July 2032

The pain you are feeling is real

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7/4 (Borgunarbikar Quarter Final, Game 26 at home)
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Team was pretty much rested coming into this game, well compared to the rest of the month it will be, and we would hit shot after shot off the woodwork in this game. We would manage to score a goal in the first half and thank goodness we did cause that would be the only score in this game. If this was a hard game what will happen when we get back to league play?

7/7 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 27 at home)
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Team is already getting tired, yet the only two subs Sterling would use was for his strikers. You might be wondering why since he only has three on the squad, and yes we would use someone out of position (a midfielder). After the game which we showed the reserves care more about the league than the Cup reporters would ask why the strikers and not one a true midfield since they were tired. Response was "We don't need to lose a striker, and with the game in hand it was our prority to make sure we keep them rested until our starters can come back at the end of the month."

7/11 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 28 at home)
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Call it karma, call it a gut feeling, etc, but after a scoreless first half the fans and team would be in celebration of finally scoring a goal. Just ten minutes later it would happen as Ragnar Hallfreosson got taken down from behind and didn't get back up and would have to be subbed out. Three minutes later we would score our second goal (they only had 1 shot at this point) but coach Sterling would pull both strikers again.

7/14 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 29 on the road)
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Three goals in the first twenty minutes of this game, and coach Sterling would keep all his subs on the bench. Second half Sterling would actually change up his tactics to actually slow down the pace down which seems to he is worried about the wear and tear of his team with all these quick games.

7/18 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 30 on the road)
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Magnus Halldorsson would steal the show from Hjorvar Eggertsson who would score the first five goals for our team. While they did have the game tied at 2-2 in the first 25 minutes, it wouldn't last for long. If there was any time that the starters needed to come back coach Sterling was happy it was during a game against one of the top teams in the division. Most fans and analysists are agreeing on the feeling around the league. Sterling and Stjarnan might just finish out the league in first.

7/25 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 31 on the road)
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Second game this month we lost a starter in a game. Guomundsson would exit before the first half whistle. Bjornsson would score as many goals as they had shots in the game. Too bad we had 28 and again only had two goals.

7/29 (Borgunarbikar Semi Final, Game 32 on neutral ground)
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Reserves would get the start since it was a cup match, and also that there is a league game in just a couple days away. Midfielder Omar Goujonsson, not to be confused with the injured Guomundsson last game, would be the only goal scorer as it would be the first game all year that we wouldn't have at least one striker score a goal. Coach Sterling isn't going to complain since we move on to the finals of the Cup and gets to look forward for the second half of the league.

Top Goalscorer: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 5 in two appearances *scored all 5 in one game*
Top Assister: Rene Martin with 5 in four appearances

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KA has been good for the last 6 or so years, but they don't have the bench like we do when they lose players on international duty. They would drop a couple of games and now see themselves in third place, and now all but out of winning the league since they are 12 points behind us. Not to say that it is impossible, but for us to lose four games in the next eleven, or even just tie all the games seems to be out of reach. Now Gotta is five points behind but we still have a game in hand.

Three questions for the month:
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1. Everyone knows that we lost Hallfreosson (pic1) and Goumundsson (pic2). However, we would have three more from just from the training grounds. First injury was

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to backup GK Geirsson. This was a little worrisome since we have to use our third string for a couple games this month (with our reserves), but with our starters back this is not that big of a deal. Also on the same training day
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midfielder/converted defensive midfielder pulled up with an injury. Good thing we have three defensive midfielders listed on our team although none of them are very good.
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now this one is a hurtful one. He is a starter, and while we have a stable of centerbacks noe of them are world class like he is.

2. How good was our reserves this month! 11 goals and only conceded 1 in four games. Plus in those four games we had our starting goal keeper once, our backup once, and our third string for two of those games.

3. After going 7 games this month we have another 7 games next month. However, we do have all of our players back, except for the injuries, and still perfect is always a good sign for things moving forward.​
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2032 Mid-season Report Card

We have played half of our league games (11) but a total of 32 games in the past six months. Our record is an outstanding 29-2-1 with none of the ties or losses in the league. Two ties came in Champs league, but the only loss came at the hands of our new nemesis KA in the Deildabikar Final. If this wasn't as perfect as you could be the only way to be perfect was to win the cup, but with two trophies already it is looking bright.

With that lets look at a quick breakdown of what happened:
Owner expectation: Making it to the finals
Analyst expectation: Winning it all
Results: Losing in the finals
Deildabikar Group Stage Results:

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Deildabikar Results (Group Stage and Playoffs):
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Recap: 7-0-0 record with a 36 goal difference and had a six point lead over second place Haukar. We out scored opponents 39-3 in group stage. We started out out against the lower teams as we piled up goals. However, when we got the the Semi's (Grotta) and Finals (KA) it would be against the bigger boys. Sure we used our reserves in all of the playoff games, and they used their starting XI, but still we have the resources and are truly the powerhouse in the league and we couldn't close up. We would win 4-0 against HK (currently first in 1. Deild karla the division below us), then win in a penalty shootout against Grotta, before losing to KA in the finals 1-2. We would even score first in the finals.

Champs League:
Owner expectation: Knockout Round
Analyst expectation: Quarter Finals
Results: Won Champs League
Champs League Group Stage Results:
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Champs League Matches:
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Recap: Shockingly we didn't win our group stage outright. Most though it was going to be a tough bracket, but we would be the number one seed moving on. That wasn't the case as it came down to the final game to see who advance. We had the easiest road of moving on as we face off against 4th place team PAOK, who only had one point at that time, and would end up with only having one point. As Atletico and Lyon battled it out to see who moved on. With Lyon third loss it would mean us with only two losses were moving on. Sure we had some injuries in the group stage, but still games were a lot closer than expected as we gave up 11 goals in those six games.

Still as soon as we got to the new year and the knockout stage we were healthy and it showed. We would cruise 6-1 through the knockout stage. Next came the Quarterfinals which I think everyone had us pegged to lose, even if we were slight favorites at home, and we came barely out live with a 2-1 win (at their place) and a 3-3 tie at ours. Next was the Semi Finals which was the same odds we had in the knockout rounds. We were heavily favorites in both legs and despite a 2-2 tie at their place in which our team just went through the motions we had the game wrapped up from the first leg at home where we won 2-0. On to the finals it would be against Arsenal where it was a heavyweight slugfest and we were the last man standing in a tough grind it out 2-1 victory. Winning Champs league for the third time overall and the second time in the last three years.

Owner expectation: Winning it all
Analyst expectation: Winning it all
Results: Currently in first place
Pepsi-Deildin Results:
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Recap: The top three teams are in the top three spots despite not being the order most people would think. Currently it is Stjarnan, Grotta, and then KA. Most people though it would be Stjarnan, KA, and then Grotta. KR is trying to keep pace as they are nipping at KA heels by only two points. Not only are KR nipping but so is Breioablik as they are also just two points behind KA. With the top three spots vying for a spot in Champs League (top two are atomically in the group stage) it is a race right now for second.

However, that race may already be over and most people though if we were going to lose the league this year it would come at the hands of KA and not Grotta. Keflavik is still sitting with just one point so they are all but relegated which wasn't a shocker to begin with. At least for the second relegation it still might be a chance for Fram to get out of the zone as they are only 3 points behind IR and 4 behind Selfoss and Prottur R (in which they have a game in hand on).

While fans of Fylkir and IA believe their teams have a chance of maybe sneaking there way in the Europa League it might be hard to leapfrog KR or Breioablik. While Breioablik is in contention, which all the analysts had at the beginning of the year, they are close to being in third place which no one had them their realistically. Again we are halfway and international place did affect...well maybe just one team in KA, but as for Grotta and Stjarnan they are still going strong.

Stjarnan Questions and Thoughts:
Biggest concern: Injuries hands down. While injuries are always going to happen they happened in clusters for our team. Its not like a guy each month but 3-4 guys go down in a week time. I know we have depth, but it is concerning to see how many guys are dropping especially with some new staffs to help prevent this from happening.

Biggest shock: Christmas comes early for coach Sterling.
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In all of the time he hasn't had a three star ability defensive midfielder. With talks breaking down with a 35 year old earlier the new batch of youth players come in and this is what we find. Again we had people with potential through the roof (look at the current two people we had who were suppose to be great and they are just a two star or less). Especially with the injuries and how the league is expanding more later in the year (normally if we got youth players they would play in maybe 6 league games at the most on a good year) he has half of a season left to get his feet wet. Will he start for champs league? Hopefully not, but if he is as advertise from the scouts he will soon be in the starting XI when it comes to that.

What to do: Striker Andri Agnarsson has 9 goals in 7 appearances so far. Which is good for second in the league (tied with starter Hjorvar Eggertsson). Magnus Por Bjornsson has only 3 goals in 4 games this year. Should the 18 year old get the start now in front of the season 26 year old veteran who is making 130K a week in salaries and has won countless awards for our team? Plus Agnarsson is scoring most of these goals with playing with the reserves which makes people wonder what his numbers would be if he was playing with the first team.

Can we have the cake now: 11 games to go with only 5 point lead, yet can we just claim the league now? Grotta isn't going to catch us, unless we have about a rash of injuries, and/or bad luck for the next two months. I don't see it happening.

