GOODBYE 3430 Knap FM 17.3.1

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This is still the daddy of all tactics for FM17 imo. Continued success. I pair it with TFF’s overload and time wasting tactics. Artisan’s teamtalk guide also works brilliantly with this.

Best tactic for this year. He has an attacking version on SI forum which I use for easier matches and also a direct version for when it is wet.
Knap, what do you do for team talks?

I normally leave them to my *** man, but i've been thinking lately i'd have better success and more fun actually doing them myself.
Hands down, GOODBYE 3430 was the perfect tactic in FM17; not matter which club you got. Amazing work from Knap, hope to produce similar in FM19.
I dont know why but I love fm 2017 and this tactics I just back to game for a make a some nostalgia but I cant find this tactic anywhere anyone can help me plz :cry:
After my last post in this thread I wasn't going to post in here again as I normally move on to something different - however I had to post again becourse something surreal happened :D

Earlier today I showed a screenshot of zero conceedes in 18 matches as a question in another thread - Someone said I was teasing & someone said the screenshot is fake :D - I documented the rest of the season in my friends Skype Chat - If anyone should be annoyed its him :D

I believe that some of the guys however thought I was about to present a new tactic - I'm gonna dissapoint people if that is the expectation - I am gonna present to you what happened however - I will also tell you the secret or some might call it magic :D

This is the Ajax story continued with Goodbye 3430 - Counter Version - 20/21 season

24 matches played


25 matches played

72 matches won in a row

26 matches played

27 matches played

28 matches played

29 matches played

30 matches played

31 matches played

32 matches played

33 matches played

34 matches played

CH League Final - Stadium Santiago Bernaneu - VS Real Madrid

**** so close to go ZERO conceedes in the league - we failed in the end - but somehow it cannot be counted as a fail - We won all trophy's possible - I'll take that and then somebody can try and beat the defensive record in the meantime :D

The Final League Table - Combined


So what did I do? - What really was the secret? :D

Training All Season Long - Rinse & Repeat :)


Normally - I would go team cohesion for the most of it - I only did that in preseason and then the above recipe - which is not really a trick - But keeping it at Tactics might seem a bit weird since I'm already fluid - This is by the way something I also saw back in fm13 other people did - So I went for it - I do feel that if you go either defensive positioning or attacking movement something renders in the match stats and in play - I feel you become worse defensively if you go attacking movement and I feel a bit on edge doing that - if I go defensive positioning which has been my preferred style for a while - I feel solid but my players seems to be inefficient - both styles have negative effects somehow - and I know it sounds really crazy me saying this becourse match preparation shouldn't have that big effect - maybe its just superstition :D - but it worked and I want you to try it and see what happens in your game - atleast for a season :)

This could ofcourse be my 1st 11 that did all this and rendered the match preparation useless anyway :)

1st 11


Quaia is a tall regent simular to someone Tall and strong :)

I like to have quicker BPD left and right - and then a Tall man in the middle with lots of anticipation decision and concentration - bonus if he's quick too.

The others you should know - the star wingback Semedo got sold - so I used Troupee a dutch wingback in game instead - not a big name - but he's ok. I will say though - I have a feeling that you can successfully retrain wingers like Mbappe or someone who is good at finishing and get more goals out of your WB's - you should experiment with that.

Shadows are quality regents no point in showing them - they are decent - To reflect Vietto do better though.

I think the BWM are very important here - Walace is a quality one of those - linking defence and the transition phase very well - I know for a fact though you can be very successful with a creative dlp type in this position and if they have a great longshot I will not say no to that :)

The Dutch League - The Portuguese League and all of the Small Leagues - are ofcourse not the most intimidating with a solid tactic & quality players :)

Guys I apoligize for the teasing - I just wanted to show you the incredible pictures with the 2 goals conceeded in the league - And just to set things straight - this Ajax team conceeded all together in all competitions 7 goals - further they are also still on a winning streak obviously - I don't know how many it is now - didn't count it and I didn't see any updates on it - but we haven't lost so - I'm totally bragging haha! - ####Now that's how to troll####

If you Like This Post (Hypnotizing) - Like It - if you don't - True Colors Revealed :D

Try this with other tactics as well and see what happens

Cheers Guys - Peace

Hey man, do you still have this tactic?