hey league, how am I suppose to keep everyone on my team if you guys are slacking. Worst news to start the year.

View attachment 103341

At least Stjarnan is always on the rise. Fine, guess we will just leave the league in the dust then.

Season 2026 Part 2

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Month Record: 5-1-1
All-Time Record: 53-10-9
All-Time Borgunarbikar Quarter Final: 5-0-2 (2 games went to a shootout)
All-Time Borgunarbikar Semi Final Record: 5-0-0 (1 game in extra time)
All-Time Champions League Second Qualifying Phase: 9-1-0
All-Time Champions League Third Qualifying Phase: 4-0-1

If we were going to lose it in the Deildabikar playoffs it would be now. The Quarter Final we have lost twice, but this year would not be the third time. We never lost a Semi or Final and while the Semi came at the end of the month we would post a shutout over Selfoss to head back to the finals.

View attachment 103339

Record: 3-1-1
All-Time Record: 33-9-6
The goal heard around Iceland. That was dubbed the goal that would see the winning streak Stjarnan had been occurring these past couple of years come to an end. We would open up the month at KR, but we actually would cruise to a 4-0 victory. Say it ain't so, but it is. We lost to a team we are quite fond of. Grotta who used to be a affiliate of ours somehow beat our bench 0-1 and of all places at OUR fortress. Sure we had our reserves in, but it looks as if that time is up. The starters were poor on the road the next game to Breioablik, but it looked like Sterling anger on the reserves trickled over to the starters and were lucky we didn't lose two games in a row. Just over halfway and Bjornsson is just two goals away from breaking more records. Grotta win all but sealed their fate they will stay up again this year, and looks to be Valur and IBV to be relegated despite having 8 games left.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103338

One team record would fall as Kolviosson now claims the record for most league goals of a Stjarnan player with 68. That record might be broken by Bjornsson who is sitting on 62 right now. Arnarsson is close behind with 58.

View attachment 103337View attachment 103336

Sterling would forget he had a low release clause so he did what he can do now. Offer a bunch of money and jack the release clause up to 60 million, since he can't get rid of it, so he will be on our team for a couple more years.

View attachment 103335

There is it, 82 games later (almost 4 years) and we lost our first league match. Still are in good shape, but did anyone see that happening and especially to Grotta?!


View attachment 103334

Month Record: 5-0-0
All-Time Record: 51-12-9
All-Time Borgunarbikar Final Record: 5-0-0 (2 games in extra time)
All-Time Champions League Third Qualifying Phase: 5-0-2
All-Time Champions League Playoff: 6-4-2

The reserved would get some time with quick games, but after the talking Sterling gave them as the both squads didn't allow a goal. We even would play both KR and KA this month, with KR being in the Borgunarbikar Finals which wasn't looking good for them since Sterling would send out his reserves to redeem them.

View attachment 103333

Record: 4-0-0
All-Time Record: 31-8-5

Four games and 13 goals scored and didn't allow a single one. Even beating KA in the league we still only hold a 8 point lead over them. And the world thinks our league dropped a couple of places overall? I know we are good, but we use to win the league by now easily. Still one more win should clinch it,and the way we are playing without any complacency it looks like it is ours. With just 4 games left it looks like Valur and IBV have run out of time to get out of relegation. Grotta doesn't care about their 1000-1 chance, or finishing tenth, as they sit in seventh place with the win against the giants of the league.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103332View attachment 103331

Sure you can request a transfer (pic1). As soon as you want to rescind it we will most likely be offering an extension though. Sterling doesn't have a lot of good midfielders, and with the hype he can be the best on our team he isn't the first one leaving. And...then you get injured (pic 2) and will miss the rest of the year and group stage. I guess this is the sign of more injuries to come like last year?

View attachment 103330

Six minutes after Goujonsson had to leave the game Arnarsson had to leave as well. Well if Bjornsson gets injured I assume this group stage will be a wash again and hopefully we can make the Europa League again cause the fear of losing everyone is creeping in all the fans heads.

View attachment 103329

Everyone saw this coming, if he could stay healthy, as Bjornsson would break Stjarnan and league records for a season. He had 17 the past two years (and was injured last year at the end like Arnarsson was this year), but was healthy for all league play and with 4 games left has 21 goals.


View attachment 103328

Oh course it would be Man City in our group. They are becoming my rival in here. We got the American Head Coach Sterling leading his team against the American World Class player Christian Pulisic who has scored some goals against us before.With being a two seed (and our league is dropping again) we face off against Sevilla and Zenit. While if our team was healthy I would say it would be the easiest path to Knockout Stage Sterling has ever faced. Although for the first two games we will be missing a striker and a midfielder. Luckily our striker will be back sooner than later. Still there are games to be played before champs so more injuries can occur.


View attachment 103327

Month Record: 4-1-1
September All-Time Record: 39-12-12
Champions League Group Stage: 3-3-9

We would play more of a counter game with two starters missing against Man City at their place. Probably the best way to start the group stage with the injury and second game Bjornsson would shred Sevilla with a hat trick to give us three points after two games. Which was the best outcome Sterling could hope for.

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Record: 3-1-0
All-Time Record: 36-10-6

Bench would start only one game, against Fylkir, in the final month and that would be the only game we would tie. The starters didn't do much better with a 1-0 win against FH, but again this is the year we start to call up some youth to see how they play. Plus Sterling was worried for his starters so didn't start most of them together.

Stjarnan, KA, and KR would finish the top three. This might be a common theme for a couple of years. Can KA continue their climb like us to make it to the group stage. Build their bank and facilities and challenge us for first place? Probably, since they like to spend some money on players, unlike us. Still Grotta moved up and was just two points away from fifth in the league! They finished higher than FH who had good odds of challenging us.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103325

The fourth trophy of the year was claimed after the first game of the month as we claim the league. KA is on the rise, but we have set the bar and the bar is really high.

View attachment 103324

So our wages dropped from the year before. Still our budget is high so we can always adjust that to put it in more of wages since Sterling doesn't use any of his transfer budget....ever.

View attachment 103323

We are still 40-1 odds to win the group stage. Man City is sitting pretty at 10-1, oh how it would be funny if we could knock them out of group stage, but that will probably never happen.

October Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-0-0 / October Group Stage All-Time Record: 7-3-5
November Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-1-0 / November Group Stage All-Time Record: 5-5-10
December Monthly Group Stage Record: 0-1-0 / December Group Stage All-Time Record: 4-5-1

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We somehow managed to pick up 4 more injuries throughout the group stage, but only missed a game or two. Still we only allowed 4 goals in the group stage which was awesome. Our attack seems to be potent now against big clubs as we managed to bag 11 goals to go along with our 11 points. Zenit didn't pose a challenge for anyone as we all pummeled them. Sevilla really wanted that second spot, but with the win against them in the first leg would all but seal their fate.


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Maybe we should of made the biggest underachievers list this year with our loss. Still can't believe we lost, and to Grotta instead of like KA or KR. Still it was a good year as Bjornsson would go for the hat trick in the league as well with most goals, assists, and average rating. Talking about Grotta they did win the overachievers. I wonder if it is cause they beat us or finished sixth? KA would win second for the second straight year over KR who though they easily would finished second.

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Welcome Prottur R. for being the newest member to a three star rating in the league. What is more impressive is that we still have 11 teams that are two-and-a-half star rep still. KA finally jumped over KR (say what?!?) and looks as if we will have to be battling them now instead of KR for the best team in the league. Still we jumped a half star to now being the first four star team ever in Iceland!

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We would drop a little for winning the league. Last year was at 36.02K and now it is only at 33.06K. It dropped just a few thousand, but if this is now dropping as well as TV rights we might see the league being stuck in the lows teen range for a while in rankings. Say it ain't so!

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Lets just hope we are losing TV rights cause they are coming out to the stadium instead. For the second straight year we drop in this category as well. This time 18K drop to now just 207K for the year. Ouch.

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Finally a year we didn't sell off a senior player. Would only lose one player on the under 19 team, but that is okay since he really wasn't going to make the senior team. It looks like our team is set. Shcoking to see that no senior players are leaving, but it has been a couple of years where we actually lost someone good.

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Both the league and us went up this year in sponsorship's. Great news for all especially since we are sitting at 1.5 million ourselves.

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We lost money in both Competition Prize Money and Broadcast revenues. This was solely cause we didn't make it out of the group stage of Champs League and ended up with Europa League. Still everything else is going up and we still made a ton of money last year.

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This year we would look over in Australia to establish a link. While it wasn't our first choice, but it was our best choice that the Board would give to Sterling.