Undefeated or perfect: The question now becomes with a perfect league record and now having both squads back (despite some injuries) is will we go a perfect 22-0-0 or will we falter one game and tie. We still have to play everyone again, but only two teams...maybe three if you count KR, will give us fits.

Where are the goals at: After putting up 97 goals two years ago and then 92 last year we are currently sitting at 41. Grotta is sitting with 36! But fans thought this would be the year we would break the unattainable 100 goal mark in the league. Sure we didn't have our starters for the last month and a half, but that is no excuse. Will there be a explosion in the second half or are we going to see a lot more 2-0 games with 30 plus shots a game?

Mid season moves:
With the new crops of youth player there is usually one guy who gets the call up to get his feet wet with the reserves. That is unless he has potential then he will get some starts with the starters. This year we already have one at a position we have our best player injured for so he will be starting with the starting XI. Thrust into the fire. However with the injuries to midfield coach Sterling has looked for a little more depth and called up three more youth players (2 midfielders and a right back) to see what they have. They will mostly be bench/occasion start with the reserves, but he was thinking of calling up another striker in the event of an injury to to test out another youth player. Some players are making noise on loans and with the new players to get a taste on the senior squad we could have some replacements going into next year. However we are not going to be running three squads so either everyone will be loaned out or some of the older reserves might be let go. This core has been together for more than a decade so it will be interesting on how certain players play for the rest of the year.​
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August 2032

Perfect season is over with

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8/1 (Borgunarbikar Quarter Final, Game 33 on the road)
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We would score four goals before they would even crack the scoreboard and that was with Magnus Por Bjornsson having a hat trick. We would add an extra one just seven minutes after they scored.

8/10 (Super Cup, Game 34 on neutral ground)

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The only questions that would be asked after this game was "Why didn't you start your starters?" Stjarnan would have nine days off from their last game, and still he trotted out the reserves. Response was too keep his starters healthy for the league and to where where is reserves stack up against a team not from Iceland. He saw as we got crushed in all aspects of the game.

8/14 (Borgunarbikar Final, Game 35 on neutral ground)
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So three days rest and the reserves get the start again in another cup game for the season. It would be a sloppy game on both sides as there would only be 10 shots in the entire game and this was combined for both teams. So it would come down to who would score first and apparently it would be our star youngster Agnarsson who would rise to the challenge as the goal in the first half would seal the deal.

8/17 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 36 at home)
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We would hit a speed bump in the sixteen minute as we would lose our AMC Halldorsson for 8 weeks to an injury. We would get back on track to score three goals to cruise to a win despite the team worried about their fallen teammate.

8/22 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 37 at home)
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Thank goodness for our defense showing up as we didn't allow one shot on target. It would take us until the second half to find our first goal, and then the final two minutes before stoppage time to add another two. Despite the 3-0 win it was a very ugly game for us.

8/25 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 38 on the road)
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Somehow on just 6 shots (3 on target) Prottur R. would find two goals. It still wouldn't matter as we would already have three goals before their first goal, but we are stilling to find some cracks with our play getting late in the season. Also doesn't help that in the last three games we would use an AMC.

8/29 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 39 at home)
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The perfect season in the league is over as a PK kick and a ten minute lapse of Valgeirsson saw us go from a 1-0 game in which we controlled the whole game to having a player pull down a player in the box (no yellow), but would pick up two other yellows in the next eight minutes as we would end this game with a tie. Still it is not a loss though, and we didn't have an injury so I guess that is some positives we can take from this match.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 7 in three appearances *scored a hat trick in one game*
Top Assister: Three players with 2

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I think all the games, and international duty as well, has finally wore on our team as a whole. Sterling can't complain that all but has sealed up the league in his next victory, but a 15-1-0 record isn't too shabby. The shock is the sharp decline from international duty from KA has they have fallen all the way down to fifth place. With still six games left they are just 5 points from third. I know Grotta is in third with just 3 points more than KA but Grotta has played two less games and honestly just one win and they will be back in second. So second place (KR which is a surprise) is what we are considering is third place. Although the start of the next month will put us verses Grotta so that will be a pivotal match. Still we are the only team without a loss in the league is which shocking since we have a 11 point lead over second right now.

Three questions for the month:

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1. I had to take a double take for this. Sure we lost and we won it three years ago. The shocking thing I saw was that Grotta won it last year. Which meant we had the sweep last year. We had 3 teams in the finals of Champs League (KA and us) and then in Europa League (Grotta) which meant they won it to get into that. Shock to see KA lose to them though.

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2. Another attendance record broke as we crush last year's record by almost 4,000.

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3. That is an unbeatable record as it now stands since 2021 with a 54 game unbeaten steak in the Borgunarbikar.​
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September 2032

Undefeated season lost in final game

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9/1 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 40 at home)
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This is what we needed to start off the month. Against what is arguably a top three team now in the division and our starters came to play as we cruise to show, and clinch the league with the win, but to show we are not to be trifle with as we win 6-0. No subs in this one, and while the possession was close they couldn't do anything in the final third. They would turn it over easily as we would strike back with counters and we did often and early in this game.

9/5 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 41 on the road)
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IA would do a lot better at taking quality shots in this game as they would have 80 percent of their shots on target. We would only manage six on target (they would have five shots total) and we would settle in this game for our second time in two months. Sure our bench was playing, but is disappointing to see us tie. Only good note is that we kept the undefeated season going as we would come back at half down 0-2.

9/12 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 42 on the road)
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First time all year in league play we would be out shot (15 to 13) and out shot on target (5 to 4). Still as the second half would begin we would find the back of the net with our reserves who were playing in their second straight game. This time we would bunker down on defense and would sneak out of KR with a win.

9/15 (Champs League Group Stage, Game 43 at home)
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If people though the last two games were rough and were worried about his game it wouldn't even be a match this game. We would launch shot after shot in this game, and despite only scoring two goals (we would get a third by a PK) we should of won this game in a shutout. They goal would come on a deflection and with Baldvinsson diving to the left was helpless as the ball would bounce to the right for the goal.

9/19 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 44 at home)
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Four goals would come at the hand of our reserves (we might as well just call this year the League of the Reserves) but they did allow just one goal on one shot on target. We are faltering here down the stretch from our back line, which isn't the best of news especially with Champs Group League picking up steam.

9/22 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 45 at home)
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I kind of feel bad for KA. Their season didn't go as planned and you can tell that they are defeated even before coming into this match. They would manage double digit shots in this game, but none found the back of the net, except if you want to count the own goal they had. Still we again flex our muscles with our starters who got their last look for league play this year.

9/25 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 46 on the road)
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We would go out in a bang in the final league game of the month. 11 shots (7 on target) with our bench and we couldn't even score a goal. The going out in a bang was not good for our team as they would score in the first half and it would stand as the undefeated season is now over for us. We still won league, but it would of been nice especially after beating the top three teams in the league this month.

9/28 (Champs League Group Stage, Game 47 on the road)
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I know our reserves played in the final league game, but it seemed as if that loss was weighing on our starters as we got run off the pitch. Sure we scored two goals (one in stoppage time), but we just couldn't stop their offense. Now we know how our league feels when they have to play our starters. It's not fun and while we did still score two goals this drops us into third place in the group stage.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 6 in four appearances *scored 3 goals in Champs League Group Stage*
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in four appearances

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Stjarnan sits atop the polls (not shocking) with two ties and a loss (this is shocking especially in the final game of the year). Grotta somehow tried to push for the title, but couldn't manage to get a win against us. Breioablik is probably the biggest shock as they come out of no where and finish in third place. It would be the first time in 8 years since KA didn't finish in the top three and they finished actually in fifth! KR was in fourth. Which means that Grotta and us will automatically be in the Champs League, but was Breioablik a fluke to finish third or are they actually good enough to push for a chance for Champs League Group Stage? Other than that there really was no big surprises in the standings. Fram was close to being relegated (1 point actually) but still they finished in tenth. We would only manage to score 73 goals, but we always got next year for the allusive 100 goal season mark.

Three questions for the month:
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1. 18-1 odds doesn't really seem to do us justice. I know we had some injuries and whatnot, but we have won it twice in the last four years. When we are healthy for our starting XI we should be one of the favorites.

View attachment 91032
2. 18,747 is what our average was for each home game. Amazing, especially when no one else has a stadium that can hold more than 10K. Add in the fact that our reserves played like 80 percent of the league and fans are still coming out in almost full force to see them play.

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3. In what was looking like we might have to sell him off next year he decides that our team is good enough after we offer 115K a week for him. Sure he has a release clause but again its for 150 million and if people want to pay that for him...well maybe we will buy someone then to replace him. Other than that our team is continuing to keep getting stronger as we are now holding on to all of our guys (despite them asking to talk to other teams or asking for a transfer request).

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Rest of the year of 2032

Rest of the year

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In the next three months we would only play three games, and luckily for us only one of them would come against stellar competition in Man City. We would win all our games, despite giving up 4 goals in 6 games (at least it only only one goal in four different games) but in the Club World Cup we would actually allow them to score first both times before storming back to win. The biggest surprise would let to come...

