Sep 13, 2014
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HI Football Manager fans :)

I will post here some tactics , because i dont want to create new post for every tactic :)

New tactic is uploaded !!! 4-1-3-2 from Dimartino

Important !!!

Mentality for all tactics is Counter . I recommended to you use always Counter mentality in Away games , but when are you at Home and if you are a Favourite change mentality to Standard !!!

Tactics not need manual Marking !!!
Tactics work with Instant Result !!!

For all tactics use this Opposition Instructions :

View attachment 220160

For all tactics use this Training Instructions :

Pre Season :

View attachment 220159

Season :

View attachment 220158

During the pre-season I recommend to play as many friendly matches as possible(no less than 7 matches) in order to have the tactic fully fluid at the start f the season. Also I recommend to choose weak opponents for friendly matches in order to insure big wins and have "Superb" morale for the team at the start of the season.

General Training :
Main Focus - Pre Season ( Team Cohesion - High or Very High )
- Season ( Balanced - Avarage or High )
Match preparation :
"Match Tactic" until the tactic is fully fluid then I change to 30%-40% Def. Positions.


Only DL and DR should take the corners in order to make / Short Corner / setup work.
Only DL and DR and Central Defenders should have / Long Flat Throw / PPM and take the throws in.


AML or ML should be right footed or have Fairly Strong , Strong rating for the right foot
AMR or MR should be left footed or have Fairly Strong , Strong rating for the left foot

There are 6 most popular Tactics :

Tactic :

4-1-2-2-1 Formation

View attachment 220161

DOWNLOAD THE TACTIC 4-1-2-2-1 >>> View attachment 963953

Tactic :

4-2-3-1 Formation

View attachment 220162

DOWNLOAD THE TACTIC 4-2-3-1 >>> View attachment 963958

Tactic :

4-4-2 Formation

View attachment 220163

DOWNLOAD THE TACTIC 4-4-2 >>> View attachment 963962

Tactic :

4-1-4-1 Formation

View attachment 220164

DOWNLOAD THE TACTIC 4-1-4-1 >>>> View attachment 220169

Tactic :

4-4-1-1 Formation

View attachment 220166

DOWNLOAD THE TACTIC 4-4-1-1 >>>> View attachment 220165

Tactic :

4-1-3-2 Formation ( Dimartino )

View attachment 219950

DOWNLOAD THE TACTIC 4-1-3-2 >>> View attachment 964498

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Waoo..thx for this :) My favourite formation is 4-4-2 :) I will test it with my Southampton :)
15.3.2 best ?

All 5 tactics is for 15.3.2 :) Choose your favourite formation and play with it :) Performance between tactic is almost identical.
If you want to score many goals i recommended to you 4-2-3-1 formation , if you want to conceded fewer goals i recommended to you 4-1-4-1 formation :)
What level of individual trainings will be safe for health of players?
By analogy
Really to create tactic for 2 DMC with 2 IF - 4-2DMC-3-1 ?

Sorry for my bad english
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Sorry for my bad english[/QUOTE]8

Yes . Tomorrow i will upload it. :)
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pls make tactic 41221 with quick counter and wing cross to tall cf
sorry for my bad eng.
thx a lot