Team and Player Awards:

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Bjornsson would just go on a tear. Not just the league, or group stage, but everything as we sets a new team record with 38 goals for the year.
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So we didn't go unbeaten this year, but Baldvinsson would break his own shutout record with 18 this year (pic1) in the league. For the whole year he had 30 shutouts (pic2) which again he broke his previous record.

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The previous assist holder was by our DL and now it is owned by a ST. Maybe we need to tweak our tactics to get our midfielders more in a role on attacking.

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How is league prize money and tv rights going down when our attendance is moving up? Oh well we get more money from tickets than we do from those two so I am find that our average went up over 10K this year to 10,377. Still not high enough yet to ask for more seats from the board though.

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For the season though we set a new record for attendance of 10,613. Even not putting a fully healthysquad people wanted to come see our team play at home.

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Even despite playing in Europa League we did set a new attendance record of 11,399 for the year. If this continues for the next three years we should be able to ask for more seating in our stadium. That or we need to get more bigger stadiums in the league to be built. Looking at you KA and KR!

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Bjornsson breaks his own record and now has the highest rating for a year. This time we don't have to round up to 8 for a match rating since ot's now what the record sits at for 32 appearances.

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Back-to-back years for Bjornsson to claim Player of the Year. If Arnarsson didn't get injured for the final month would it been enough for him to beat him? Still even after the injury Bjornsson only played in one game of the final 4 games. This was just precautionary to keep him healthy and fitness for the group stage.

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These two are good. We already got Bjornsson locked up for a while, but Arnarsson is being stubborn. If we can't get him to resign him in the next year and a half we will most likely have to sell him. Yes it's heartbreaking to hear, but he shown no interest so far in signing with our team.

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Shocking Bjornsson is hogging all the awards as for the second straight year has claimed Icelandic Young Player of the Year award. Still though we had all three options so that is good.

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Sterling wins Head Coach of the Year but by mostly 60 points? Yep he only got 395 points while Grotta, who beat us, got 338. Honestly if anyone should of dethrone Sterling for this award ever it should be Goumundsson (Grotta) since they were the first league team to beat us in a long time in any type of league competition.

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Last year was seven and this year we go up to eight. We had both strikers this year, with 3 backline, and 2 midfielders, and our goalie. Will there be a time in a few years we will have our whole team on this list. Highly unlikely with the way KR and KA are improving, but good to see that Prottur R. had someone other than the big three (KR and KA had one as well) in the list.

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It looks like we are easily back to winning this award which makes Sterling very happy.

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Another under 19 year old being poached, or is it being poached when he won't ever find time on our senior squad? Either way let the league get better by using our players for free. For how good our facilities are I assume he is still better than anyone they ever got through their youth system.

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Sterling is selling off a senior player on his team for less than half of his value. Still it is going to another Icelandic team which is the only way we sell our players for cheap. Since he was third on our depth chart and didn't get to see the pitch a lot it is better to let this 26 year old go to be a starter on another team.

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FH would take our center back, who would be on the senior squad if we sold off one, but yet he is now taken by FH. We would get a nice price for him, but again its helping out the league and is he really going to hurt us by himself when we play against FH?

2027 Roster

Two big news with the senior squad was that DL Martin would re-sign with our club until 2031. Also Bjornsson is really loving our club (I guess he likes awards) since he signed a new contract as well through 2031. Both have release clauses (41million and 80 million) so not too worried if someone pays for that. With that the new starting lineup for the 2027 season:
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Despite losing a game still broke most games for the league and year last year. Fourth year starter. 20 year old with 62 caps.
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New contract keeps him here for awhile which is great despite being French. Would be amazing on our NT. Second year starter. 18 year old with 31 caps.
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So what does Sterling do after losing a game he calls up a youth player to finish the year and with the new year is now the starter. Hype is big for this kid, but he played exceptionally well late in the year. First year starter. 17 year old with 6 caps.
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First center back who is actually living up to his hype. Still not on Svannson level, but is becoming very good. Second year starter. 18 year old with 23 caps.
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Not the defense full back we like, but is turning out to become a very good player. Second year starter. 18 year old with 24 caps.
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He was mostly injury free last year and saw a big boost in how he played and progressed. He is now locked to be our starter for years to come. Second year starter. 19 year old with 41 caps.
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Injury slowed his progression, but looking to have a big year if he can stay healthy. We need to have a big year progression wise from him. Third year starter. 19 year old with 31 caps.
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The old man of the starters on this team and we will need all that experience too. Six year starter. 23 year old with 72 caps.
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Might be the full time starter here if we can't sign Nunes to an extension. Got to see a lot of time last year with Nunes injury and made some nice progression. Good thing he is Icelandic, bad news its not his natural position. Four year starter. 20 year old with 58 caps.
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We are getting to that time where it looks like we might not be able to keep him. Still we use him for all he is worth until he is sold. Four year starter. 20 year old with 58 caps.
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Dominated the league the last two years with the Golden Boot. Really close to breaking the team scoring record for league goals which will fall this year. Also re-signed him so we got him for a few more years to break all kinds of records. Four year starter. 20 year old with 64 caps.

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After three years of starting, and the lack of progression he has be relegated to the bench. However, it's not bad since he is on the reserve team to hopefully not give up a loss this year. 20 year old with 51 caps.
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We know he is old, but Martin did miss some time and he was the man to come in and lock down the position for us. Experience was key for him as we didn't have to call up a youth player. 31 year old has 145 caps.
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Last year was third on the depth chart and this year he falls down one more spot. 26 year old has 127 caps.
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Is the team leader in league goals with 68. Probably won't last half a season since he is on the bench and Bjornsson is only in his fourth year. 26 year old with 93 caps.
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Plays mostly in Deildabikar and some early cups, but doesn't see any league play. Unless there is an injury which didn't occur last year. 20 year old with 11 caps.
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An injury cost him a lot of time last year. Still that wasn't the bad news as he is still looking to leave. While we would like to keep him he isn't Icelandic so it might be worth it too let him go. 20 year old with 33 caps.
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Youth wins out which is why we sold Heigson in the off-season. Still he won't be an every day starter, but is a good spot check guy. 19 year old with 21 caps.

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He has reached max potential but we still like him. Still he has been moved to third on the depth chart now after two caps last year. Has 66 caps.
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If anyone is next to be sold it might be this guy. While he is useful he isn't very good without a bunch of playing time, even if he is match fit. Still only 23 with 54 caps.
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Is moved to fifth now on the depth chart. Still on the senior squad if someone gets injured, but if not he probably won't see any playing time this year. Same for this 22 year old with 60 caps.
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Just there to give our starters a break to rest up. Is good but not overpowering in any aspect. 25 year old with 82 caps.
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After being bench only saw 3 league games. Again was so good when our team was growning, but has hit his ceiling as well. 24 year old with 86 caps.
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Was being loaned out to Prottur R. this year since we like to keep only 2 goalies on our senior squad. Doesn't look to be that great of a prospect now, but is still good for top division play. 23 year old with 2 caps.
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Not going to wow you against our starters, but could still be a very useful player on our team. 18 year old with 20 caps.


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We don't have KR and KA in our group. Still it will be a very interesting group. We still have KA this year, and we get to face off against the team that gave us our first loss in what seemed like ages in Grotta. Also we get to see how the new three star rep team in Prottur R. really is. If not for last year this would be the hardest group we have face, now it is just the second hardest. Still our fans will be excited to see what happens against some of these Grotta.

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Usually don't post this. Why you might ask, cause really nothing big goes on in our league. Only seems like KA, KR, and Stjarnan have the money to make big splashes. We know Stjarnan will never make a splash. Still looking at the major transfers the first one is Logi Martiensson. Way back in the day he was our starting AMC and was sold, cause he didn't want to play for our little team. Now look to come full circle as he was bought by KR a year ago before being sold off to now KA. Also was one of the players who wanted to come back, but as you can see we are fine with AMC's on our team. Enjoy your new team, but welcome back to Iceland. Hopefully the league is good enough for him now.

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We open up the group stage against Atletico. While they do face off against the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid in their league, we do have a very hot team, and shockingly we do have everyone healthy at the start of the new year. Only if everyone stays healthy heading into that game.


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Second Team
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Starter: P. Baldvisson
Backups: A. Geirsson, T. Hlavaty
Key Losses:

A lost in league might be a reason toshore up our defense. Let coach Sterling goes in a different routeand brings in youth players to fill the ranks. This could be verygood, or the downfall of always finishing the league unbeaten.

