Lol wonder i think I got them up to the top 3?
I got star players lol.....
My team WAS
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Spearheaded by chairman Daniel James, the investment group DJ Capital mark their first foray in football ownership with the successful acquisition of Yeovil Town FC. Yeovil Daily News managed to catch up with the new chairman -

DJ - "We've been interested in venturing into the world of professional sports for a while now, with a football club being our primary target. Given the influx of new ownership in League 2, we wanted a place at the party so to speak. We're well aware of Yeovil's history, and the aim is to return the club to the recent dizzy heights achieved when the club was in the championship. There's some big teams in this division with bigger budgets than ours, but we strongly believe we can compete with them. Darren Way has done a fantastic job so far this season, as the club sit in 6th place in the table. Darren has the boards full support and will be in charge of the club for the remainder of the season"

So the manager stays...any news on transfers?

"Currently we don't have a huge budget. We must be savvy in the market, and cannot risk bankrupting ourselves with speculative squandering of money like numerous of the clubs in our league. Many are actually under a transfer embargo due to FFP breaches. That being said i'm delighted to announce we have signed 3 players who will all join on a free transfer"

Abdallah Deeb
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Abdallah is an experienced 30yr old Jordanian striker who can also play as an AMC, He joins the club as his contract at Wehdat expired. Having spoken with Abdallah and his agent, he's keen to start this exciting new chapter of his career.

Alex Sanchez

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Alex is a 26 yr Spanish goalkeeper who was a free agent. Alex has struggled to find a permanent home in his career so far. He's represented both Valencia B and Zaragoza B teams, as well as brief spells at Alaves and Foggia amongst others. Having represented Spain at every age group from U16-U20 he clearly has good pedigree. We hope he settles in England quickly and becomes a real asset to the squad.

Hans Kristian Lyngstad
(Couldn't find 1 picture of this guy!)

Hans is an experienced 30 yr old CB. A good friend of mine lives out in Norway and has long been a fan of his, and alerted me to his situation. Whilst Hans is predominantly a CB, he's actually been working as a coach at Valerenga. We're delighted he's joined the club, and we hope he can help lead the younger members of the squad with both his playing and coaching experience.

So there you have it. 3 players in, 0 out and the manager stays! We're hopeful for a good 2nd half of the season.

My club Lincoln got placed under transfer embargo.
January Transfer Window


Player NameCurrent TeamNew TeamTransfer FeeNew Wage
FREEAbdellah DeebWehdatYeovilNone£250
FREEAlex SanchezNoneYeovilNone£250
FREEHans Kristian LyngstadValrengaYeovilNone£250

No one else made any transfers this window as the spending in the summer has caught up with a lot of us. There will be a lot of us hoping that promotion comes this season.

I will be getting the the end of season review up tomorrow evening but feel free to post your mid season updates while you wait.
End of season update


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A pretty solid month for everyone with the top 6 being all chairmen teams with the other sitting just outside the playoffs. Cambridge are 10 points off of 7th and they will need to pull their finger out if they want to get promotion this season.


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Exeter have come from the outside to break up our monopoly at the top of the league. Coventry are still out in front with Colchester leading the chasing pack. Cambridge have definitely closed the gap and are now just 2 points off of the play offs. The four play off places are all chairmen teams which would make the play offs very exciting.


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Coventry have broken away and look almost certain to get promoted this year. The race for the other 2 automatic places is very close with just 3 points between 2nd and 6th. Yeovil look to be the first chairman team to drop away from the promotion challenge as they 4 points off of 7th with just 6 games to go.


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A lot has been confirmed in this month. Firstly, Coventry are champions of League 2 and will be fighting in League 1 next year. Non chairman team Exeter have also taken one of the promotion places which leaves just one left. Lincoln look almost certain to take it as they have a 3 point gap over Swindon and superior goal difference but it isn't confirmed just yet. Yeovil and Cambridge have confirmed that they will be staying in League two as all of the play off places have been confirmed. It will be 4 way chairman fight for that play off win.


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Coventry, Lincoln and Port Vale are all looking forward to the fortunes (I wish) of League 1. Lincoln won their last game of the season to confirm that they will be taking one of the automatic places and then Port Vale won the lottery that is the playoffs. The final was between Port Vale and Luton and Port Vale won the game 3-1 with Tom Pope scoring a hat trick to make himself a club hero.

Is the transfer window opened? If so can you give us the game file save.
Unfortunately I have had to take my laptop into a shop as the charger port has broke. I’m in the process of sweet talking the missus to use hers but there may be slight delays to the game. I will keep you updated.
Rip your computer good luck on it being fixed!
After finally convincing her that FM is more important than her job, I have realised that the save file is on my laptop and not on the cloud which means I still can not access the file until I get my laptop back. I have been told that I should have it back by next weekend so this game is on a temporary hiatus. I hope to get the end of season post with the save file and everyone's balances uploaded next Saturday and we can continue the game from there.
I'm pleased to say that I have got my laptop back today and will therefore be continuing with this game. I will get the save file uploaded shortly and open the transfer window.

Summer 2018


bcfc1 - Coventry - (-£145k)
MWPlayz - Lincoln - £1mil
KillerRoo - Port Vale - (-£270k)
TheNotSoSpecialOne - Colchester - (-£450k)

DPorter8999 - Swindon - £150k
MrWisdoman - Luton - (-£470k)
NathWalker - Cambridge - (-£800k)

DanJames101 - Yeovil - £280k

This list is in order of priority for transfers now with the higher league position leading to being higher in priority. I have put Port Vale above all of the other teams in the play offs because they won the play offs. The rest are just based on their league position.

If your balance is negative then you will not be able to spend any money on transfers in this window. You are still able to go for free transfers and loans though.

Can you give the link to the download of save so i can use and this time i will sign players from above and behind.
I will now sign players but not too good ones.
I am unsure of signing about a total of 2 premier league players on loan.