Mar 12, 2011
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  • This database has levels 7, 8, and 9 activated and playable.
  • FA Vase
  • Northern League Challenge Cup
  • Isthmian League Cup
  • Southern League Cup
  • Stadiums for all 803 English clubs
  • Full Club Names entered for more than 2,500 teams world-wide.
  • Proper Competition Names for nearly every major competition in the game

Step 1

Extract the downloaded zip file. You'll get England Level 9 v1.06.dbc
Step 2

Move England Level 9 v1.06.dbc in your Football Manager 2013 editor data folder:

Win Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data/

Create the folder editor data if it doesn't exist.

Start a new game.

In case you have more editor data files: When setting up a new game, do not have any other files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.

Recommended set-up for your save game

If you skip this part, the level 7, 8 or 9 team you're going to choose will have very few real players in the roster. We recommend taking the following steps when starting your save game to ensure you have all available real players in the database for the English leagues. (Click on the thumbnails for full size)

Select the Custom Database Size option.

You'll get the Customize the Database screen.
Click on the Add button for Nations.

Enable the options Players based in nation and Players of nationality.


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Hopefully :) Last Year I went down to Level 14,
But it takes a lot of time to go that far was around December, Jan time when I released it.

Glad you like the current update though, Also there was compatibility issues last year.
So the additional leagues add-ons only work on Default Database, even when updates are released, but updates hardly ever change much.
got to say i'm really enjoying ur update. started in the northern lge div 1 wiv West Auckland Town.
I am Scarborough Athletic :) Got them to Premiership last FM back to back promotions!
Won Champions League, EPL and all the other Domestic Cups
why won't this work for me? it won't extract the files. it says that its damaged or something?
Doesn't matter. Just realised i had two 'editor data' files. I placed it in the wrong one!! It's working now. Good work! Would be a lot better if someone made all of the badges and kits for the lower leagues though, if possible! Also, i started a career with Newton Aycliffe... The stadium is called Moore Lane Park. On this file, you've spelt it 'Moor' no biggy though hah!
No problem mate :) I don't have the time to do badges etc..
there was someone who released it for last year, so hopefully they will do it again.

Also if you download the editor you could change the spelling yourself which will be quicker than me re doing it and uploading again.

I will most likely update the file later on, but I will note the spelling error for when I do :)

Hope you enjoy
Im gonna have a go with Scarborough tonyt ! Are they the real players ?
Love the work so far...are you working on expanding it?

Would love to manage my local team but they are at level 12...keep up the good work
you need to follow the instructions to do it!,
And I normally expand to level 14 I did last year.. just need to spend time on it

i do not actually have the game did this on a friends!
Need the proper editor to expand.
What timescale are we looking at for an expansion to level 12. I hate to be naggy because you are doing a great job already.

I was just going to hold off starting a new game until someone put in level 12 teams in that all.
I can not say exactly, as I have not purchased the game itself yet.
And most probly will not until Christmas! :(

I am going to see if FM 2012 Databases work on FM 13 and if so I am going to create it on that.
If not then I am just going to wait and see when I buy it.. the awful timing of being a student you see!
can i play in the Evo-Stik South League Division One Central?

Want to play as slough town like but im not sure if this goes low enough? can anyone confirm?
Could someone please confirm does it go as far down as the hellenic league?
I can confirm that you can go as low as both of the Leagues you are asking for..

When selecting lowest league on your database just go on the lowest one to make sure you get all the leagues.