Starter: R. Martin (DR) , O. Hjaltason (CB), A. Magnusson (CB), O. Larusson (DL)
Backups: H. Aegisson (DR), P.Gunnarsson (CB), A. Gunnarsson (DR), J. Sigurdsson (CB), B. Karlsson (CB), G. Geirsson (DL)
Key Losses:

So now our oldest starter on the backline is 18. And that is three of them. Although one is a world class player with another being a very good. The other two are more prospects and hype right now. While that is great for the league is it going to be great for bigger competition?

Defensive Midfielder:
Starter: Hallfreosson
Bench: Valgeirsson
Key Losses:

Hallfreosson improved greatly which is only good for us. While Valgeirsson has hit his ceiling can still be valuable for our team. While it would be great to have a third, or well someone more suited like Hallfreosson as a backup, we are fine with what we have now. We have more pressing needs.

Starters: O. Guojonsson, V. Jakobsson
Bench: O. Jakobsson, G. Bjornsson
Key Losses:

Goujonsson was amazing, when he was on the field. Jakobsson is now the old man for the starters, and hardly makes any mistakes. Still our bench is just that. They should be bench players and this is our weakest spot. Despite our youth at backline.

Attacking Midfielder:

Starting: M. Halldorsson
Bench: M. Nunes
Key Losses:

Maybe if Nunes didn't get injured he would of resigned with us. Or maybe not since he still doesn't want to have any talks with our team. If he does leave this might be a problem. We do have some people on our under 19 but most are going to be playing out of position. Still when healthy both are amazing and production never dips.


Starters: O. Arnarsson, M. Bjornsson
Bench: H. Kolvidsson, R. Baldvinsson
Key Losses:

Arnarsson and Bjornsson are just setting the league ablaze. As each year passes the starters shows a bigger gap from our bench. I know they don't get to play much, although Kolvidsson has been solid even with the lack o fplaying time as he is our leading league goal scorer in team history. Still fans want to see more of our starters and less of our bench at this position when league play starts.
looks like you might need to either leave and join another Icelandic team or have another manager to take on a team. It appears you can't drag Iceland up by yourself! Enjoying following this still
looks like you might need to either leave and join another Icelandic team or have another manager to take on a team. It appears you can't drag Iceland up by yourself! Enjoying following this still

I was actually thinking about it a couple of seasons ago. While I was very close of leaving I have never left this club for another Iceland Club so I decided to stay. Last year I think by 2023 half of the teams had new stadiums build and almost all were professional teams. This year we still only have 3 professional teams and I am the only stadium that is build. But like I said when I started this I am in for the long haul. Story might be getting boring (me winning everything league wise), but once the league starts to improve it should start to get interesting. Last this long haul I know it would take about 30-40 year save (I know its only a little over a decade) so we still got plently of time. I just need to get back to posting more...
Season 2027 Part 1

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Granted our reserves played most of the games this year, but the three that stand out are Selfoss, Fram (Quarters), and Breioablik (Semi's) where we only posted a 1-0 victory. Sure we are staying undefeated which really isn't that surprising, but the shocking results were 5-0 against KR in the finals (our starters ) and a 6-0 win over Valur. So it looks like we are starting to be a very powerful offense. At least for the league so coach Sterling might finally have to tweak his tactics again. We wouldn't go perfect this year in not allowing a goal as our starters actually were the only game that allowed one in come from behind winin a 2-1 game over Vikingur R.

View attachment 103167

One might say we need more firepowerfor our backup strikers, but yet Baldvinsson lead the Deildabikarwith 9 this year. Although 4 came in the Valur win. Still it seemslike our left back Aegisson likes to come up and be the focal pointfor our attack as he again got the top assister. It seemed to gobetween him and a striker. Where is my midfield at? Well midfieldseems to just care for ratings since Nunes got that award for thetrifecta again.

Last Years stats:
Went 9-1-0
Outscored Opponents 32-3
Had 7 clean sheets
Leading Goalscorer: Runar Baldvinsson 8 goals in 7 games
Leading Assister: Hrafnkell Ulfur Kolviosson 4 assists in 8 games

This Years stats:
Went 10-0-0
Outscored Opponents 28-1
Had 9 clean sheets
Leading Goalscorer: Runar Baldvinsson 9 goals in 7 games
Leading Assister: Heioar Aegisson 5 assists in 7 games

Total Years under Coach Sterling (13 years):
Record: 114-4-2
Outscored opponents: 257-35
75 Clean sheets
3 Quater's went into extra (one decided by shootout)
4 Semi's went into extra (one decided by a shootout)
1 Final went into extra


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We would cruise in the first leg at home if it wasn't for a blunder in the final minute of the game when we gave up a goal. Still a 2-1 lead heading into the second leg is promising than other years by just one goal.

The second leg we would get in a hole early, as in the first ten minutes, as we would see our lead disappear and be down 2-0 in the game, and 2-3 in the series. After half we would come roaring back with three straight goals, and againa late goal in the final seconds would come for them, but it wouldn't be enough as we would tie to move on.

View attachment 103165View attachment 103164

This would be the first time that no one missed both legs of a series for either an injury, fitness issues, or an injury. Shocking this would be our first meeting with the team that took our best center back, and yet we would walk into their stadium and be up 3-0 at half. They would make the better adjustments in the second half as Sterling would try for more of a control approached, which seems that our team is not up to that, as they found the net twice to make it a game.

Still the second leg would be played at our fortress, and again we would score two goals in the first half to lead the series with 5-2. Sterling would keep his formation and the attack up in the second half. We wouldn't score again, but they didn't have the 15 chances like last game as they only had 4 chances, and was unable to score as we just demolished Real Madrid!

View attachment 103163View attachment 103162

We would give up 5 goals in both legs and with 2 of them at our place to open up the series. Heck even Real Madrid could only put up 2 against us in total. Still we had two injuries (one center back and a midfielder) so maybe that was our problem with the floodgates opening up.

Still it would be the Bjornsson show as no one could slow us down as we put up 6 goals and a 3-3 tie to end at their place would put us in the finals. Please for the love of god don't give us Man City. They have been our nemesis in Champs League. Either way we will be facing off against an EPL team.


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So we have two people out. I bet Svannson wants to be back on our team for two reasons. One he would be in the Champion League finals, and the second he would actually be starting. We tried to get him on loan, but they said cause of first team commitments (let he hardly plays) so oh well. This number might grow with a bunch of youngsters still wanting to leave even after we made it to the Champs League final.

View attachment 103160

If we didn't have decent backups at center back probably would be on the senior squad. Let for the past 4 years have always been loaned out. Still hopefully it will help out Fjolnir and be a key player for them. Good news for them they didn't have to pay around 700K to get him.

View attachment 103159

Sure we have 22 players now, but only a handful are on the senior squad. I wonder after winning champs league if more of these youngsters will get called up to the NT.

View attachment 103158

Of course all our fans wanted to come see Svannson play, and yet he didn't even get in the game as a sub when we played. Still 210K for a game is amazing, but our salaries are definitely going to skyrocket now after winning this.

View attachment 103157

This will only be news once we actually lose a game. Now it is just being an every day thing that we win all our games...err..well win or tie all our games.

View attachment 103156

We actually lost money somehow for winning first. That isn't good as we are now only at 4.43K for winning it. The turnover is a lost of 38K from last year...ouch.

View attachment 103155View attachment 103154

Sterling gets a 5K raise and stays a little longer. Now it seems all but certain that when the Iceland NT coach resigns that it must surely be Sterling to take over.

View attachment 103153

This time we do get some compensation for a youth player being sold. Was teetering on being called up, but I guess this makes that decision a little easier now.

View attachment 103152

I know hands down my starters, if playing solely league play, would light it up and easily cruise in every game. Sadly we have cups and such to worry about which makes league play second fiddle. We are still good for still using two squads, but after the perfect year can we repeat? I know our bench is good, but with KA, KR, and Breioablik all having odds at the worst of 8-1, are our reserves good enough to beat those teams with their starters?


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Month Record: 5-1-0
All-Time Record: 59-4-4
All-Time Frabaer Bikar Record: 11-0-0 (3 times ending in a shootout)
All-Time Borgunarbikar Third Round Record: 9-0-3 (4 times in extra, with 4 ending in a shootout)
All-Time Champs League Semi-Finals:1-2-1

We already knew how the second leg in the Champs League turned out, but the upsetting news is the Borgunarbikar Third Round. It would be the fourth time we would go into a penalty shootout (so now once every four years) and this was against Vikingur R. They were the ones who were only able to score on us in the Deildabikar and they did so again with two goals this game. It would end in our favor, but it's not good if this earlier our bench is starting to fail.