10/19 (Champs League Group Stage, Game 48 on the road)

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On the road we were heavy favorites and we would let our fans down as we would lose Mikael Steindforsson to an injury. Another end of the year injury for us. Only good news is that he is only going to miss the next three games and hopefully can stay healthy when the knockout stage comes next year.

11/3 (Champs League Group Stage, Game 49 at home)
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Everyone would stay healthy and while having two youngsters start in the midfield we were able to score as many goals as we did at their place. This time we would lock down on defense as we would post the 3-0 shutout and keep all our players healthy going into the gauntlet.

11/23 (Champs League Group Stage, Game 50 on the road)
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Sure we were favorites going into this game but we were sitting in third place in our group stage. If we didn't win this game it would come down to winning against Man City and then a loss...well we are getting to far ahead of us selves. We just needed to worry about this game. First half would be a scoreless draw and our fans were getting worried. We actually seemed to slow it down once we got into their final third. Instead of just launching shot after shot until hopefully one went in we actually looked for the build up and then a quality shot to take. Sure we had eight shots in the first half with five on target, but the second half it would pay off as the next five shots on target we would see the back of the net three times. Second straight game we won 3-0.

12/1 (Champs League Group Stage, Game 51 at home)
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We would get one of our starting midfielders back in this game which was huge. I don't think we would start our third straight game with two 16 year old's playing against a top club. We will still use one of them to start and after they crushed us at their place (again from injuries) we would come back and score first. Upsetting to their fans it wouldn't be by any of our normal scorers as it would come from a 16 year old, but it was our defensive midfielder on a set piece. They would tie it up before half in which it looked as if we might need some help. As the fans started to do the math of what it would take us to advance Bjornsson would score two quick goals to open up the game in the second half to seal our fate into going on in Champs League. Which means someone's hopes of advancing were going to get cut short...

12/15 (FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final, Game 52 on netural ground)
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After them scoring first, and on their first shot of the game no doubt, we would tie it before half. That would be a relief, but the relief woulfn't come until the second half as we would just pound them with shots and would find three goals to blow this game wide open.

12/18 (FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final, Game 53 on netural ground)
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A squirrel blindly can find a nut. That would be the case in this game. After another game of starting off slow and allowing them to score first (in the third minute) all of our shots we would take (30) we would find the net twice on just 9 shots on target. Still it would be enough to clinch another trophy for us.

Three questions for the month:

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1. Our midfielder would tear his hamstring which puts him out until maybe the beginning of the start of next year. While we do have a bunch to choose from to play most are 18 and younger for the midfield.

View attachment 90843
2. Real Madrid was hoping he would snub us to sign with their team. While this would be a big blow for us (he is quite amazing) we do have 3 other people behind him and two are capable of filling the shoes just not a super star like he is. Plus now if Real Madrid wants to get him they will have to pay 150 million for him...

View attachment 90842
3. Didn't even ask for this, but hey more seats means more money for me. And I need it since I am paying a ton for my players just to keep them on my team now. Another 6,565 seats. Thank you. Funny thing is in about a decade we will be asking to build a newer stadium...

Off-season Notes and Recap
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Finally our team is a five star. With that we move as the second best team in the world. While we are climbing (so is KA as they are top 20), our league is slowly on the rise.

View attachment 90839
Our league is almost to the 20 million sponsorship mark. Sure we have almost 4 million of that (21 percent of the league), but at least the average is around 1.5 million.
View attachment 90838
Not surprising to see us win the league. What is surprising is that Grotta had the top player in the three categories. Sure our reverses played most of the league but we couldn't claim one of those spots?
View attachment 90837
378K for TV rights? Come on I know the whole island comes out to watch us play, but apparently the world doesn't care about our league yet. Oh well gate receipts will make up for this pathetic amount.
View attachment 90836
Now we are raking in sponsorship's. Next year will be a big jump. Weird that just our main Jersey Sponsorship basically covers all that we made from everything last year.
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European Golden Boy award goes to one of our players as Eggertsson claims it this year.
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Only competition we have this year is going to be KR and well...maybe anyone we play before the Champs League games.
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Am I Real Madrid's feeder club? Shouldn't I be getting some royalties each year for them. Many teams come asking for our players. The only team that seems to get them from the big 3 leagues is literally Real Madrid. This is the third player they got from us. While it is sad to see him go, our starting XI is now fully just Icelandic players so that is the only positive from this move. Also it helps with finances as well.
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Only showing this cause of the second guy on the list of Major Transfers. Well, well, well, look who it is. Someone who said Iceland League was too little for him left Stjarnan to go to AEK (on a free) only to come back down to our rivals on a 1.7 million deal.
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I told you there would be a shocker and here it is. With us winning out the last four games in group stage we cruise to the top (although we were favorites in 5 games we won all 5 of them), but Man City didn't make it to the knockout stage. This coming from a 4-2 thumping they did on us to open up the group stage.
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2033 Season Preview

So long as the days of not allowing any goals. In this day and age people want to see goals, and that is what we are doing now with this team. Still using the same formation of a 4-4-2 diamond, but we like to say its more of a 4-1-2-1-2 since our midfielders stay more central, with only top three players actually going all out attack. The midfielders, and full backs do tend to come up sometimes, as it is shown by Rene Martin usually up there in assist total, but 90 percent of our goals come from our AMC or strikers. As you can see with two pictures (one starters and the other is reserves) coach Sterling is still using a complete two full squads. Especially helps if someone gets injured.

View attachment 89873

Lost from last year: 24 year old DR Rene Martin (sold to Real Madrid)
New to this year: 17 year old DR Arnar Sveinn Margeirsson

View attachment 89872

Lost from last year: 25 year old M Omar Guojonsson (moved to reserves)
New to this year: 16 year old M Orn Gestsson

Weakest position: Defensive Right Back. Our starting XI is now all Icelandic. With that meant Rene Martin is off the team finally. He would, not by our choice, but cause his release clause was met. Sure he is young and has promise, but it is a far stretch for what we had there the last five years. It might be two years before he is entrenched in this position, but right now its our youngest and unsure spot.

Strongest position: Could go with our strikers (three world class strikers out of the four we have), but actually going to go with midfielders here. Sure we have 6 on our senior squad, which is the most we ever had under Sterling, and only one is rated a four star. Which would tie him with two others has the third best player on our team. Four of the six midfielders are two stars, but hey it was our most solid group last year with all the international players missing.

Most talked topic leading into the season: When will Andri Agnarsson get into the starting lineup. Right now Bjornsson is injured to star the year and if there is a time that an old striker loses his spot is at the beginning of the year and is injured.

Biggest rumor leading into the year: Will Real Madrid, or in that fact any team, match one of our players 150 million release clauses we have. Stjarnan is finally one of the best teams in the world, Iceland is one of the top 6 leagues now, and it seems if someone wants a player they will have to pay the price. Question is will they after still inquiring about some players in the off-season?

Trouble on the horizon: Both defensive wing backs on our team are 17 and 18. One was a starter last year, and the other is thrust into that spot from a sale. Our backups are getting older and not very good so if they don't pan out or get injured our offense will have to make sure they can outscore everyone.

Oldest Player: Striker Hrafnkell Ulfur Kolvidsson 32 years old (starter on the reserves)

Youngest Player: Arnar Sveinn Margeirsson 17 year old (starter)

Average Age of starters: 21 years 7 months
Average Age of reserves: 21 years 8 months
February 2033

Is this the end of the dynasty?

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2/12 (Deildabikar, Game 1 on neutral ground)
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We started out great. Okay, maybe not the best way to start the year. We did win, after them tying it up 1-1 in the 57th minute, but with eleven minutes before stoppage we would find the winning goal against KR. This was done as they had more shots on target than us (5-3) and we only had a total of 9 shots in the game. Sure our reserves got the start so them winning against a top 3 team (or you would think so) that it is a great start for our team.

2/15 (Champs League Knockout Stage Leg 1, Game 2 on the road)
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I know Bjornsson was injured for this game, but we do still have two world class strikers starting in this game. Heavy favorites and for the second straight game we couldn't even crack double digits on shots as again we would end with just 9 shots. They would almost double our shots in this game, but would double our shots on target (8-4) as a goal in the second half would tie this game up. Coach Sterling isn't worried since it is just one leg and the second leg is at our place. Plus we should have Bjornsson back for that game.

2/20 (Deildabikar, Game 3 on neutral ground)
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Well there might be some really rich people out there who are die hard IA fans as they would do the unthinkable. They would hold the lead three different times in this game, with the final time lasting the last half hour of the game. First time in over two years we would lose a game in the group stage, but when we do lose we only lose once so hopefully that trend will continue. Most impressive stats were for them. 5 shots, 5 on target, 3 goals with only 43 percent of the possession. We would finally get back on track shooting with 21 shots with 10 on target but our reserves just couldn't break through.

