Jul 7, 2010
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This is the thread to put all your random or funny screenshots or videos, I will kick of proceedings just like I did last year, every year the Steam workshop integration gets better every year but this year is a whole other level!

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I was pleased to see Wenger stay on as DoF when starting an arsenal save, he would normally stay in obscurity for a year then retire in previous FM's. Playing as another team he would always retire after the first 1/2 seasons, also (after winning CL in most cases (6)).
I liked the Wenger as DoF touch, I may start a save with them eventually but as off right now I want to dominate Europe for a few years with Manchester City and won't stop until I have Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo in my team :D (when that happens, 1 more year then start new real long term save)

Anyway, Guardiola got sacked and was replaced by Carlo Ancelloti (who has been ******* amazing at Bayern) and now Liverpool after sacking Jurgen Klopp have gone and done this: (in case you didn't notice, Josep Guardiola is about to become manager)

EDIT: It's done. Liverpool have appointed Guardiola in charge of a middle-table team (in FM.. there ******* atrocious - never finish above 10th in my saves)
I made my manager bald whilst tweaking him and realised that I realised that I had accidentally created a fairly decent Henry lookalike.

Nice one. At what date was that announced?
It's usually August 2017 from what I have read, which I am approaching so I will let you know in this thread if I remember :D
So Chelsea sign Texeira and immediately transfer list him for double the price.

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I can't believe they actually agreed to that! Not only am I rid of his wages, I even got £30m up front for him!
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Playing against kids who are two years younger than you? Beating the **** out of them, causing five (!) injuries in one match? And still losing out 0-1? English football, everyone.
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Check out the bottom half of the table at the end of December (second season). I know it's too much to hope for, but PLEASE get relegated, PLEASE! It would just be so hilariously funny...