View attachment 103150

Record: 3-0-0
All-Time Record: 38-2-0
Well the top 4 predicted teams are the top four teams in the league. Currently sit in second with a game in hand as our fans are not even fretting. They might be concerned if we lost a game, but again when was the last time that happened this earlier? Bjornsson only played in two league games and already has a hat trick in one of them.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103149

Holviosson record didn't last that long. Everyone knew it, but everyone had no idea it wouldn't be the generational player of Stjarnan youth to break it, but another striker from the same class. Again with a name like Bjornsson is anyone really surprised that he isn't good? Still in another year he should be the first person ever in the history of Stjarnan to break the triple digit mark for league goals. And he is only 20!

View attachment 103148

This is a double edge sword for our team. First off the bad. 21 years old and was amazing as an scorer from the AMC position. Also we don't really have a true AMC or even avery good one at that on our team. We do have some good people, but they are all out of position.

The good news from that is that we get to work on two players for this position who are both Icelandic. Nunes was not. One looks to be really good but is only an AMR and the other is decent but is an AML. While the money was decent, we probably could of sold him for more especially for how young he was, but didn't want to lose to a free.


View attachment 103147

Month Record: 7-0-0
All-Time Record: 68-7-1
All-Time Borgunarbikar Fourth Round Record: 8-0-1 (1 game into extra)
Champs League Final: 1-0-0

View attachment 103146

Son of a...of course it would be Man City. It looked good as we scored a goal in the tenth minute as Bjornsson would show the world Iceland isn't so little. Halldorsson, the new AMC for our team added the second goal in just twenty-one minutes later. Iceland fans seemed to hold their breathe from the thirty-six minute on since McClement scored. Stjarnan would get some luck when R. Gil would be sent off in the sixth-third minute. Five minutes later the game would be tied by a Berrabeh goal, but before the Man City fans would get back into their seats Stjarnan generational player would score to give Iceland the improbable win of..well...ever. That is unless Iceland wins the World Cup...

And despite the next game coming 11 days after the final of Champs League Sterling would settle for his bench to play. Again in a cup game regulation would end with a tie. Unlike the third round we were able to seal it before it went to a shootout.

View attachment 103145

Record: 5-0-0
All-Time Record: 57-7-0

So now two games in hand and now only down 1 point from first. KA who seemed like the only one to seriously challenge us is in third, but already is 7 points behind us and have played two more games than us. Breioablik seems to be outmatched from the top three now for the race to first. KA might already be out as they lost to KR and us, but they only lose to us with our staters in a 1-0 game.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103144

So much for making Nunes vice-captain since he didn't want to stay and we lost him anyways. I wonder if making him captain would have been better? Anyways the one vice captain is a guy who isn't even on the senior squad or probably never will be.

View attachment 103143

Is this Stjarnan winning Champs League or that our actually league is legitimately improving? Either way Greece is still above us, that is our benchmark right now, and either way it stops the slide we have been on for the past two years!

View attachment 103142View attachment 103141

Just wow. Bjornsson was on fire the whole competition. He put the team on the back and probably is the single reason why we won it.

Season 2027 Part 2

View attachment 103137

Month Record: 7-0-0
All-Time Record: 60-10-9
All-Time Borgunarbikar Quarter Final: 6-0-2 (2 games went to a shootout)
All-Time Borgunarbikar Semi Final Record: 6-0-0 (1 game in extra time)
All-Time Champions League Second Qualifying Phase: 9-1-0
All-Time Champions League Third Qualifying Phase: 4-0-1

We would score at least two goals in all seven games and would only allow two goals total during those seven games. If there was ever a time we would lose in the Semi-Finals of the Borgunarbikar it would have been this year when we faced off against KA. Just like the Quarter Final, against Breioblik, we would win easily at the hands of 2-0.

View attachment 103136

Record: 5-0-0
All-Time Record: 38-9-6
Two goals given up in league play this month wasn't too bad. What was impressive though was that we scored 17 goals in just five games. With seven of them coming in one game. While KR is trying to nip at our heels (7 points behind with one more game than us) it looks as if the season is already locked up to us. While we haven't lost we are a +44 in goal difference which is better than the whole league combine.

Three keys to the month:

View attachment 103135View attachment 103134

While we weren't the main climbers (pic1) in the world we did climb up 19 spots for the richest team in the world. With that, we sit with 259M (pic2) for our club which is outstanding!

View attachment 103133

Hey we cracked 13K for a league game! Maybe at the end of the year we can improve our seating for our stadium?

View attachment 103132

So while it's not one of the big three(attackers) it is one of our young rising stars on the defensive line. Even if it means we will have to rework his contract by the end of next year.


View attachment 103131

Month Record: 6-0-1
All-Time Record: 57-12-10
All-Time Borgunarbikar Final Record: 5-0-0 (2 games in extra time)
All-Time Champions League Third Qualifying Phase: 5-0-2
All-Time Champions League Playoff: 6-4-2
Super Cup: 0-0-1

The only lost came at the hands of Manchester United. While it was 1-3, it was a very good showing for our team since Sterling had a league game three days before and used his starters so he would allow his bench to get the start in the game. Cause just four days later was the final for the Borgunarbikar Cup against KR which now was toughest challenge we faced in the cup. We already were going to get some money for the Super Cup so to rest our starters would work out great since we would win the final by 3-0.

View attachment 103130

Record: 5-0-0
All-Time Record: 36-8-5

Now the fans are getting into it. Nine games left in the season before the month started, and after the month we are down to just four games remaining for the perfect season. Only one game was a scare as it was against IA where we only scored one goal. Luckily the only game we allowed a goal in league play was a 3-1 win against Keflavik. KR would fall this month as they would lose their hold on second place and are close to being out of the top 3.

Three keys to the month:

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Another attendance league record breaks as we near in on the perfect season.

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Even losing in the Super Cup we still received 3 million. Again money is always a positive no matter where it comes from...even from a lost.

View attachment 103127

We would actually score first in the Super Cup, but that would be it. Still it was a good showing as we lost to Man City in extra time with our reserves.


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We find ourselves in a very difficult group. Chelsea and Porto are both strong clubs, but if we have healthy group we should be fine. Zenit shouldn't give us trouble at either spots and should at least win one home game against the other two teams means we should at least look at another 10 point group stage. Might not be enough to move on, but luck usually is on our side. With us winning it we are not the only Iceland club to make it since KA is now in the group stage as well.


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Month Record: 5-0-1
September All-Time Record: 44-12-13
Champions League Group Stage: 4-3-10

We would lose to Chelsea away (which was expected), but as expected we won at home against Zenit even if it was by a harrowing 1-0 score. Again we were predicted to start off 1-0-1 and that is our record in Champs League right now.

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Record: 4-0-0
All-Time Record: 40-10-6

Final four games and three of them would be against top competition. First was up against KA in which they would score first. After a quick answer they would score one more to lead into half. Second half we would push through to keep the countdown to 3. Next was Grotta, who broke the undefeated league streak that was going on for a few years, and was close but late in the second half we would find a goal to win.

Selfoss who had no business in the game and would actually score first, but in the second half we would find two goals to win the game. It would come down to the final game against our rivals KR. We would score in the first three minutes. It looked as if this game would get ugly, but that would be the only goal from us in the game. Luckily for us they couldn't find the back of the net, despite us allowing 5 goals (in 3 games) from the past four games. With that the dream came true that we are truly a class above as we did the unthinkable!!!

Three keys to the month:

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So we have a 33-1 odds to win the Champs League. Listen if we went straight first XI against each other I bet we would be one of the main contenders. Since our bench isn't on par with well even probably any other benches our odds don't look that good. Still healthy we saw what we can do since we won it all last year, despite some teams having injuries up against us.

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With our impressive run in the league we did break our record for most goals in a season by one. Still 67 goals in 22 games is mighty impressive.

View attachment 103121View attachment 103120

We did it (pic1) as we accrued 63 total points for league play. As if you didn't read everything before we finish the season unbeaten (pic2)!

October Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-0-0 / October Group Stage All-Time Record: 8-3-5
November Monthly Group Stage Record: 2-0-0 / November Group Stage All-Time Record: 7-5-10
December Monthly Group Stage Record: 1-0-0 / December Group Stage All-Time Record: 5-5-1

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We would lose our first to Chelsea and then run the table afterwards. While we were hoping for Chelsea and Porto to duke it out they would only split one game between them. Plus everyone punished Zenit who had a -15 goal difference. While we did take first we had an impressive goal difference of 9 which has been the highest we ever had in the group stage.


View attachment 103118

Maybe we needed to lose a game. Maybe our team was good to just coast to ties and wins until the coasting cost us last year as we lost to Grotta. Sure we have some close games this year, especially the last month, but we finally did what most front offices people deemed impossible was to end league play perfect. Maybe our fans didn't think it was impossible but it wasn't an easy feat to do. We again claimed the top three spots (goals and assists by Bjornsson, and then rating by Halldorsson) and most of the league we did go on a tear as we set the new record for goals in a season.

