Jesaustralia's favourite fm17 tactic (4312 Narrow)


Nov 1, 2013
Continued from previous post

Tactic adjustments during games (very important)

I do not use OIs except occasionally in big games to show one-footed world class opposition players onto their weak foot etc.
I almost NEVER change the team mentality as I want my players to play with intent and look to play the incisive pass when it is available, regardless of whether I am at home or away, and regardless of the quality of the opposition. Very occasionally I will play on Control if it is a two-legged cup tie and I have won the first leg comfortably and want my players to take slightly fewer risks.

It is very important to watch your games (on at least extended highlights) to see how the opposition is approaching the match and reacting to match events. Therefore, I can't vouch for Instant Result giving you the same consistency of results that I have had.

Team instruction "Pass into space" - I will use this when I see the opposition play with a high defensive line or try to aggressively press me. You can get an idea of this happening when you are patiently building up play in your own half just before you reach the halfway line and you see your strikers on the shoulder of the last man with space available in behind. This tends to happen when you play against big teams, particularly away from home, or when the opposition is chasing a goal. I don't have this TI on all the time, as most of the time the opposition will sit deep and look to compress space to negate our numerical strength in the middle of the park.

When the opposition have 1 or more players in the DMC/DMCR/DMCL positions - remove the team instruction "Exploit the middle". It is going to get congested just in front of the opposition area with the presence of 1 or more opposition DMs. By removing this TI, your build-up is still naturally going to go through the middle predominantly due to the shape of the formation, but we want to spread the play a bit more to drag defenders out of position.

When the opposition play defensive, deep and narrow with no attacking intent whatsoever - this will happen more and more often as your team's reputation increases through your successes. Typically I have found that the 4-3-1-2 struggles the most to break down a defensive 4-1-4-1. In these situations, I change the right WB to a FB support, and remove the TIs "Exploit the middle" and "Work into box" to encourage spreading of the play and more risky through balls and crosses into the box. Because removing "Work into box" will also promote wasteful long shots, I also add the PI "shoot less often" to all 3 central midfielders.

Shutting up shop - only to be used in the last 5-10 minutes of a big match like a cup final. Change team mentality to Defensive, use TIs "Take a breather", "Waste time", and "Retain possession". Also change the left FB to support instead of attack, and the CM attack to a stock standard BWM support like the MCL. You may also wish to change Team Shape to Very Fluid to make the team more compact in defence, but use with caution if the opposition are finding lots of space on the flanks to put in crosses.

I hope you guys enjoy using this tweak, and once again thanks to Jesaustralia for his original tweak of Gamebreaker. Any feedback on how it performs with different teams would be greatly appreciated.