GOODBYE 3430 Knap FM 17.3.1

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Not sure if I ever posted the AM version but I have updated this to 105pts.
I am just trying 352 of knap...i find it on si forum...i like it very much..does anyone else try it?
Anyone can show me all the team instruction screen shot for the standard tactic please. Fm touch user
This is still the daddy of all tactics for FM17 imo. Continued success. I pair it with TFF’s overload and time wasting tactics. Artisan’s teamtalk guide also works brilliantly with this.
Screenshots for tactic are on SI Forum.

BLUE MATTER for overload?
Knap what do you recomend against teams who park the bus, and if we are struggling to score a goal? Use Wof or something similar or use the std version? thanks :)