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We would drop a little for winning the league. Last year was at 36.02K and now it is only at 33.06K. Another 3K drop from winning the year. Second straight year it has done that. Last year it was at 33.06K and now we are just getting 30.27K. Here I thought the league was on the rise, maybe it's just Stjarnan and no one else. Will this league ever become the best in the world?

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At least TV rights went back up this year. After two years of losing money we jumped huge, for our standards, we it went up 40K to now 247K for the year. Remember last year we lost 18K, so any positive movement especially 40K is welcome.

View attachment 103115

We sold of Nunes which gave way for the starting nod to Halldorsson who didn't disappoint. While we probably could of started Nunes before selling him to raise his price we did get a nice profit from him. Other two guys we sold were on the under19 squad and we just got a free for them. Only Julius Ingolfsson left for a free to Fjolnir.

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Ending the year we still around 7.25M for the league while we are at 1.6M. Grotta who basically should be relegated each year is the lowest at 170K. You would think for staying up each year that their money should be rising. Maybe they need to hit professional status before they can rake it in.

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Only Broadcast revenues went down this year, which is very surprising, but we did go up in everything else. Highest ever in Competition since we won Champs League as we broughtin 57.75M. Ever our Sponsorship rose 500K so we are sitting at 2.03 million now after three new deals.

Team and Player Awards:

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Bjornsson sets a new record, what a surprise I know, as he has 10 Player of the Match awards.

View attachment 103111

Bjornsson not only owns the team record in league goals but now owns the team record in assists with 17. What can't he do...

View attachment 103110

Apparently he can break his own record last year for average rating by .03 in one less game.

View attachment 103109

So 1K in attendance is awesome, still not close to the 13K since the Board decided to shoot down any talks of expansion.

View attachment 103108

Halldorsson showing despite only playing in half of the league games this year that he might be the better choice than Nunes despite it not being his natural position.

View attachment 103107

Bjornsson winning this again, and doesn't look to slow down. He only appeared in 14 of the 22 league games as well.

View attachment 103106

At least we had all three people on this list again, and once again it goes to Bjornsson.

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It wasn't even close this year as Sterling ran off with this with almost a 1000 point lead (800points). Shocking to see that KA didn't take second, but when you only win 36% of your matches and was probably suppose to get relegated will move you into second.

View attachment 103104

So we dominated lead play with two squads this year for the perfect record and it shows as KA and KR had 8 of the 11 people on Icelandic Team of the Year. We would only send two while Selfoss would have the lone other player.

View attachment 103103

Finally KR isn't in the top three and should never be. If there is one team that we usually have someone injured in is against them. Still we are the fair play team again and with how our team is becoming world class players we should hold this for a long time.

View attachment 103102

Since it was our first time in the FIFA Club World Cup we claimed all three spots for this award in just two games.

View attachment 103101

See this is now what normally happens. While he was on our senior squad hasn't seen the pitch in quite awhile and was let go on a free.

2028 Roster

View attachment 102759

Normally this is the time we start to sell of players and not resign them. Still we have another defender who is a wonder kid. And he signed!!! Maybe we can start keeping some of them. Then again he isn't 19-20 yet which is usually when they start to grumble about not resigning with us. Still its 4 years with a 60 million release clause so we know we will have it for a few years.

View attachment 102758View attachment 102757View attachment 102756

I think everyone saw this coming. Not awonder kid, but a world class striker (pic1) is now sold off to our now would-to-be rivals, if we ever play them, Real Madrid. They took our first wonder kid and now him. At least we got our highest profit (pic3) from this sale at 71M (pic2) which will keep our finances in great shape. Although we might need to buy a striker to replace him, but will that go against Sterling words a couple of years ago of not buying any foreigners.

The new starting lineup for the 2028 season:
View attachment 102755
Only time he won't play is on NT callups or an injury. Other than that he starts every game for us. Fifth year starter. 21 year old with 83 caps.
View attachment 102754
He isn't a wonder kid, but he should be. One of the best players on our team as a 19 year old. Especially on the defensive side. Would be amazing on our NT. Third year starter. 19 year old with 43 caps.
View attachment 102753
Did great in his first year starting for being only 17. Despite being a three star current ability on this team that is still leaps and bounds above the rest of the league. Second year starter. 18 year old with 19 caps.
View attachment 102752
Second solid center back on our team with four star current ability. Starting to get looks from bigger teams. Third year starter. 19 year old with 35 caps.
View attachment 102751
Weakest player on our defensive line, but is still really reliable. Third year starter. 19 year old with 37 caps.
View attachment 102750
Almost capped on potential but is still very good for our team. Staying healthy is his only issue. Third year starter. 19 year old with 54 caps.
View attachment 102749
Another player almost capped on potential. Again, is very good for the position we have so he gets the start and does fit in nicely. Fourth year starter. 20 year old with 44 caps.
View attachment 102748
Oldest starter on our team and is all capped out. Don't have anyone younger who is better or with better ability so will continue to get the start until we do. Seventh year starter. 24 year old with 85 caps.
View attachment 102747
Nunes is gone and Halldorsson got the start and broke one record last year. While he didn't start his first two years he did split playing time with Nunes. Second year starter. 21 year old with 71 caps.
View attachment 102746
After selling off Arnarsson in the off-season we look for the next big thing to fill the roles. Looks to be good with already strong numbers in finishing and heading. First year starter. 17 year old with 5 caps.
View attachment 102745
At least we didn't sell of him. With all the records he has broken the fans want him to finish out his career here. He wasn't a wonder kid but he is world class striker though. Fifth year starter. 21 year old with 78 caps.

View attachment 102744
A solid center back who can come in and fill in nicely when needed. 21 year old with 61 caps.
View attachment 102743
Oldest player on our team who gets to see a lot of playing time. 32 year old has 156 caps.
View attachment 102742
Still fourth center back on our team. While solid the rest of the league is getting attackers who are finding his holes in his game. 27 year old has 135 caps.
View attachment 102741
While he is capped on ability and at one-and-a-half star he is still very valuable for our team. First striker off the bench. 27 year old with 104 caps.
View attachment 102740
Hopefully will get loaned out. If not will just sit on our bench and will waste away unless an injury comes to our starter. 21 year old with 12 caps.
View attachment 102739
So much if a striker got sold last year it would be him. Still is fourth on the depth chart but will be needed to step up with our second team. 24 year old with 59 caps.
View attachment 102738
Could probably be a solid center back on our team. Problem is he is fifth on the depth chart and doesn't see alot of time which is hurting his growth. 20 year old with 30 caps.

View attachment 102737
Beginning to show some age, wear, and tear. Was decent last year, but with the influx of new attacking players he might not be good enough for our squad now. 26 year old with 66 caps.
View attachment 102736
Saw one game last year due to injury. Same story this year. If a center back gets injury he will find time with the second squad if not he will be riding the pine. 23 year old with 61 caps.
View attachment 102735
Solid backup to the midfielder but this is one of the spots that we are lacking in good qualify backups. Is getting up in age as well. 26 year old with 91 caps.
View attachment 102734
Was a decent backup, but with the team and league growing it might start to show some holes at this position. 25 year old with 95 caps.
View attachment 102733
Really needs to go out on loan. Although compared to the team we have now is ability has dropped dramatically. 23 year old with 2 caps.
View attachment 102732
Could be a solid backup for the midfield but for now is just like everyone else with his ability. He is getting left behind and might be time to start looking for some replacements. Still he is one of the younger guys who still has room to grow. 19 year old with 31 caps.
View attachment 102731
He could be a useful player, but with the injuries we had throughout the year at striker we are going to keep him so we can have at least two people fresh for our starters and bench. 17 year old with 1 cap.
View attachment 102730
We needed someone to fill in at the AMC spot since we sold Nunes. While he is young he needs to work on his natural fitness. Good thing he isn't our starter. 17 year old with 9 caps.
View attachment 102729
Is not good at all for our team. Will not see much playing time as it is, but just in case if one position doesn't get multiple injuries or everyone is extremely tired only then will he play. Let's hope he doesn't have to play. 31 year old with 89 caps.

View attachment 102728

We get the easiest group of all time for the Deildabikar Group Stage. Which is great for us. We can make sure our first team is well rested for Champs League and let our bench play mostly these games which we should win all of them.

View attachment 102727

So we were the only team to make it to the Knockout stage this year since KA lost. We face off against PSG which looks to be an even matchup for us even after selling off our world class striker. Only time will tell if it was a good decision to sell him off now or wait until after Champs League was over.


