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PATCH 17.3.2

Just a very quick note to say we've released update 17.3.2 for Football Manager 2017. This is just to update the in-game Twitter to work with the latest version.

Given the minimal changes the update should be relatively quick to download. As always if you encounter any problems we suggest restarting Steam to enable it to complete.


There are almost no changes at all so I think it shouldn't be too hard for Panos99 to update Fitness Coach and I hope that he'll do that ;)

I hope so , you cant test tactics without Fitness coach
PMing him increases probability that he will notice our requests to update the tool :)

Hmm ive sent one but its not showing as to whether its been sent , its not showing up in the sent bit in the messages
Sent a PM , as of yet i havent heard anything back from him

Does anyone else know how to do Fitness Coach ?
Looks like we won't be getting an updated Fm Fitness coach , i wish i knew how to do it
Good news, I'll be releasing it in the morning! Sorry for the delay, I'm working during this summer and I find it difficult to get some free time!
Still no way to get a 32-bit version of the fitness coach?
New version in the first post.

@Arashiryuu No chance at least on FM2017.
hey i have a problem with the fitness coach...
i can run the full condition part without problems but if i start the full tactical familarity part the program just stops working.
anyone had the same issue or know how 2 solve it?