FM 2007 Records

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I think I have one for the lowest goals per match ratio.


Its a bit small sorry, but is says 113 games played - 115 goals conceded (1.0 p/m)
Heres a couple to fill up the gaps for now

Highest Goals Per Match
Lowest Goals Conceded Per Match
Updated, feel free to let me know of errors.
hi i got one for quickest hat trick 7 minutes
:eek: oh sorry i just clicked on what it means by at least 50 posts required i take me hat trick back lol sorry
haha your lucky then arn't you, because they were both very quick time's aswell lol would have been hard to beat. :)
Got a few records coming up from a first class season. The Premiership is in the bag and a CL semi against Tottenham coming up...
Most Wins
Least Conceded
Highest Goal Difference
Most Points

Most League Goals In A Season
Lowest goals conceded per match ratio
Highest goals per match ratio
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