Starter: P. Baldvisson
Backups: A. Geirsson, T. Hlavaty
Key Losses:

Baldvisson went on tear for us and shows why he is the starter and will only see the pitch. Geirsson might be good, but with Baldvisson never getting injured we won't know how good he can become. Although all the fans know is that Baldvisson is amazing and they don't want to lose him like Bjornsson.

Starter: R. Martin (DR) , O. Hjaltason(CB), A. Magnusson (CB), O. Larusson (DL)
Backups: H. Aegisson (DR), P.Gunnarsson (CB), A. Gunnarsson (DR), J. Sigurdsson (CB), B. Karlsson(CB), G. Geirsson (DL)
Key Losses:

After the lost even our bench step it up last year to lead to the perfect season. Will it happen again this year? Probably not with losing two key starters, and breaking in some newly fresh people in the attack, but at least our backline is very solid especially the starters. Our bench is getting up in age, but still seems to be decent.

Defensive Midfielder:
Starter: Hallfreosson
Bench: Valgeirsson
Key Losses:

Would like to see more improvement for Hallfreosson, but with Valgeirsson all you are going to get is a decent guy. This is one of our troublesome spots, but it isn't the worst spot on our team. Luckily our back four is really strong so it will make up for the lack of players we have here.
Starters: O. Guojonsson, V. Jakobsson
Bench: O. Jakobsson, G. Bjornsson
Key Losses:

This is hands down out weakest spot. Goujonsson looks to be very good, but is still young and needs the experience. Also doesn't help when he picks up little injuries throughout the year. Jakobsson is still solid, but compaired to the rest of the team isn't that strong anymore. We had a decent bench, and luckily we don't need to use them all that much. Still more playing time might have them grow and with the perfect season last year hopefully that will continue into this year.

Attacking Midfielder:
Starting: M. Halldorsson
Bench: B. Kjartansson
Key Losses: Mickael Nunes (sold to Ajax for 27.5M)

Okay so its going to hurt on second string without either Nunes or Halldorsson now on it. Kjartansson seems to be good, but is the fresh face on our team and will need time to break in. Still having Halldorsson as our starter makes the fans happy as he is Icelandic and showed he can be a force for many years to come in our team.

Starters: H. Eggertsson, M. Bjornsson
Bench: H. Kolvidsson, R. Baldvinsson, V. Peturrson
Key Losses: Olafur Arnarsson (sold to Real Madrid for 71M)

Lets start with saying that Arnarsson being sold is going to hurt us. Having two world class strikers on the team was amazing, but we still have one. Fans I think would of riot if we sold Bjornsson, and while he has been collecting all the awards and everything Arnarsson was a huge part to our and Bjornsson success. Will new face Eggertsson pick up the slack, maybe not in his first year, but surely will in 2-3 years. He looks to be very good already at just 17. Just needs experience against the bigger teams.

Missing time and seassons from 2028-2032

It's been a while since I posted and a lot has happened. Mostly in real life more than the game, despite the game there has been a lot happening. I will recap to where I am currently at. Sadly my external hard drive where I had all my pictures, stories, and write ups were taken/misplace in the move across country, which is why I will just recap the seasons missed. Which means since it was all about records for each month or whatnot will have to change the way I write this story. I hope people still like it (after the change of format, and missing some seasons) and if not, guess will try to get everyone back when next years game comes out.

With that here is the recap of 2028/2029 season...

After winning the Champs league we would be cruising all the way up until the rematch with Man City. This time it wouldn't come at the Finals, but in the Semi's. With some injuries our chances didn't look so good (missing both strikers for both matches, and lost another 2 players between both games) would see us run a counter and it wouldn't matter as we were unable to score a goal in either game and would lose 0-2 in both games.

As for the league we easily claimed first with 59 points while KR (48) and then KA (44). We didn't go perfect though as we went 19-2-1.


League play seemed to finally be that everyone else is getting on board. Every team is now Professional (thank god!), and we finally hit 10th for the best league in the world. While we didn't have the greatest league record (17-4-1) but still had 55 points. KA shown leaps and bounds as they had 49 points while KR finished third with just a measly 37. Crazy enough Grotta finished fourth just one point behind KR. KA had so much of a jump that they would actually snap our 13 year winning streak of the Deildabikar with a 0-1 loss in extra time.

For Champs League in the knockout round against Arsenal we would be up 2-0 on the road in the first leg. However, when the final whistle blew the game was tied in a 2-2 score. To start our home leg we would be losing 0-1 within the first five minutes. We would finally get it together and run off with the game with a 5-1 mark as well as then cruising all the way to the Semi's again. This time we would face off against Barcelona. First leg would be played at our place as there was no defense to be found as 9 goals would be tallied up in a 5-4 win for us. However, on the second leg away they would be too much for us as we would fall 1-2 (and we would score first...)

2030/2031 ...

Now there are two top teams in the world in Iceland. KA now moves into the same bracket as Stjarnan. However, with that means they need to find a way to rebuild. With the taste of success the world comes in and snatches up all their best players as they would make 60 million from transfer fee's off of selling their top 3 players. Unlike Sterling and team, KA went out and brought some young stars to recoup. For Champs League would go a lot smoother as we would only tie once after group stage and it would come on the road in the Semi's to Liverpool. And for the third time in four years the title comes back to Iceland as we would claim it to make our finals record as 2-1 with a 2-0 win over Dortmund.

Maybe that is what we needed cause for the League we blasted everyone. How so you ask, well first we won by double digits for the first time in a couple of years (12 points) as we ended with 62 points with a 20-2-0 record. KA finished second with 50 points on 15-5-2 record while a shocker, Breioablik, would finish third with just 38 points. Sterlings team would come out hot too as we would bag 97 goals for the season. So close to 100, but 17 more than the highest we ever scored in the league (which would be last year). For the Deildabikar we would lose two games, and a tie, in the group stage, and was close of not finishing first for the first time ever for Coach Sterling. Still the final would be close as it would go into a PK shootout, against KR, which Stjarnan would come back to claim the title.

2031/2032 ...

For the league again we would score over 60 points (61) for the second straight year with a 20-1-1 record. However, it would be a very tough year, despite us score 92 goals, as KA would only finish behind us by 5 points as they were the only team to finish undefeated on the year with a 17-5-0 record. For the third and fourth place team would finish with at least forty points, which is crazy to think about in itself, but Grotta would finish third (44 points) ahead of KR (40).

Again another year where we wouldn't be able to hold onto something that Coach Sterling seemed would always win as Stjarnan lost the Frabaer Bikar 1-2 to now our rivals KA. At least we won the Deildabikar 4-0 against Grotta. Also it would mark the second time since 2016 that three teams from Iceland made it to the group stage of Champs League (Stjarnan, KA, and Grotta).
2032 Season Preview


So long as the days of not allowing any goals. In this day and age people want to see goals, and that is what we are doing now with this team. Still using the same formation of a 4-4-2 diamond, but we like to say its more of a 4-1-2-1-2 since our midfielders stay more central, with only top three players actually going all out attack. The midfielders, and full backs do tend to come up sometimes, as it is shown by Rene Martin usually up there in assist total, but 90 percent of our goals come from our AMC or strikers. As you can see with two pictures (one starters and the other is reserves) coach Sterling is still using a complete two full squads. Especially helps if someone gets injured.

Weakest position: Defensive midfielder. On paper though it would be our left full back with a 1 1/2 star. However he is just 17, and if you are 17 and already starting for Sterling on this squad you are going to be good, or the hype is there. Still our best DM is listed as just a two star. Our backup to that position is actually a 1 1/2 star but he is currently injured which is why we are converting our long standing midfielder (Olafur Jakobsson) to the position.

Strongest position: Has to be our backline. On paper three of the four are overall the best on our team. Martin and Magnusson are rated a 4 1/2 star with Hjaltason being a full four. Give a year or two and Haroarson should be at least a three or a three and a half star.

Most talked topic leading into the season: Will someone leave? While Iceland is a top 10 league we still have players who think our team isn't good enough for them. Four players are being courted by "bigger" teams, but if we can quell all that talk it should keep all the players focus on the task ahead.

Biggest rumor leading into the year: Will the legendary old striker Magnus Bjornsson (25 years old) be traded this year? Has 141 league games with 170 goals. However, he has already lost his spot on the National Team due to the youngster Andri Agnarsson. Yet if coach Sterling isn't convinced yet to start him, since he is still on the reserve squad to start the year.

Trouble on the horizon: Sterling went out and hired two new coaches and got rid of one after his contract ended last year in the medical department. Already have three injuries and this was before pre-season started. Let's hope this isn't going to be an injury plagued year for us.
February 2032

We Want Five!

