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very good results. which training use ?
very good results. which training use ?

Honestly don't think it matters much, but I use this once the tactic is 100% fluid, before that I use match tactics with slider 1 more to the left and "team cohesion" instead of balanced. I don't change until 100% fluid, not even 99%. But again, I don't think it matters much at all once the tactic is fluid.
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And could anyone add a screenshot of team instructions please as I am using touch on tablet
Are you guys using both versions, or just one of them?
Knap, if i use Standard at home and Counter away, which of your other tactics would you use as a Plan B (for the 3rd slot?)
Screenshots are on SI forum.

The std version may be slightly better underdog tactic but both P&p. WOF 3430 may add variety
anybody feel, that instant result gives better results as you see the match in only text mode? or the assistant manager do a better job during the match as i :D
anybody feel, that instant result gives better results as you see the match in only text mode? or the assistant manager do a better job during the match as i :D

I do yes. But I don't think the assistant has much influence when you simulate matches.

I rushed through 2 seasons with FC United and I got some results I'm not sure I even dare post. :p Will get some up in a bit though. But obviously my assistant with FCU is kinda ****, so I'm not convinced he should get much credit.
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FCU Season 1

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FCU Season 2 - revenge on the arsenal

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With a few decent loan deals 2nd season, we have 2 players at 10x ability, 5 at 9x, 8 at 8x, and the rest 7x and below. Jack Byrne (100) and Thomas Lam (108) the two best (both on loan). This made us about on par with the best teams in the Vanarama National, so winning the league was a given really. FA Cup though... although we got a pretty easy ride to the semi-finals, it's still insane.

So we're in League 2 and Europe, with a bunch of plumbers and carpenters. I can't remember ever doing that, even back when it was called Championship Manager. Maybe in CM03/04 with Diablo tactic. Should be a fairly easy ride up to Premier League now with the reputation increase and money in the bank.

My mate is doing the same kind of save. He's done just one season, but he got to the semi-finals in the FA cup beating bburn, sunderland, leicester and liverpool before crashing out to man utd. He's also using instant result (simulate match), so maybe that really is better, I dunno. These results are amazing anyways.
Mate, show please screenshot of your game details. How much time you make saves. This tactic is really great. But I'm not sure in your honest of the result

Don't really see the point. I use rolling autosaves so I got about 40 saves and 10 hours played time. If you really wanna see that, sure I'll post it.

Even if I did reload matches, how many times do you think it would take to beat Arsenal with a Vanarama National team, seriously? Like 500 timers if the tactic was ****? 100 times if it was good? 50 times if it was amazing? I dunno what kind of computer you have, but on mine just starting the game up takes about 3 minutes. I'm not gonna spend 5 hours reloading just to get far in the FA Cup dude. I don't have that kind of time on my hands.

Believe what you want, I couldn't care less. Meanwhile me and my mate is having some of the most fun moments ever in our time with CM and FM.