I Thought You Said He Eats, Drinks and Sleeps Football? He Does, He Just Can't Play!

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Oct 5, 2012
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I'm back with another story, My third for FM 13. For those who want to know what i'm all about here are my previous two stories.



This time i'm going for a really long term save because my others were a bit short! This time I will be moving about all over the globe. I will attempt to start as low as possible and move around as much as required to fulfill my ambitions, Basically this will be a journeyman story. I like to play in as many leagues as possible in FM and have loaded some custom leagues into my database.


I will set myself a few rules to follow in order to make it slightly more interesting.

1. I cannot move to or start at a top flight club, With the only exceptions being countries that only have one level I.E. Australia/Hong Kong. Should I choose to manage in one of those leagues I will aim to manage one of the lesser teams.

2. I cannot leave a club until I win that countries top flight, Should I get sacked before I achieve this I must drop down to the league below, unless there is no lower league. In which case I must stay in the same division.

3. I am free to move around when I have won a countries top flight, But I must win the continents version of the Champions League before I move onto another continent. Meaning I should complete the hexagon challenge on my way through this save. I will also try to win the local international tournament while I am on a continent though this is not required I will still do my best to make it happen.

4. No transfer fees over £10m. This will really come into play when I enter Europe.

I am hoping to add rules suggested by people who will follow this story, Please don't suggest rules that invalidate others. The eagle eyed amongst you will notiice I have said Hexagon not Pentagon challenge, I have loaded as many leagues from Oceana as I could find that work and will be starting there.


Here are the leagues I have loaded.

57 availble jobs when I started I applied for them all. The journey begins :D
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I am sooo following this. First time post, but long time admirer of your stories. :)
I will follow this story of yours MojoDex, as always. Good luck.
I applied for 57 jobs and was offered only one, Making my choice much more simple than I anticipated.
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Cook Islands here I come.


Straight away I also got this news.
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So who are Titakaveka?

From wikipedia
Titikaveka FC is a Cook Islands football club located in Avarua, Cook Islands. It currently plays in Cook Islands Round Cup which is the name for its main football league competition, they won 14 league titles from 1950 to 1984. The last time the club won the Cook Islands FA Cup was in 1984 when they beat Arorangi 6-1.

At one time they were the main power on the Cook Islands, Now they are predicted to finish 6th out of 7.

Cook Islands Round Cup: 14
1950, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984
Cook Islands FA Cup Winners: 3
1950, 1979, 1984

Here is how things looked when I took over, alot of work to do here.
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The intial squad was very big but filled with dead wood, I released over half the players. Our best players are all slightly old however with the exception of Porter Pokura.
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Here are our transfer dealings. 3 in many out!
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The league is only 7 teams and therefore only 12 games long. We should be up there challenging IMO.
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Finally our tactics which we hope will proprel us to the title. Obviously the league is **** poor, our defence is briliant for this level. I have opted to flood midfield in an effort to score hatfuls of goals.
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Hey Mojo, was just wondering how you managed to activate the more obscure leagues, such as the Cook Islands etc? Thanks :)
I'm definatly following this one as closely as i can. best of luck.
Will follow as always, will be interesting to see what jobs come up through the save
Since we only have a 12 game season i'll update it all in one go.

We went all season unbeaten, i'm not sure how much of an achievement that is with only 12 games but regardless we did well.
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30 points was more than enough to make us champions!
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After this I have discovered that there appears to be a bug in the database i'm using, Cook island teams do not appear able to qualify for the O League! So after only one season I am on the lookout for a new job. I have been offered 3 jobs withing the Cook Islands already, But i'm looking to go to a country with an automatic spot now. More infor in my next update :)
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