View attachment 93494

2/15 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 1 on netural ground)

View attachment 93493

First game of the year and we trout out our starters as we cruise to any easy win over Prottur R. Only complain about this game is we didn't score more as we did have 42 shots in the game with 16 on target. Scoring was split between both strikers and two defenders.

2/21 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 2 on netural ground)

View attachment 93492

With Champs League coming up next coach Sterling goes with his reserves in this game. After Agnarsson scored first they would tie it up just three minutes later. It wouldn't matter as Andri Agnarsson would give us the winning goal just seven minutes later, and a minute after that would end up with a hat trick. Four of our five goals would be scored by our strikers. Even with our bench we are still getting over 20 shots in the game. Another game with double digit shots on target as well. Also of note was that GK Pall Baldvinsson would launch a ball up to Agnarsson for an assist in the game.

2/24 (Champions League First Knockout Round First Leg, Game 3 at home)

View attachment 93491

After what most teams would have three days rest and would be subbing in some players, coach Sterling had all of his starters in and rested after a week off. No rust would show as the crowd would erupt in the same chant for the last thirteen minutes of the game of "We want five!", but this time Stjarnan would only manage four goals in the game. Still with the starters in they didn't allow a goal. Which isn't surprising too an Ajax team that was overwhelmed in this game. Third straight game with dought digit shots on target. Of not there was one injury in the game. It would come by a guy who got his start in soccer at Stjarnan before wanting out to a bigger club in AMC Mickael Nunes.

2/28 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 4 on netural ground)

View attachment 93490

Last game of the month and with the second time the reserves see playing time they keep both streaks going in Deildabikar as we ended up with 11 shots on target and we managed to score another five goals in this game. Again Agnarsson would open up the game first with a goal and would end with a hat trick.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 6 in two games *two hat tricks*
Top Assister: 4 Players with 2 (each in two games)

View attachment 93489

Three games in and a perfect nine points. Not so surprising note there. What is of not is that Keflavik and Haukar are just two and three points behind us after three games. For the average ratings we don't have anyone yet and the three people listed are all sitting above 9.25 right now. Runar Baldvinsson, an ex player of Sterling, is tied for goals with Agnarsson. Still group stage isn't that exiting for us, especially this year without any team really threathening us to knock us out. The real concern will come when the playoffs come around and if we are still in Champs League.

Three questions for the month:

1. So much for not going to be a good year for injuries as we already have three.
View attachment 93488
Backup AMC Kristjansson (16 year old) looked to be a promising player now is out for half of the year. Luckily for us we have three AMC's on our senior squad. The other two aren't that bad of injuries as
View attachment 93487
reserve 30 year old full back Geirsson (3 weeks) and fellow youth reserve
View attachment 93486
Sverrir Louviksson (11 days) went down with injury in the first month.

View attachment 93485

2. Yes our finances are the best in the league, have been for a long time. However, for the past 6 years we mostly lost money each month. However with our first major expansion of the stadium finally finished at the end of last year we are close to 20K now and the gate receipts might be able to keep us afloat for the year. Last year we were in the red by a little over 10 million.

View attachment 93484

3. Will Andri Agnarsson be moved in the starting lineup when league play comes, and bump Bjornsson to the bench? Won't be the first time that has happened (Bjornsson did that when he tore up the Deildabikar) so only time will tell. If anything the good news is if one of our starters does go down we do have a very capable replacement.​
March 3032

Another record falls

View attachment 93398

3/6 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 5 on netural ground)
View attachment 93397
Starters would get the start in this one and would start off the month with a bang as they bagged 7 goals. First hat trick for a starter as Eggertsson would get it this game. Would be the first time all year that we didn't even allow the opponents to get a shot on goal so Pall Baldvinsson was a little bored back there, but that would change coming up...

3/14 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 6 on netural ground)
View attachment 93396
Fireworks would come early as in the first three minutes the game would be tied 1-1. Shockingly Agnarsson wouldn't score first for us, nor will he score a hat trick this game to end the streak at two, but he did get the game winning goal for us in the seventh minute. Our streak of double digit shots on target would end this game as we only had 9 and our reserves would put up our lowest scoring output for the year with three.

3/17 (Champions League First Knockout Round Second Leg, Game 7 on Road)
View attachment 93395
We would escape the perfect record so far on the year with a little help from Ajax. First goal would be an own goal by them, although it looked like it was just a rickocet shot that went in, and it would take until the final ten minutes to score our first goal that turned out to be the winning goal of the game on the head of Bjornsson. First game we would be outshot, and looks like Sterling might have to go a little more control on the road for Champ League since they did win in possession and shots. Still even with a tie or a loss we were moving on anyways.

3/27 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 8 on netural ground)
View attachment 93394
Oh Valur how I feel bad for setting the Deildabikar record for largest victory with a shutout. We dominated everything this game (possession, shots, shots on target) while having to use two reserves with our starters since they were on international leave. Hjorvar Eggertsson would post a perfect 10 match rating with not only a hat trick in goals but also in assists (4).

Top Goalscorer: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 6 in two games *two hat tricks*
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in two games *all in one game*

View attachment 93393
With four games remaining we have already clinch a playoff spot which isn't that surprising for our bracket. Some names now are starting to pop up on the lists for top three now. Have two in goal scoring, two in average ratings, two in assists, and two in Player of the Match. Plus in 6 games we have a 33 goal difference is staggering to show how far along most of the lower teams have to go to even begin to complete with us.

Three questions for the month:

View attachment 93392
1. This is the fourth player since the end of the last year to be sold off on a free where we get compensation. Hey hopefully they will help build the league, but to mostly all different temas it's going to be a slow rebuild even if we do have the best facilites in our league.

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2. While it is the biggest win record of the Deildabikar it sadly isn't the biggest win for our club ever. However for how potent our team is for the past decade you would think the previous record would be last year or so. Sadly mistaken it was a record that stands for a decade.

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3. Will this be the year they have our number?
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Shocking to see we have only played them three times prior. Twice in Champs League and once in the Super Cup. Even after buying two of our players they seem to not be able to crack our little but mightily spirits. They got close last year as we barely escape the Semi's against them.​
April 3032

Real Madrid shows their best hand ever

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4/6 (Champions League Quarter Final First Leg, Game 9 at home)
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On the road Bjornsson would dominate the backline, but seemed to lost his touch as he missed all his shots. However he did lead us to victory as he got taken down twice in the box to set up two penalty kicks in which Eggertsson and Steindorsson scored. Last one coming in the 90th minute.

4/10 (Deildabikar Group B, Game 10 on neutral ground)
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Last game in the group stage for Deildabikar and while we did hold them to 0 shots on the game we only did manage to get 3 goals on 33 shots. Should of been four but Agnarsson was called for offside for one which clearly showed he got back on time before the pass came to him. Still ending the group stage with a perfect record is always good.

4/14 (Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg, Game 11 on the road)
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Lead by one goal and we would need it coming into our place. We knew it would be tough, but the perfect season is over as we tied this game 3-3. Lets be honest we knew we wouldn't but it was impressive so far for how much we have dominated in the first ten games. No PK kicks for us this game. However Bjornsson looked tired out there so he would be replace by Agnarsson at half.

4/21 (Deildabikar Quarter Final, Game 12 on neutral ground)
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Back to only allowing less than 3 shots in the game as we again would put up over 30 shots. We would cruise in the quarters with a 4-0 win as we had four different goal scorers.

4/24 (Deildabikar Semi Final, Game 13 on neutral ground)
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Coach Sterling doesn't like to see KR, KA, or Grotta now. Especially in cup play since we mostly use our reserves as they use their starters. This game would go to a shootout in which we would actually be down before a stop and then a luckily break off the cross bar would move us into the finals. Of the three goals only was credited to us as the first and last were counted as own goals. First one was by Guomundur Porvaldsson who we sold to Grotta before the year began and fans think it was a poor decision to let a promising youngster go.

4/28 (Champions League Semi Final First Leg, Game 14 at home)
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Sure they had more possession than us this game, but this game wasn't even close. The only reason why is cause they slowed down the game and try to keep the ball at midfield, since they could hardly crack our final third. Still a two goal lead heading on the road seems to be a easy victory for us going into the finals for how dominate we were.

Top Goalscorer: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 3 in four games
Top Assister: Rene Martin with 4 in four games

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So we have cruised through the group stage with a perfect record, and limped into the finals after a PK shootout in the Semi's. Good news is we have until next month to play the final so whatever squad should be rested and healthy by that time. Shows how bad our lower league is as out of the eight teams only two had positive goal difference (us with 36 and fourth place Keflavik with 4). Second place Haukar was even but the others were -1, -2, -10, -12, and -15.