2/26 (Deildabikar, Game 4 on neutral ground)
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Bjornsson would be cleared to play, but with the lack of fitness and with the second leg coming up coach Sterling decided to hold him out of this game and maybe that loss last game got the team to begin the season now or was just just pride as we would dominate this game. 32 to 0 shots in this game. 13 on target for us and we would put up five goals in this game. Our strikers would do all the scoring as Agnarsson would score a hat trick.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 4 in two appearances *scored 3 goals in one game*
Top Assister: Goumundur Goumundsson with 2 in two appearances *both in one game*

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Forgot to save it after playing one more game, so spoiler we won our next game in the Deildabikar. IA only win so far has been against us and despite KR only having their only lost to us they are sitting in third place. We somehow are sitting in first despite most of our games being close (only had that 5-0 shutout) but Keflavik really is showing some fight as they are in second. It probably won't hold out, but they are the only team in the group so far that doesn't have a lost.

Three questions for the month:

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1. So we are the only stadium that can seat more than 10K (unless people play it at the national team grounds), but this year we finally cracked the 10K mark for season ticket holds and did it by a 3.3K jump from the previous year all the way up to almost 13K (12,843).

2. Two questions are being asked right now. Is our league growing that good now that it won't be an easy cake walk for us, or is it that our reserves are just flat lining out now to where we might have to play most of our starters and then just sub out positions instead of just a full squad?

3. Is this the end our dynasty? Was the buyout for our right back just too much of a gap to handle for this team. Or is it that just some solid players we have relied on now are just getting to old and we been selling off just promising players basically for peanuts. Sure its just 4 games in but our record of 2-1-1 isn't the best. Time will tell how the first two months of the league play will show. In all the games under coach Sterling we only lost probably 3 total games in the first two months of league play, but fans are getting a little nervous.

March 2033

Time to wake up and play
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3/5 (Deildabikar, Game 5 on neutral ground)
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Reserves would get the start and our fans were as little worried. In the tenth minute it would fade a bit since we would score a goal. Twelve minutes later the crowd would be rocking like last year as we would go up by two. An own goal would seal their fate in the first half and we would add one more insurance goal in the second half to give us our second straight shutout.

3/9 (Champs League Knockout Stage Leg 2, Game 6 on the road)
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With Bjornsson just being cleared a day before it would be up to Agnarsson to burden the load which he was up to he task as he would score the only goal in the first half to give us the advantage 2-1. That would be all that we needed since they wouldn't score on 5 shots on target (although only one was a shot that was hard enough and had the angle to score). They would score a goal though even if it was an own goal to seal their fate as we move on.

3/13 (Deildabikar, Game 7 on neutral ground)
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With Bjornsson coming off a fresh injury right before champs league he wasn't in shape to play. Which is why he is being the starter with the reserves. While fans think this is the change of the guard, coach Sterling said before the game it was to get him match fit for first squad duties. He would get in on the scoring barrage in this game albeit if we put up six goals. We would double their shots in the game (6) to just our shots on target (12) as we dominated this game.

3/30 (Deildabikar, Game 8 on neutral ground)
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Bjornsson again would get the start for the second straight game and would find the back of the net twice. Fans are starting to get worried that our team is losing focus in games as we would give up two goals in the final 15 minutes of play. Yes we did win by three, and their goals didn't challenge us in anyway but when they had only 3 shots in the game and 2 goals there is some concern.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 3 in two appearances *Hjorvar Eggertsson had 3 as well but in 3 games*
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in three appearances

View attachment 89579
We all but clinch our spot in the quarter finals. Even with that lost this month was great as we posted three shutouts. The game we did allow them to score they scored twice, but for the month we bagged 15 goals. Our goal difference is now 18 which shows how bad we were last month. KR is sitting in third but with a game in hand. Which means they are in prime position to advance as well.

Three questions for the month:

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1. More money is good from sponsorship's, but we all know that our money is going to come from the stadium or jersey. Would be nice if we could just get like 500K to one million for other sponsorship's.

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2. Our finances are in good shape, but as you can see we are losing a lot of money now a month with our salaries climbing every year. The price to pay to keep local players on our team and keep Iceland growing.

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3. We got a tough match up against Bayern in champs league, but the good news is that all our starters are healthy. Our bench took some knocks, but not our starters!
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April 2033

One final up, one final letdown

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4/9 (Deildabikar, Game 9 on neutral ground)
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With four games in two weeks (Champs Quarter Final both legs as well) coach Sterling would go back to his reserves. They would play like the starters in this game if you just looked at the stats. 25 to 2 shots in the game with us having 9 on target and they didn't even get a shot on target. Sure we scored, but with all the shots and possession (only 51-49 although it seemed more) we only managed to score two goals.

4/12 (Champs League Quarter Final Leg 1, Game 10 on the road)
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Even playing on the road we were slight favorites (who would imagine), but we sure didn't play like it. They would have 5 shots within the first two minutes in the game, and they would score first at the half an hour. Still we would tie up the game before half with a well place through on a counter. We would get the next goal late in the second half which looked like we would be going home with a 2-1 advantage. Yet just three minutes later they would tie up the game which is giving our fans some nerves for how we started out the year.

4/15 (Deildabikar, Game 11 on neutral ground)
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Another game we should dominate in and yet we spent an hour behind in this game after an early goal was allowed. Sterling would make a call up for a youth striker to see if it would inject any life in and it would as he would score both goals in the second half, and within six minutes of each other, to give us the win in the quarter final.

4/20 (Champs League Quarter Final Leg 2, Game 12 at home)
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Bayern would come out swinging as they had three shots in the first minute and two corners. Still we would hold off on giving up a goal until the thirteen minute when we would pull down their striker in the box to give them a PK in which they would easily covert. We would score two goals within a minute of each other right before first half stoppage time to give us the lead and have fans a little relax going into half. They would start the second like the first and would score a goal within the first three minutes this time to tie up the game. Game would go on and as we started to knock on the door from shot after shot Bjornsson would finally answer it as he would score with a little more than ten minutes left in the game. That would be enough and all we needed to advance.

4/24 (Deildabikar Semi Final, Game 13 on neutral ground)
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Starters would play in the semi finals for how our bench didn't start so hot in the quarter finals. Starters on just four days from their last game would come down and shot early and often in this game. After 90 minutes the game would still be in a deadlock despite us out shooting them three to one in the game. It wouldn't be until half way through the first leg that Bjornsson would be the man again as we would score for the second straight game. With out team about dead Sterling would then take out two attackers to give fresh legs to try to end the game in the corners of the pitch. It would work as we would head to the finals in an overtime match.

4/27 (Deildabikar Final, Game 14 on neutral ground)
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Again finals are here and this time it wouldn't be the starters playing. Then again for the past couple of years it has been our bench that has been playing in these. Still KR looked to be on a decline and somehow got into the finals. Still at the 37th minute they would score a goal and that would be all that was needed as all of our shots were not even close to being on target. One final in and we have lost it. While it doesn't happen a lot (3 times under coach Sterling) it was a big let down for our fans who expect to just win all the silverware in our league now.

Top Goalscorer:Two players with 2 in three appearances
Top Assister: Three with 1 in two appearances

View attachment 89190
Despite KR in second they had some really close matches. Somehow IA kept place, even after beating us, to get to the playoffs. Something is missing for our team. Either players are getting lazy and not caring, we need to tweak something in our tactics, or just need better backups. Still us losing to the finals in KR is a bigger blow to us than it is to the league. Maybe this is what we need to kick it back up to the way we are accustom of playing as.

Three questions for the month:

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1. Really don't post this much since it is a given for us. What is shocking is that KA is actually third on this list. They have great facilities (not the top like us), but even Grotta is has been on a climb in the last three years has almost as much as them.

View attachment 89188
2. KR is now suppose to finish fourth. Last year was rough cause of international play for KA. Will they get back to normal this year or will they slip out of the top three again. Hopefully one day the twelve place team will be less than 1000-1 odds.

View attachment 89187
3. Even in the review KR was the Biggest Overacheivers. Despite KA losing in the quarter final (we were losing and then had extra time to win in the semi's) we could of easily fell into that spot. Still if we don't win our fans think we are underachieving.
May 2033

Another Final, another loss. Changes are coming
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5/3 (Champs League Semi Final Leg 1, Game 15 at home)
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We started off the first thirty minute of this game great. We were actually dominating possession (it seemed to be they were running counters a lot) and we would be up after an early goal by Agnarsson. When we hit the forty minute mark things went down hill. A weak turnover in our defensive third had us on a 3-2 counter and they would tie up the game. A minute later we would go down to ten men as Haroarson (who turned it over for the goal) would slide from behind to pick up a straight red. Sterling would take our his AMC to move a sub for another defensive player. They would come out of their counter to more of an attacking game which lead them to two goals. With them coming out we still keep our foot on the petal and attacked even with only ten men and we would end the game tied 3-3.

5/7 (Frabaer Bikar, Game 16 on neutral ground)
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Another early goal for us would soon evaporate going into half. Second half both teams would have a penalty kick and they would be the only ones to covert it which set the stage for foreshadowing. We would get a late goal to tie it up. As the game would be tied we would head to a shootout and we would miss our first two as they would start off 1-2 (they missed the second). We finally got one, and a second missed give us some hope. Still it would be Louviksson who would miss to close the door on us as Delattre sealed the deal with an easy shot to the right corner. Second cup this year and we have let to win one.

