Nov 8, 2011
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I don't know why this works, but it does. I'm trying it with 5 different teams right now and every one of them is in first place. Lots of offense and somehow good defense, despite only having 3 at back. Why? I don't know. But let's get weird.

First up - Arsenal. Media Prediction, 4th. Actual position, 1st. 30 goals for, 8 against.
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Alexis leading the league in scoring? Sure, why not? Dominating average ratings.
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Couple results...
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Okay, that's cool. A bit more of a challenge next. Wolverhampton. Media prediction, 14th. Actual position, 1st. Already 8 points clear with a game in hand.
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Leading in goals, assists, average rating
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Okay. I wasn't going to include a Barca test, but Messi and Suarez both got injured for 4 months. Each. That leaves...a pretty slim attack.
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No biggie, still works.
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Some results without Messi and co.
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Cool. Let's get weird in Germany. 7 points clear already.
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Cool. How about a challenge in Italy? Sampdoria. Media prediction, 9th. Actual position, 1st.
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It just works with everyone. I don't know why. But you'll score a lot and have fun with FM15.

Training: View attachment 221752
No OIs.
Man marking built in.
Corners: DL/DR or whoever is highest in corners.

Get weird.
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if you say it works with everyone ill give it a try with my lower league team and see how it goes..
if you say it works with everyone ill give it a try with my lower league team and see how it goes..

Knock yourself out...I'll give it a try right alongside you. Started a Vanarama save....
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Here we go....Media Prediction, 9th. Off to a good start and sitting 2nd. The only difference with Lower Leagues is it takes a LOT longer to get fluid and really get weird. I'll keep playing this one long-term along with the others for balance.
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Because MAn Utd defender are **** so I'm leaking pretty concede lot but still win
Loving this.
Having problems against the big boys, any tips?

Chalk it up to FM15 and move on to the next game :p

I lost to Chelsea 4-2. Oh well, it happens. There are some teams I just can't beat in FM15, no matter what.
i will used it at home gamesand when i will need goal

great tactic
Pretty much any tactic/formation will work with the corner exploit included. I won the league first season with Newcastle using FMC (15.3 database)