Three questions for the month:

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1. Despite subbing in for Bjornsson in Champs league at half, nor his crazy minimum fee release (150 million) means that he is about to be the starter. Sure his pay raise is 15K more a week, but still has to improve. He did allow the third goal in the Real Madrid game with a costly turnover at midfield. This is just more of us locking him into place and if someone wants to poach him go ahead...for 150 million that is...

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2. Since our games are played on neutral sites this is encouraging especially since last year we broke it with almost 5,000 more fans this year.

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3. Is it shocking we are in first place? Even if by world club ranks
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of last year KA jumped us? The two league matchups should be exciting. Already slated to play them in the Deildabikar Finals, and both are one game away to making it back to Champ League finals. Could we be pitted against each other in the Borgunarbikar Cup as well?
May 2032

First loss of the year

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5/4 (Champions League Semi Final Second Leg, Game 15 on the road)
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For being in the Semi's you would think it would be even ground between us. Well apparently it wasn't that case as we were heavy favorites on both legs. Apparently the team read into it too much since they just seemed to go through the motions the first half. At half the game was tied and we still lead 2-0 from the first leg the game would turn into a scoring fest in the second half as both teams would find the net twice. Still it was enough to move us back into the finals.

5/9 (Frabaer Bikar, Game 15 on neutral ground)
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It seems as if the only teams we play is either Grotta or KA for this. This year would be no different as it again was Grotta. Sterling would allow his starters to play in this game despite just after just three days rest. It didn't seem to matter as the team was wide awake for the entire match. So much we put up 42 shots which is the most against Grotta in the past three years as we ended up with a 4-0 win to reclaim it after losing it last year to KA.

5/12 (Deildabikar Final, Game 16 on neutral ground)
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If there was going to be a game we would lose it would most likely be this or the Champs League final. Sterling wouldnt' bring his starters into this game, again mostly reserves have been playing in these finals anyways, but KA came to play with all of there starters. They would shut down our high power offense which only got to crack 10 shots in the game. Not shots on target (4) but just shots total. They had 9 shots on target yet only 13 shots overall. Still our reserves actually controlled the 2/3 of the pitch. We just couldn't crack the final third and despite having a lot of shots on target they were mostly outside shots. Still we scored first, but the next two goals were from their side to seal the first lost of the year.

5/16 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 17 on the road)
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Finally league play as started. In the only reason why we didn't start our starters last game was cause we opened up against one of the big three. This time it was again Grotta so the Deildabikar final saw the reserves. Coach Sterling has won almost all of them since he took over so why not let it go around. Plus with the league being tighter for the top three spots he wanted to start off the year right. The first six minutes would be the best start as we were up 2-0 on both goals from Eggertsson. They would find two goals in the second half but not before we would open up the second half with a goal and would close out the half with another one.

5/20 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 18 at home)
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We would score three goals in the first 25 minutes of this game and then our reserves were like "game over, lets go home" and decided to basically have that hunger to score a goal. We did control the ball at lot more (at half we only had 40 percent of the possession) to end up the game with 48 percent. While they had more they couldn't crack our defense, and after allowing two goals in the first game it is nice to post a shutout. Especially with the reserves.

5/23 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 19 on the road)
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Starters would come in and have the hunger still in this game as they ran up the score in this one to a 7-0 victory. One scary note was that there were three injuries in the game (2 for them) but ours was the most feared one as Magnus Bjornsson went down in first half stoppage time and didn't return in the second half. After the game it would be release it wasn't very serious but he would miss Champs League final though.

5/26 (Borgunarbikar Third Round, Game 20 at home)
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With Bjornsson out and needed to rest our young promising striker it would be Vioir Petursson who would get the start with the reserves. He is our fifth striker on our squad and doesn't play unless one goes down. For this year it would be his first action he would see on the pitch, but wouldn't disappoint as he would score a goal in the second half. There was some rust you could tell early on as we found our first goal on a set piece, but the second half we did ramp it up. We just need to captailize more on 38 shots (12 on target) for only 2 goals against a far less suuperior team.

5/29 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 21 on neutral ground)
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There was no laspes by anyone on either squad. Both teams came out to fight in this one and it would be a fight. 6 yellows (3 for each team), and one injury (their's) would be more of the talking point in this game. It was a classic ELP slugfest which isn't normally coach Sterlings style, but showed he could play that style. They would score first, but the young guy Agnarsson would score two goals for us to give us the victory and keep the title in Iceland for the last 4 years (2 for us and 2 by KA).

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 5 in three games
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 5 in five games

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We are currently in second place in the league. Only cause KA has one more game played. Shocking to see KA, Stjarnan, and Grotta (who we opened up the season with and won) are the top three teams in the league. KR is sitting in fifth and they are seeming to be trending down now instead of trying to keep up with us. What is wrong with them? Sure it looks like the top 6 teams are competitive, but right now its mostly just the top three. Could KA and us go undefeated until we meet. Or better yet can we both go unbeated for the whole year?

Three questions for the month:

1. For only having 3 slated games for the month with the possibility of 8 we played in 8 games. Again not highly unlikely that we wouldn't but we did only lose one game this month. Even if it was in the Deildabikar Final in which the last four years we loss two of them (they won the other two this year and in 2029).

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2. Since Grotta is finally making noise in the world you might as well be ready to replish your ranks. They lost three starters from last year, but did go out and buy one of our young defenders to help with them, and after facing off against twice of us they seemed to be a little worst off than last year.

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3. Normally I wouldn't post this as news, especially since it will be broken a lot more for the rest of the year. However, it is of note since it was against a team we played our second squad. When fans are coming out just to watch pure football and don't care if the starters are missing it is great news. Actually there was an articile on twitter that talked about missing stars yet people came to watch the next rising stars, so that is a cool interesting note I saw.
June 2032

The worst of being the best

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6/17 (Borgunarbikar Fourth Round, Game 22 on the road)
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Arni Geirsson finally getting in the match at goalie! This is a thing that will be happening for awhile now though. Still a hat trick by AMC Vazquez would be the talking point in the romp to a 7-0 victory. While they didn't score it isn't good that they did have 4 shots by three were on target and two of them could of been goals if they had pace on it.

6/23 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 23 at home)
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The goals keep on coming after a week of pure domination. Again it might be worriesome as again our reserves allowed only 3 shots, 2 on target, but IA did manage to score a goal. In all fairness it was after our kids coming down off of the high of scoring first, but it is a learning experience for them to always stay focus for the 90 minutes.

6/27 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 24 at home)
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If one team could beat us with our reseves this month it would be this game. Still their best, despite missing just three players, they couldn't crack our defense as we shut them out for the third straight win of the month.

6/30 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 25 on the road)
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Maybe it was cause our reserves coming down from the high being KR last game, or just not being completely focus. He dominated this game, which wasn't hard to do, but 22 shots and only 3 goals isn't good. Especially for the first 35 minutes we would only take three shots. Pall Gunnarsson had a mental lapse in the 36 minute to drag a striker down on a through pass that was not even in a threathen position to give them a PK. A block from Geirsson would turn turn it up as we would have 3 shots in the next two minutes before finally getting the first goal.

Top Goalscorer: Two players with 5 in four games
Top Assister: Andri Agnarsson with 5 in four games

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So much for KA and Stjarnan going undefeated until they meet up as they already lost a game. KR, even after losing to us, somehow has moved into third place. Guess they were mad at my remarks about them last month. Still Grotta dropped to fourth with still a game to play and only one point behind. Plus you only have three teams with goal different in double digits and its the big three (Stjarnan, KA, and Grotta). Keflavik is all but relegated as well. More shocking to see that 7 of our 12 teams have double digit points though.

Three questions for the month:
1. This month was rough, and so will next month. We have international play going on and that means all, and yes all of our starting XI, means they are called up. We do have some younger guys too, which is why Geirsson is playing GK for us. Now the league see's why we run two full XI squads. Not only for this reason, but when it does happen it is good to have enough people to field our senior squad.

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2. Honestly I don't know why or how this happened. So we moved up one more place in the world rankings. Stjarnan is the only club over basically 5,000 seat stadium (not even KA has build a new one) yet we move up a spot. I will take it any way I can though.

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3. 801 games total now for Sterling. Funny how the 800 game would come against KR.
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Our winning percentage has been climbing steadly since we are getting close to 80 percent (I highly doubt we will hit this number within the next 100 games), but when there is only three teams that challenge you a year your odds of being successful are really good. Should Sterling leave Stjarnan and take over a new team in the league to see if he can have the same success, and if so how long will it take for the demise of Stjarnan. Fans don't want to hear that but...
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