Dec 26, 2010
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I've started a file recently with Wolfsburg, and I had a budget of 10 million. I then signed about 7 players by offering £0 upfront, plus anything up to 10 million after the player has 50 league appearances. This enabled me to gain 7 players without actually spending a penny of my actual 10 mil budget. Then a few seasons later when they were at 49 league appearances, I dumped them all in the reserves and sold them in the next transfer window for a substantial profit. They were all wonderkids and improved a lot with me, I made about £60 million and my next budget was about £70 million, and now I'm a top team in Europe.
No. Just a very clever way of manipulating the game.
Of course it isn't cheating , I believe it's good business
If you have to ask I think you know the answer. ;)
I'd say thats very clever yet harsh on the players :p not really cheating because it could happen in real life, a manager in real life can't inject imaginary cash or use Geniescout/FMRTE but they could do this. So i dont think it's cheating
nope, i wouldn't say its cheatin
can't see somethin like that happenin in real life tho...

or does it happen?? prove me wrong lol
nope, i wouldn't say its cheatin
can't see somethin like that happenin in real life tho...

or does it happen?? prove me wrong lol

I believe such clauses are inserted into deals when buying young players but it usually involves a fee up front instead of the £0 that you can offer in the game.
Very Smart I don't consider it cheating as it's just a clause not being activated..

If you signed someone and had a profit clause on them and you don't make a profit the other club doesn't get any money that's not cheating just unlucky for the other team.
You just used what the game provides you, real clever move. Despite that someting like that wont happen in real life I think that, as your playing a game (sometimes people forget that), it is a way to "speed up" ypur playing. I use the "Reserves playing in Australia all year long" tactic with the same purpose.
I don't think it is cheating. I just think it is a briliant ideea to improve your financial status. Great man, really great. I would have never thaught about it ;)
Portsmouth did it last year with some of there players as they could not pay there wages very clever idea should work well with lower league clubs
do you have to pay the rest money when they make an appearance for there new club? if so then i dont think it is cheating, if not then i think it is cheating
Not cheating. It's an option available in the game so how can it be cheating? We see clubs doing it all the time. With clauses containing add-ons etc. Well done mate.
It's manipulating the AI. Would you see a club accepting a deal like that in real life, especially with no money being paid up front? Not cheating but manipulation, yes. I'd never do it myself, it just takes away the realism :)
IMHO anything that isn't realistic is cheating, no matter how easy it is to do using the features within the game...

...but it's clever all the same :)