FM Chairman Game

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May 3, 2010
Okay the rules are basically the same as the previous game with a few little tweaks and improvements, hope you guys like


1. You will be the Chairman of your chosen club meaning you can set budgets, hire and fire as much as you want but beware the financial implications of doing so.

2. When and if you decide to fire a Manager you must payout the remainder of his contract, if you look to hire a manager from a fellow Premiership Club you must come to an arrangement with your fellow Chairman, if you decide to hire a manager from a club overseas you must calculate the remainder of his contract plus 50% as a compensation package, if the Manager you choose to hire is a free agent PM me your contract offer and I shall take care of it! Only Managers with like for like reputation will be accepted eg Jose Mourinho managing Wigan is Unrealistic.

3. Transfer and Wage budgets are decided by you, this sum can be whatever you choose but beware if you dont win some silverware or profit from player sales you may well see your club decline and enter the woe's and heartbreak that is Administration.

4. When the Game starts please PM me your Wage and Transfer budgets, and then you may announce it on the thread.

5. Transfers - Okay the easy part first, you may make as many Chairman to Chairman transfers and loans as you like, as there is no way to properly loan players through FMRTE i will add them to your swuad and then remove them at the end of the season.

Lower League Transfers - you may make up to 4 lower league transfers per transfer window at a cost of 2 times the players current value. Wages should be 2 times the players current pay pack.

International Transfers - you may make 2 international transfers at 3 times the players current value, if there is a realease clause then which ever value is the lowest.Wages should be 2 times the players current pay packet.

Free Transfers - as there is a lack of quality players in the first transfer window I will not provide a list of uncontracted players, if you come across a uncontracted player PM me and there will be a player auction with the highest bidder winning.

There will be a 3 day Transfer window from the day that the last player signs on, but feel free to start scouting and to PM me with your international targets!!

After the first season has passed I will provide a list of the top 50 free players according to reputation and a player auction shall follow, again if there is a player you wish to sign that is not on the top 50 list the same goes as before PM me and I will have an indvidual auction with the highest bidder winning!

Okay now for the lead in, I will provide screenshots of all results on a week to week basis including FA Cup, League Cup, Uefa Champs League and Europa League (if your team is participation) and a screen shot of the League table every 4 weeks, for the final 8 rounds of the season I will post the League table at the end of every round so you can see the lead in to the Championship or Relegation battle!!!

These are the Clubs that are available....

Arsenal - StoddyRope 3666
Aston Villa - AndyEs
Blackburn Rovers - BeadStarr
Bolton Wanderers - TheultimeFMgod
Chelsea - Wonderkid360
Everton - TomfSoccer
Fulham - messithegreatest
Liverpool - Smithc71
Manchester City - Nirmit11
Manchester United - ikky123
Newcastle United - Geordie9809
Norwich City - Haro 101
QPR - King James
Stoke City - Eoin McG
Sunderland - Ronan
Swansea City - fribbsy
Tottenham Hotspur - Quincy1995
West Bromwich Albion - AM95
Wigan Athletic - Jamo456
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Ukfootballscore

All the teams Manager Costs and Fiscal Reports are Below

Managers Contracts: Name, Wage, Contract Length, Cost To Remove

Arsenal - Arsene Wenger - 115k - 2014 - £17.94m

Aston Villa - Alex McLeish - 40k - 2014 - £6m

Blackburn Rovers - Steve kean - 25k - 2013 - £2.6m

Bolton Wanderers - Owen Coyle - 15k - 2012 - £780,000

Chelsea - Roberto Di Matteo - 15k - 2012 - £780,000

Everton - David Moyes - 50k - 2013 - £5.2m

Fulham - Martin Jol - 30k - 2013 - £3.12m

Liverpool - Kenny Dalglish - 40k - 2014 - £6.24m

Manchester City - Roberto Mancini - 100k - 2013 - £15.6m

Manchester United - Sir Alex Ferguson - 80k - 2012 - £4.16m

Newcastle United - Alan Pardew - 9.5k - 2016 - £2.47m

Norwich City - Paul Lambert - 10k - 2012 - £520k

QPR - Mark Hughes - 55k - 2014 - £8.58m

Stoke City - Tony Pulis - 20k - 2012 - £1.04m

Sunderland - Martin O'Neil - 20k - 2012 - £1.04m

Swansea City - Brendan Rodgers - 12k - 2014 - £1.87m

Tottenham Hotspur - Harry Redknapp - 46k - 2013 - £4.78m

West Bromwich Albion - Roy Hodgson - 35k - 2012 - £1.82m

Wigan Athletic - Roberto Martinez - 13k - 2014 - £2.02m

Wolves - Terry Connor - 10k - 2012 - £520,000

Mail me your budgets! Remember don't be too ambitious, administration could happen to anyone!
ill tell the transfers in the update, but every chairman has to tell me transfers so i update them and once every team is taken i will set a time for transfers to be in by. I will need confirmation from both chairmen.
Enjoy Guys!
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May 3, 2010
Everyone please mail budgets as soon as possible and also tell me your name so in the updates i dont say for example:
"Man Utd Chairman, Ikky123 has sacked Fergie" etc, thanks!


Jan 12, 2012
Seeing as ive just had a loan offer for Lukaku heres the guys available for loan :
Malouda + all other reserves.Ta!
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