Feb 3, 2013
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Hello there i have decided to log my progress with my f.c united save this wont be a story as such and updates might be a bit random. For example a good cup run, player progress and also 3 monthly result updates. This is my first time doing this so it might not be pretty but it will get better suggestions welcome!!! I am currently in league 1 with f.c united after winning every league from the northern premier upwards all with first time promotions with exception to the blue square premier which took me 3 years. The reason i have waited this long to start this is because i wanted to be sure of a long term save rather than something i would just abandon. I will now show some screen shots to give you an idea of where i am at with this save.

The Squad

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Not a great squad but not the worst either

The tactics
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Mr L's Rock classic is the main formation this season

The Facilities
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Nothings changed here poor facilities and still playing at Gigg lane

The finances
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Not great not a disaster though

Key players
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Lost My first Game of the season 4-3 to Barnsley after being 3-1 up so not good but the team are still getting fluid in the tactics. Beat Leicester 2-1 in Capital 1 cup though. Really hopeful i can get promotion this year and hopefully win the league we will see though. Next update will be a 3 monthly one unless anything special happens
July/August Results

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As you can see thing got better after the Barnet game. Defence is still a little dissapointing to watch though but as long as im winning i dont care too much. also through to the third round of the league cup after this win

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Beat prem league side west ham on penalties should of won this in normal time but my left back is a ***!! Big win for me though as im usually rubbish in the cups something which has haunted me on most save

Player of the month

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This guy was my best player last season and looks to be carrying on that form scoring seven in six. Im really proud of this player as i have developed him from a sixteen year old and spent a lot of time training him and its really paying off. a big thanks has to go to Cleon his training guides have helped me understand so much more about fm13.

On a side note i may be being stupid but does anyone know how i make the pictures bigger plz?

Once you have uploaded the picture and before you post it, double click the picture and it allows you to select a size :) Good result against West Ham, will be interesting if you get drawn against Manchester United in any of the cups!
Cheers man! Yeah been hoping for a dream tie at old trafford.... but i got bolton wanderers at home!!! haha hopefully i can keep up the good form and give myself a chance!
September Results

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Started the month of with a 2-2 all draw against Tranmere and then went on a flyer with some great results including a 2-1 win against championship Bolton in the league cup even kept a clean sheet right up until the York game where my own player ended that run with one of the best own goals ever.

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Second in the league with a game in hand and 2 points behind Wycombe not
bad at all !!

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r This guy is fast turning out to be the best striker i have ever had and i have done a lot of saves on fm13. He is just amazing and im so proud becasue i feel like i have had a big part to play in this guys development unfortunately though im not gonna be able to keep him. His wage demands have doubled and i cant afford him so at the end of the season he is gone im afraid. On the bright side i should get well over a million for him and i have a replacement coming in january.
Oh and i forgot to mention i got that manchester derby i wanted but not with United. City at home !!
will be keeping a eye on this has i have a fc utd save going nice results you have had pity about that st greedy git keep it up
October Results

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Well What a month that was! only 2 goals conceded in the league never looked like losing any of the league games and Gibbs is stll on fire. The city game was mental i was 3-0 up at half time i honestly could not believe my eyes but my players where knackered and the inevitable happened in the second half. They got 3 goals back route 1 straight over my defence to take it to extra time and in the 119th minute Aguero broke our hearts.

Broke Our record attendance at the city game
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Player of the month
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Played well setting up lots of goals for Gibbs and co. Now making noises about joining a bigger club i have talked him round but Cardiff are interested January should be intresting

nice going mate and the rock tac is 1 **** of a tac
Its amazing mate truly amazing apart from a core of stand out performers my team is average at best (they all have good mental stats though which is key in my opinion) but this tactic makes them look like stars! I honestly believe we would have cained city if my team was not so tired!
i know what you mean on my guernsey save first season i had won the league after 32 games its that awsome
its going ok first seson won the northen prem with old rock and im 2nd in bsn 2points off top useing the new rock
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Hey Trinity,

It's quite easy to insert the FC United team logo into your game, if you want. PM me if you need help - I have the large and small versions done for my game and can tell you how to modify the two config files so it knows which images to show.
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Hey Trinity,

It's quite easy to insert the FC United team logo into your game, if you want. PM me if you need help - I have the large and small versions done for my game and can tell you how to modify the two config files so it knows which images to show.

do you have the kits?
No - I don't have the kits. There is a guy on the Neoseeker site who does fantasy kits by request. First come first served and he has a bit of a backlog at the moment, but he does them for free so you can't grumble:

re: PJPIP's fantasy kit request thread - Page 5 - Football Manager 2013 - Neoseeker Forums

Do you have the FM2013 Data Editor? You can get it for free from Steam. I did manage to create my own AFC Totton kit on there, but I don't remember exactly how I saved and exported it.
November Results

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Through to the 2nd round of the F.A cup after a easy win over Newport county. Then carried on our good form up until the Bradford game where we had a bad a result and the same story at Portsmouth lots of chances none taken couple of bad days at the office ! Finished the month off with a good win against relegation threatened Leyton Orient.

League table
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Still in a really good posistion with 2 games over on my rivals

Goal of the month
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Gibbs wins goal of the month but has been a little too quiet really thinking about cashing in this january

Player of the month
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Billington has had a good month filling in at left back and gets player of the month