5/11 (Champs League Semi Final Leg 2, Game 17 on the road)
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Sterling would do the unthinkable this game. He kept his attacking formation on the road with a 3-3 agg. He did however change up some tactics (possession a little longer and run at defense). It seemed to work out good as in the first ten minutes we would score a goal on three shots (2 on target) as they had four shots (0 on target). Things looked good and right afterwards Sterling would then change his tactics to bunker down. Real Madrid would then dominate possession and would start to show early and often. Our goalie Baldvisson would get the second goal in the game in the twenty-first minute as he would let and easy shot trickle off him to hit the post and go in. It wouldn't be until the last ten minutes of the game where Sterling would go back to his tactics that started the game and somehow on a free kick we would score the next goal to win the game.

5/15 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 18 at home)
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More shots with a little more on target but still only three goals in this game. Sure it is our bench opening up league play, but only 3 goals, and the first was an own goal. Coach Sterling has been unhappy with how this season is going and rumblings are that there is going to be some changes soon.

5/19 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 19 on the road)
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Sterling would change his tactics to run the way he had it against the second leg of Real Madrid and what a difference it has in league play. We put up a ton of shots (58 most ever in league play), and had 27 shots on target. We even had possession at a 58% clip which is impressive if you think of all the shots we had. Plus we only allowed one shot that wasn't on target. Sure are starters got to play, and sadly it wasn't at home in front of our crowd to see the 9-0 blowout.

5/24 (Borgunarbikar Third Round, Game 20 at home)
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With the reserves we would go back to the tactics he used the last four years for the cup match with his reserves and they wouldn't let him down. While two goals did come from our AMC Kristjansson our newcomer striker from last year continues to score when given the chances as Probjornsson would add one goal.

5/29 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 21 on the road)
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This game would all but seal the deal for coach Sterling. Another game where we didn't allow a single shot on target, but we couldn't even find the back of the net and we only had 5 shots ourselves on target. This would be on the road so thank god since our fans would probably have destroyed our stadium.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 5 in four appearances *Four in one game*
Top Assister: Two with 3 in four appearances

View attachment 89067
It's been a long time since we were in first place in the league, and I mean legitimately. Normally we aren't in first since we have lesser games played, but not this time as we tied a game and KA has came out on a tear. They actually have more goal difference than us! Which is probably the most upsetting thing about this month. Still we have KA, us and Grotta in the top three places which doesn't look like that will change as the end of the year. HK who tied us is sitting in seventh place and while KR is sitting in third (with a game up on Grotta) everyone else looks to be fighting for fifth place as 5-12 are between 2 and 6 points.

Three questions for the month:
1. After two fail cups, a somewhat sneaking by Real Madrid (although we never lost to them by both legs), and a tie in league play coach Sterling has officially changed his tactics. It might hurt our bench more than starters, and it will take a few games to get use to it, but enough is enough in Sterling's eyes of how this season has started.

View attachment 89065
2. Sure we sold him like 325K short of his value, but it is to another league team, and lets be honest he was the fourth man in a two man position so he wasn't getting any playing time. Yes he was young but hopefully one man at a time we cam start to boost up our league and hopefully he can grow into the person we believe he can. However, they don't have the staff or the training facilities so it might be all for not.

View attachment 89063
3. Sure the 150 million for a release clause for our goalie is a little absurd. Even Sterling said it. Still it's the Messi approach. He will all but be a legend for our team. If someone does want him they will have to pay arm and leg for him. Which Sterling money is that no one will pay 150 million for a keeper.
June 2033

Maybe these tactics aren't good with another cup final

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6/1 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 22 on the road)
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Newcomer Porbjornsson would score a hat trick in this game even if one shot came from the PK spot. Looks like this tactic is even good for the reserves as they posted double digits in shots (not a surprirse) and shots on target (big surprise). While they did have two shots, both on target, they were not really threatening to go in.

6/4 (Champions League Final, Game 23 on neutral ground)
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Apparently Chelsea tried to impose their size on us all match. The only thing that did was injury Eggertsson in the second half (looked worst than it really was) and pick up 6 yellow cards. Other than that our team just keep out hustling them even if it meant we didn't get a lot of shots off. While we did score two goals, which would of been plenty in this game, we did get the ref to give us two penalty kicks which we both converted as well to cruise in this final.

6/12 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 24 on the road)
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Eggertsson would be back for this game (unlike Bjornsson) and would find a goal in this game as well. It would be the first time with the new tactics that the opponent would find the back of the net. Not only did they find the net they found it twice. Still we would have two goals by the time they found the first one and still would be leading by one after they scored the second one fifteen minutes later. We would add one more insurance just before regulation was over to cruise to another league win.

6/15 (Borgunarbikar Fourth Round, Game 25 at home)
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Two goals in both halves would seal the deal for us as they could only manage one with fifteen minutes left in the game. Sure our first came on a PK kick, but the more impressive one was that we would get two goals on corners as our DR Louviksson would join in on Agnarsson fun (both had 2 goals).

6/19 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 26 at home)
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Fans were a little worried. Did enough time pass where opponents now know how to defeat our new tactics. After the first half we were down 1-0 and they had 4 shots to our 9, but all four were on target while only one was on target for us. Maybe our reserves will struggle with this against top flight teams. They would get a second goal five minutes into second half and as the grunts and boo's started to come from the fans we would find our first goal just two minutes later. Four minutes after we would tie up the game. In the 79th minute we would finally take the lead and would hold it to beat off KR with our reserves.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 5 in three appearances *Four in one game*
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in four appearances

View attachment 88934
We fall to third now, but this is what we are talking about. Grotta played two more games than us and only sits two points ahead of us in second. KR after falling to us in the league dropped down from fourth to fifth. Prottur R. somehow is climbing the ranks while already playing KA and us already. Now looks like we have a race for fourth place between Prottur R., KR, and Fylkir. Everyone else is fighting for 7th place as its all within five points. IR who si in relegation would easily come out with a win and a tie.

Three questions for the month:
View attachment 88933
1. 4 times in seven years says it all. That is even with change tactics after group stage as well. We only suffered one injury after group stage which really helped.

View attachment 88932
2. So we might not be top favorite to win it, but now even if we do we are not the biggest overacheivers. I wonder if next year it will finally place us as a front runner. Especially after winning 4 in 7 years.

View attachment 88931

3. How can we bench Bjornsson when we comes up big in every single competition for us? While he didn't win it this year he did finish second.
View attachment 88930
While only three of our players made it Real Madrid sent six! Actually it was all Spain and Iceland based teams to field the best XI. Shocking since our style is similar to theirs.
July 2033

One in Four Cups...ouch

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7/3 (Borgunarbikar Quarter Final, Game 27 on the road)
View attachment 88703
Honestly don't know what happened. We actually only had two shots in the first half while they only had one. Still only one goal should win it, which it would be true for this game. Problem was that we didn't score and wouldn't even make the finals for this cup. Another game on the road we can't win or tie...

7/7 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 28 at home)
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After a disappointing cup game coach Sterling would trot out his reserves again with the exception of Bjornsson who just came off an injury to play against the other top team in the division. We would get a Pk to break the 1-1 game and just three minutes after Vazquez would add his second goal to give us the win. While they did score the new tactics did hold the second best team in the league to just 8 shots with three on target. Yet we lost the game before?

7/13 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 29 on the road)
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They would score first and once before the whistle at halftime to go into half with a 2-1 lead. While they were winning we were dominating everything else. Their fans were hoping this could be like the normal game on the road for us and we would lose or tie. That wouldn't be the case as we would find four goals in the second half to easily walk away with a win.

7/17 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 30 at home)
View attachment 88700
Second straight start for the starters (Sterling wants the starters against third place Grotta coming up), and should of easily won 4-0, but would have to settle for three as we would miss a PK this game. We would pile on the shots and still maybe it was we ran out of gas late since we wouldn't score after three minutes after half.

7/20 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 31 at home)
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Reserves do love to play at home and the fans were treated to a treat in this game as Porbjornsson would have his second hat trick of the season (all three in the first half). They played very well for being last in our league and actually had the ball more than us in the game which usually doesn't happen. Still when you play a shell game you better hope you shut us out if not you get games with this.

7/24 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 32 on the road)
View attachment 88698
We would get our rematch from the Semi Final loss at the beginning of the month. I don't care if we had an own goal (well theirs) and a PK shot, a win is a win. And we would dominate despite them going into another shell and even scoring once on one shot on target. We would lose a player to injury but no worries since he is a reserve and not a starter.

7/27 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 33 at home)
View attachment 88697
When Grotta fans started to cheer for their first goal we would already have a three spot on the board. A team that didn't play a shell game we absolutely destroyed as they only had 3 shots in the game and we finally got to have possession again. Still 42 shots with 15 on target and only 3 goals we are starting to get back into a familiar let's-sleepwalk-in-the-league play. Which isn't good.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 4 in two appearances *Three in one game*
Top Assister: Three players with 2 in three appearances

View attachment 88696
We have a game over KA but still sit in first place with four points. Even with winning against KA and Grotta they both sit in second and third respectively. KR moves back into their fourth place trying to knock on the door, but doesn't seem to have enough to take over for Grotta. IR despite losing to us did get some ties and moved out of relegation for this month by one poin t. It looks as if the top four teams are set, so it's not a fight to see who will be the second team into the Euro Cup with Breioablik hanging on right now with a game in hand. They won't surprise everyone this year by finishing second and stealing Champs spot from KA.

Three questions for the month:

View attachment 88695
1. Another injury to Bjornsson and while it would of been a problem last two years we actually have decent strikes from spots 2-5 on our team. So not too worried, although its his third injury of the year.

View attachment 88694
2. Of course the KA game would break the attendance record for a league game. Oh well more seats means more money and we need it since we have a bunch of players running on the tail end of their contracts.

View attachment 88693
3. Not big into showing records being broken twice in a year, especially in a single month, but...This is against one of the relegated teams and we just broke it. Maybe we can continue this number through the rest of the year. What is it six more years before we can request to build another new stadium?
August 2033

Another Cup but Sterling doesn't care

View attachment 88469
8/4 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 34 at home)
View attachment 88468
Finally we score a goal within the first minute. It's been a long while but it wouldn't end there as we would add three more in the first half (three in the first fifteen minutes) and would score once more in the second half to win easily against a team would should of easily won.

8/9 (Super Cup, Game 35 on neutral ground)
View attachment 88467
Coach Sterling wouldn't trout out his starters in this cup (it seems like he has been doing this all this year except for Champs League), but the first half it would be exciting as we would go into half tied just like we started the game with a nil to nil score. Sure they had 14 shots in the first half to just our four, but we were still in it. However, the first two shots they would take in the second half would go in, and within a minute of the first one, as that would be all that was needed to dispatch our reserves. Still the second place money is good and Sterling has more of the league to worry about than this game.

8/15 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 36 at home)
View attachment 88465
In a game where the starters should of put up another five spot like the beginning of this month we would only manage three goals this game on just 32 shots. While they only had 4 total shots in the game coach Sterling was biting his nails as both shots on goals were clear cut chances from turnovers from our back line.

8/20 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 37 at home)
View attachment 88464
Three game this month we could of put up a five spot. We wouldn't just hit that mark this game but double it. Eggertsson would score four goals in this one himself with two of them coming off of free kicks. Halldorsson would get a hat trick with two of those off of rebounds. While scoring ten goals we did all them to split possession and get off 8 shots despite none of them were really challenges for us.

8/24 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 38 at home)
View attachment 88463
Newcomer fresh off of youth players coming in Kristinn Arnporsson would get his first two goals in this game. First one came from a penalty spot in which he was brought down on, and the second one right before the final whistle as he showed promise as a 16 year old.

8/28 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 39 on the road)
View attachment 88462
6 shots, 3 on target, and one clear cut chance for them. That one clear cut chance from a two-on-one counter from a terrible turnover deep in our final third would give the first allowed goal in the month. Still it wasn't too sad to be down as we cruised in this one and had all four of our goals scored before they found the back of the net.

Top Goalscorer: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 9 in four appearances *Four in one game*
Top Assister: Arnar Sveinn Margeirsson with 7 in four appearances

View attachment 88461
With just 5 games left and a 12 point lead we have all but claimed first place for the league. So much for either KA or Grotta trying to fight for first with us. Right now they are fighting for second as Grotta has a 5 point lead but KA has 4 fewer games played. Technically KA if winning four straight would only be five points behind us, but with us the only team without a loss and they have two it might be hard for them to do that. FH is already relegated while Fram is fighting with IR, IA, and Fylkir for the final spot.

Three questions for the month:

View attachment 88460
1. It's been awhile for one of our starting center backs to go down with an injury. Still it's only for two weeks so it wasn't that painful. We get to have him back for Champs League.

View attachment 88459
2. It's been awhile since we made it on the list for biggest underachievers. Well even the greatest coach in Iceland can be mortal sometimes and fall from his mighty perch.

View attachment 88458
3. Usually don't show this but lets talk about this for a moment. 2.3 million in payroll (currently at 1.1ish) which isn't that bad. Sure the 106 million for transfers are great, but for a league that doesn't give a lot of money back to teams say I spend half of that I would be in the red for they for around 65 to 75 million (depending on how much some new contracts are going to cost). I know we have money in the bank which is why you never see Sterling buy people and we are always sellers. Only promote from within.

September 3033

Only month we went undefeated?

View attachment 87792
9/6(Pepsi-deildin, Game 40 on the road)

View attachment 87791

Don't even know where to start. They would score first and get the last goal right before the final whistle (when does that ever happen?). I know our bench was starting, and we lost one player in the second half, but we still dominated most of the game. We ended up with more possession than them even if at half we were around 61 percent. Not the best way to start the month.

9/11(Pepsi-deildin, Game 41 on the road)
View attachment 87790

Apparently this month we allow late goals. Game was tied at half which wasn't that shocking since we were starting our reserves for the second straight game. Still we would score two goals within the first eleven minutes of the second half. Two minutes before stoppage time we would give up one. No problem even with three minutes of stoppage time. At 93:41 we somehow decided to see if we could tie again as we would pull a striker down in the box, but Baldvinsson said enough is enough and would dive right to block the penalty.

9/14 (Champions League Group E, Game 42 at home)
View attachment 87789
Sure they had 58 percent of possession. We were playing at home and, well...we dominate so why not keep our foot to the petal. We wouldn't crack their defense until the second half, but everything else was going well. That was until extra time and for the third straight game we decided to crumble and give up a goal. Although this time it was to an opponent that Sterling was okay with giving up a late goal. Not like in the league.

9/17 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 43 on the road)
View attachment 87788
Their only shot on target would coming in the final five minutes of the game off of an terrible pass from our right back, but some how we keep the clean sheet alive in this game. Plus it coming against Grotta is very impressive as we completely blew them out which shows why they are sitting in third place and don't even have a chance to sniff for first place.

9/21 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 44 at home)
View attachment 87787
Seven goals this game? An own goal, and a penalty kick would count for two goals for us. With that penalty it would give Arnporsson a hat trick which was good enough for the win but Kristjansson would add one more to give us a three goal win this game.

9/24 (Pepsi-deildin, Game 45 on the road)
View attachment 87786
Is it me or is it always ending up that I either play KA and KR as the final couple games of the year or KA and Grotta. Seems to always be and this year would be no different. Within the first ten minutes we would see two lead changes and three goals. After getting a quick goal to start the second half (I think our team was still stretching out) to cut the lead to one we would bump it back up to two with a goal to win the game. Not the best to end the year allowing four goals in the last two games.

9/27 (Champions League Group E, Game 46 on the road)
View attachment 87785
Despite our starters getting the start three days after the last game of the year they would come out hot to score two goals in the first ten minutes of the game. We would add two more in the second half to easily cruise in the group stage on the road to Dinamo who didn't look like it would even finish in the top three of our league if they were in it.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 4 in four appearances
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in four appearances

View attachment 87784
Curtain would fall and it would be Fulkir who would fall as well to get relegated with FH. Only did FH fail to score double digit points for the year (ouch that means they are terrible) as Fylkir tied with Fram with 20 but lost on goal difference. We ended up winning the league by a wide margin as we were the only undefeated team in the league. What was impressive is that Grotta, KA, KR (and of course Stjarnan) all had over +20 for goal difference for the season.

Three questions for the month:

View attachment 87783
1. 18-1 odds. Terrible. Still no love for our team. If my team is as good as Chelsea if not better how come we are not sitting at 11-1 like them? Oh well we won four times in the last seven years so yeah.

View attachment 87782
2. Can we have this for like every home game? That would be amazing so I wouldn't be losing money each year...

View attachment 87781
3. While this is great we need other teams to start building bigger stadiums as well. Why haven't KA build a stadium yet??? Or even Grotta for how much of a rise they been on?
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Rest of the year of 2033

Sterling plans are too...

View attachment 87692

10/18 (Champions League Group E, Game 47 on the road)
View attachment 87690
I don't know what is going on, but all I know is that there are rumblings inside that people are upset. No one will say what, but rumor has some bite as this game our team just looked to go through the motions and even when we scored it didn't seem like a big deal. Maybe cause we were heavy favorites (even on the road) or just we knew we were advancing but whatever the case where there is smoke there is fire.

11/2 (Champions League Group E, Game 48 at home)
View attachment 87689
At least our defense would show up in this game. Offense I am not really sure despite getting a hat trick from Eggertsson. Still while having 10 shots on target and 6 clear cut chances we only could manage three goals. More talk about chances coming seem to be having fans worried after the home game thrashing.

11/22 (Champions League Group E, Game 49 on the road)
View attachment 87688
Now with press reporters asking after the huge loss in which the team was fine with losing coach Sterling seemed a little on tilt in the press conference. While he didn't storm out he did say the players are going through the motions and that is about to change. Still it would be the first time in a long time where we didn't we get double digits shots in a champs game and only had 2 shots on target.

12/7 (Champions League Group E, Game 50 at home)
View attachment 87687
Nothing was said about the changes from the players nor coaches. However, a board member went on record saying this was a make or break game. While we did blow them out in a 5-0 game with 40 shots and 19 on target, there is talks that it wasn't good enough as a collective group and that changes are coming.

12/14 (FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final, Game 51 on neutral ground)

View attachment 87686
With some injuries to our attacking players we seemed to not miss a beat in the first game of the FIFA Club World Cup as we posted 8 goals on 37 shots while they only had 1. After the game coach Sterling did say some tweaks went into tactics and they are looking to change it up. While it wasn't the best competition to see how these changes will do, and are a work in progress, it looked like a more focus team on the pitch today.

12/17 (FIFA Club World Cup Final, Game 52 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87685
Another tweak to tactics for the final game of the year and in the finals of a cup and despite a miss penalty kick (straight at the keeper) we still would score two goals to cruise to a win. It looks like the defense has been getting reamed for how they played the past two months and had been exceptionally the last couple of games, but coach Sterling said this wasn't the final changes and doesn't know when. Which has some fans worried about tweaking tactics throughout the first half of the new year which means Champs League Quarters and such.

2033 End of Season Report

End of Season Report
Decided to just to an EOY report instead of a mid-season report. Mostly cause while the first half we see how far we go in the Champs it seems as most of the action is about how we do in the league. Which means if KA or Grotta can catch us for first finally, or if we will go perfect season again, to how our under 19 squad is and if we have any gems when our players get called to national team games. Plus consolidating the old season recap into the new one. Hopefully its a cleaner crisper look.

With that lets look at a quick breakdown of what happened:

Owner expectation: Winning it all
Analyst expectation: Winning it all
Results: Losing in the finals

Deildabikar Group Stage Results
View attachment 87574

Deildabikar Results (Group Stage and Playoffs)
View attachment 87573

View attachment 87572
6-0-1 record with a 20 goal difference and only a two point lead over second place KR. We out scored opponents 26-6 in group stage. Which 26 goals is a low scoring output for our team and giving up 6 goals is more than what we allow. Still after a early lost to IA we manage to win our group. We would get our revenge on IA in the Quarter Final, even if we were sweating a little with just a 2-1 win. Semi Final would be against a top team which we were expecting and this year it would be Grotta to take us to extra's before finally scoring a goal to go back to the finals. We only lost twice in the finals and never back-to-back years. This year that streak would end as KR would get the better of us (despite us being them in the group stage) as we would falter and lose a 0-1 nail bitter.

Champs League:
Owner expectation: Knockout Stage
Analyst expectation: Quarter Finals
Results: Won Champs League

Champs League Results
View attachment 87571

View attachment 87570
Another year we didn't win our group stage. We would end up with a 4-0-2 for 12 points in group but Altetico would beat us by a point with a 4-1-1 record. While our fans thought we should of won the group stage, and Sterling as well, I think the world still doesn't look at our team as a team that should. Weird that the top three teams (Altetico, Stjarnan, and Lyon) all allowed 11 goals in the group stage. Atletico lead with most goals with 19 but we were just one behind them. The knockout round were heavy favorites for both legs but didn't show it on the road as we tied 1-1, but easily won at home 3-0 to move on. When the draw came out that we had to play against Bayern our fans thought this was the end of the road for us. Surprising we were favorites in both legs (not heavy favorites from the round before) and while we tied again at their place 2-2 we felt comfortable going home. Still for the fortress we have build there it was a nail bitter as we would barely get pass them to face a team that we are their nemesis in Real Madrid. First game was played at our play and somehow we would play foolish, lose a player to a red and then the lead to tie at our place 3-3. This looked like the end of the road for us, but like Real Madrid fans know that its hard for them to beat us even if they take our best players. We would go on the road, change our tactics and the streak continues as we would go to the finals with a 2-1 win. Off to face Chelsea in which we were drawn as the away team and were the favorites. With the slight tweak to the tactics it wouldn't even be a contest as we would rout them 4-0 to bring home the trophy for the fourth straight year.

Owner expectation: Winning it all
Analyst expectation: Winning it all
Results: Won the league

League Results
View attachment 87569
Recap: We won by a easy margin over second place by 18 points. While most people though KA would give us a run for our money they again failed to finish second. They did manage to claim a chance to get back into Champs league after finishing third but Grotta for the second straight year grabs second place. The top three teams would all have over 40 points while the next three spots (for Euro Cup) ended with 38, 38, and 28 points. Heck 11 of the 12 teams in the league had 20 points and then there was poor lowly FH who got beat up by everyone, and only grabbing one win on the year, as they had 7 points. While going undefeated this year Sterling already admitted to changing up his tactics and will continue to do so until he is suffice enough and right now fans hope he has it locked down before league starts. We seen what happens when things start to fall off or NT call ups and the race for first becomes a little tighter.

Stjarnan Questions and Thoughts:
Biggest concern: Bjornsson having five injuries through the year. While he is only 27 Agnarsson got to start with the first team and did very well. While Sterling hasn't announced it yet, some players have said Bjornsson is now been demoted from the injuries to second squad. Concern is how well is he going to take this demotion. Will he be traded or are we really going to keep our highest played person on the reserve team?
Biggest shock: Losing both the Deildabikar and Frabaer Bikar in the same year. First time for that ever under coach Sterling.
What to do: Coach Sterling has won over 72 percent of his games and has won Champs League 5 times (in 8 years) and now is going to be messing with tactics? Is this really the best thing to be doing?
Can we have the cake now: Winning Champs league for the third straight year does that mean we can at least be one of the top favorites going into next year. We aren't losing any starters (unless you call the demotion of Bjornsson) so our team is only going to get better.
Undefeated, perfect, or disaster: We went undefeated this year in the league. It was disastrous for most cups (except for Champs and FIFA Club World). Will it be the same thing next year but for the opposite. Will we dominate locally but with the tactics will we lost in the major tournaments?
Will our offense production drop this year: We did jump up this year from the previous year to 86 goals. With a new player and new tactics evolving each game how will this effect our scoring. Right now it looks like smaller teams we will dominate, but the bigger teams it looks like from the couple of games already that it's more about controlling the pace and game to our will. That is great if it produces wins, but after this years cups there might be a smaller window if goals don't start to flow. Especially if we start to lose games as well.
Players moving: Again the key is Bjornsson. Again nothing is said that he is officially been demoted as Agnarsson did pick up an injury late in the year and will miss a couple of months. Still without him we do have some older players while not taking up a lot of money are seeing their attributes drop like rocks. Will they be traded, loaned out, or release? If so (there are at least 6 guys right now) will this effect the two squad roster Sterling has been using for the past decade or will he go back to using starting XI with just a few subs? Time will only tell as this will be a big year to see for some long standing names.
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2034 Tactics

It's official as the new year starts. Agnarsson is now been promoted to the starting Xi and Bjornsson has been moved down to play with the reserves. With the tactics only three roles have changed, but honestly the formation and instructions have mostly stayed the same. Defensive midfielder has now been changed to a Anchor Man to help stop fast breaks in the midfield. Both striker roles got changed. Now it's a Complete Forward (from Deep Lying Forward) and a Poacher (from Advance Forward). Still while he said mostly this will be the roles for the year he isn't against changing them. Now it is just coming down to team instructions he wants to tighten up.

Starters "A Team" Overview
View attachment 87427

Lost from last year: 27 year old S Magnus Por Bjornsson (moved to reserves)
New to this year: 20 year old S Andri Agnarsson (from reserves)

Reserves "B Team" Overview
View attachment 87426

Lost from last year: 20 year old S Andri Agnarsson (moved to starters)
New to this year: 27 year old S Magnus Por Bjornsson (from starters)

Weakest position: This is a big year for Andri Kristinsson. He has the ability and now we are looking to have that as his role has changed. While he is tied for worst as Margeirsson he showed a lot of promise last year playing (despite the turnovers which we are looking to correct this year). Right now if our defense falters it will mostly be on this guy.
Strongest position: Center backs. This will stay as the strongest position until Agnarsson comes into his own. While he has been outstanding its the same level as Bjornsson, but we need more. Yet our defense has been suburb for a long time now cause of these two. If they are healthy (which as you can see one player is already injured) we shouldn't worry about multiple goals being scored in a game unless our tactics fail us like they did at the end of last year.
Most talked topic leading into the season: What to do or what will happen with Bjornsson being relegated?
Biggest rumor leading into the year: Will Real Madrid snap up Bjornsson. If not will another team. I doubt we will get his release clause but even half of that (75 million) would be outstanding. Still will get a lot of time on the pitch so his value shouldn't decrease.
Trouble on the horizon: Wing backs and our defensive midfielder. A lot of turnovers by these three players last year. Sure they are all young, but if we want to stop losing cups games or even tying games we need to stop allowing easy turnovers that turn into clear cut chances from point blank shots.

Average Age of starters: 22 years 7 months
Average Age of reserves: 22 years 8 months

Of Note: With the release of D3 new seasons a week ago (or was it 2 weeks) either way I kind of hit the game hard and are a couple of seasons in. So I guess I need to go back to posting 2 times a day. Since I am hitting 2034 and currently in 2038 I do have some catching up. So there will be a lot of activity for a couple of days until I hopefully catch up.

February 2034

Was looking great until the end

View attachment 87357

2/19 (Deildabikar, Game 1 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87356
Second straight year we open up against them. Some tweaks to our tactics and them bam! our fans are liking it. A 4-0 with all four goals coming in the first half. While we didn't have our 20 plus shots in the game they only could manage 5 (despite 3 on target) and posted a shutout. One note that Sterling said needed to change was the possession. While they came out pass happy in the midfield to allow them to possess the ball as long as they did their is a bit concerning.

2/22 (Champs League Knockout Stage Leg 1, Game 2 at home)
View attachment 87355
Another two quick goals in the first fifteen minutes of this game and would end up winning 3-0. This time playing against Benfica we did press a little more as they were trying to hold the ball, so the 52 percent possession is a lot better. Still against a quality team it isn't the best to allow them to have that much time on the ball. We did limit their shots, especially clear cut chances (just one) and shots on target (three) out of twelve shots.

2/25 (Deildabikar, Game 3 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87354
With the reserves playing against KR you would think this would be an easy game. 41 shots later with just 14 on target the game ends in a 0-0 tie. Sure we held them to 3 shots and both shots on targets were clear cut chances, but Sterling said some more tweaking needs to be done. It's bad when the top two players for the game were center backs for our team.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Halldorsson with 2 in one appearances *Magnus Por Bjornsson had 2 in two appearances*
Top Assister: Arnar Sveinn Margeirsson with 2 in one appearances *Arnar Freyr Gunnarsson had 2 in two appearances*

View attachment 87353
So we are sitting in second place. It's only two games, and we didn't lose it so that is a positive. So far these tactics are decent and luckily coach Sterling is making a small change here and there so it's no so drastic for the players to get overwhelmed. Still with the top six teams all with in three points after two isn't too surprising. Only Afturelding and Fjolnir have no chance of advancing.

Three questions for the month:

View attachment 87352
1. Almost 100K in sponsorship's a year? Wahoo!!!

2. Despite the tie fans in a polling are 50/50 if changing tactics right now is the right thing to do. Yet he is our coach and a great one so fans aren't too worried yet.

3. Coach Sterling has announced that no teams are really interested in Bjornsson so for now his highest wages a week will be playing with the reserves. Luckily they get a lot of playing time so it's not that bad. Just when it comes to big games he won't be playing in. So if anything he might take over the scoring in the league by playing with the reserves since they seem to get more league games than the starters.

March 2034

5 games...19 goal difference

View attachment 87321

3/4 (Deildabikar, Game 4 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87320
First game the starter would get to play in the Deildabikar and what a showing as we posted a 9-0 win. Both strikers would score in this game with Eggertsson only having one which was the first goal of the game. Agnarsson would score 7 goals in the first half (three on set pieces) and get his 8 goal just three minutes in the second half. Not only did we dominate possession we had 34 shots with 21 on target. Fans might be liking these tactical changes with results like this.

3/11 (Deildabikar, Game 5 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87319
Our reserves would get a chance to out score the starters from a team we have never played before. While they put up similar stats in shots (29 with 11 on target) and 60 percent possession we could only manage three goals. Sterling said he is now going to make a tactic just for his starting XI and now one for the reserves as the higher tempo might be getting to the reserves in rushing play and shots.

3/14 Champions League First Knockout Round Second Leg, Game 6 on the road)
View attachment 87318
We would come back down to earth in this game. Modest 17 shots in this game and only a paltry 4 shots on target. Yet we managed to walk away on the road with a 2-1 win. Still starters are getting beat on possession and while it might be a problem for most teams as along as we are winning that's the only stat that matters for Sterling and company.

3/18 (Deildabikar, Game 7 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87316
Starters would get the start since we have a full weak to rest for the next game and while we did easily win 5-0 the fans were expecting to see another thrashing. You can't win by 8 or so each game, but allowing no shots on target our defense for our starting XI looks to be on point.

3/29 Champions League Quarter Final First Leg, Game 8 on the road)
View attachment 87315
Another home game and another big team we struggle on offense and possession with. We still came out ahead as we only had 2 shots on target, but both were clear cut chances in which we converted. They would have 2 shots on target, only one clear cut chance, and would end the game as they started it with zero goals.

Top Goalscorer: Andri Agnarsson with 10 in four appearances *Had 8 goals in one game*
Top Assister: Hjorvar Eggertsson with 4 in four appearances

View attachment 87314
Both us and KR climbed into our positions everyone assumed we be in after this month. We sure dominated and even with that tie we are leaps and bounds better than anyone else in our group as he are the only team with a double digit goal difference. Only stat we aren't competing in is the Player of the Match as no one has more than one for our team.

Three questions for the month:

View attachment 87313
1. 8 goals in a game snaps both records for team and Deildabikar. Both have been holding for more than a decade.

View attachment 87311
2. Our youth players are mostly staying in our league. Don't know if this is good or now since we only had 10 players from the top five clubs with five coming from us.

3. Something is still missing from both starting XI and reserve tactics that Sterling can't quite seem to put his finger on. He said he continue for how long it will take until he figures it out. While fans were hoping it wouldn't go into the league play it just might, but they aren't that worried if the scoring is still going to be coming in bunches without allowing hardly any goals which we haven't allowed more than one in a game so far.
April 2034

Three times in a row

View attachment 87147

4/1 (Deildabikar, Game 9 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87146
Coach Sterling would tweak his forwards for his reserves to be both poacher type players and paid big dividends in the first game as Bjornsson would score twice and both strikers would pick up an assist. Still some work needs to be done, but Sterling was proud from from his new roles did even if it wasn't against the best competition. Still a shutout for the team is keeping fans happy especially since we are holding most teams to fewer than 7 shots a game so far.

4/4 (Champs League Quarter Final Second Leg, Game 10 on the road)
View attachment 87145
While the starters didn't get an overhaul it was a great game with the minor tweaks they got. With them scoring first, and playing on the road, it wasn't that big of a deal for Sterling with the new tweaks. Then came two goals to give us the lead. They would manage to tie the game, but despite being on the road we were playing like it was a home game and took the attack to them. It paid off as we would score two more times. They would get a late goal which Sterling hopes is not going a trend like last year.

4/16 (Deildabikar, Game 11 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87144
Bjornsson hasn't complain let for being on the reserves and why should he since he is mostly scoring a little over one goal a game so far. This wouldn't be any different as he would have a hat trick despite two goals coming in the final ten minutes of regulation. Still a 5-0 win with only 2 shots and 0 on target is giving them hope for when the tournament and league starts that they can keep playing with the reserves.

4/20 (Deildabikar Quarter Final, Game 12 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87143
Starters would finally see local play and despite the happiness before the game from fans they were left a little sad from only 2 goals on 37 shots. Credit needs to go to their goalie who was under siege thewhole game and played better than we seen even from Champs League opposition.

4/23 (Deildabikar Semi Final, Game 13 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87142
Our first test for our reserves. While it wasn't a great scoring game for us as we only found one goal in the second half we actually looked like an 1B team instead of just reserves as we dominated the whole game. While they did have a bunch of shots, still not in double figures, it was a very good game for us. Although only one goal means there might need to be some final third tweaking done said coach Sterling after the win.

4/26 (Champs League Semi Final First Leg, Game 14 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87141
Major tweaking needs to be done for our starters. Either we were looking ahead to the Deildabikar final, which the starters aren't even going to play in, or they were just jet lag cause they would score within the first minute. Then would score within the first three minutes in the second half. While they dominated the possession it was mostly cause of errant passes to, well, it was clean passes to the other team that give them mostly their possession. Still we would find a goal late to make it manageable.

4/29 (Deildabikar Final, Game 15 on neutral ground)
View attachment 87140
First true test for our bench against arguably the second best team in the league (even though they don't finish in that spot). Our bench would pound shot after shot, but in a game where nothing was falling all it would take would be one. One just two shots on target for them they would get a goal in the first half. We would have four shots on target in the second half alone with two clear cut chances, but tonight wasn't our night as we would fall for the third straight year in this cup.

Top Goalscorer: Magnus Por Bjornsson with 7 in four appearances *Hat trick in one game*
Top Assister: Two with 3 in four appearances

View attachment 87139
We would go undefeated in the group play with a 6-1-0 record and would take first but just one point over KR (their only loss was to us). While we didn't win it all this year at least once we got to the playoffs it wasn't a fight for our lives or extra time. Sometimes you play well but don't score and that is sadly what happen in the finals. Normally just we are outplayed but it wasn't the story this year. If anything it looks that despite our reserves they can still play with starting XI's in this league without fear of losing now.

Three questions for the month:
View attachment 87138
1. For only playing in a handful of games Andri Agnarsson lead all goalscorers with 10 goals. It's been awhile since we had anyone of the top three spots.

View attachment 87137
2. Lets see if KA can actually finish second this year. Still I don't think they care as long as they have a chance of going to Champs League and getting money. They have fallen from rich to just secure in finances.

3. I don't know if the money has dried up or whatnot but teams haven't been trying to buy a lot of players from our leagues and we haven't been buying any expensive players. I don't know if they are working from within (although most stadiums and facilities seems to stay the same) but teams seem to be progressing each year even the bottom half in our division.