Bedlington Terriers are in the download.

I'm about to start a game as Desborough Town with no cheating, and no editor updates. The reason I have chosen them is the size of their stadium as it is 8000 capacity, which is amazingly good for a Level 9 team. I could have quite easily gone one of my local teams, Harrogate Town or Harrogate Railway, but wanted to start at Level 9, and see how far I can go.

The plan is to get them into the Premier in 20 seasons. I will end up divorced and single by the time this is done!!
Any chance you could go down a few more levels? My local team is on Level 10 :(
Yes, it needs running through again due to new FM update.. will do it and re-upload as soon as.

Hi Voasy. Has the download been run through with the very latest patch 13.3.3? I'm keen on starting a long term save, but before I do wanted to check download is all ok. Great work by the way. Cheers. :)
Any news on the 13.3.3 version of this yet? The original download doesnt work on this version now
Hey all, apologies if someone has already posted a topic on this. I am currently looking for a face pack and stadium pack for the level 7-9 leagues. If someone could help on this I would be most appreciative thanks.
Sorry guys, Sort of stopped playing a month or two ago.. Due to taking my team from Level 9 and pretty much winning everything, had a few instoppable saves and didn't know how much further i could go with the game.

I will run it through the new patch as I know it hasn't been. And to clarify beck1973, if you go to Downloads on the FM 2012 section and go to graphics there is a megapack and when u actually download it, it has to Level 9 Kits and Badges.
Does the LFC Marshall update work with this and where can I get the 13.3.3 update I'm still on 13.3.0?
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Thanks for the database,would of writ on here earlier..But ive been pre occupied!! Hope you can get 1 out asap for fm14 when it comes out,i can only play the game this way!! haha
Is there a logo pack for the non league clubs in these databases?
Sorry for all the late replies,
I have now retired from this on FM13, sorry for any problems.. I will be pre-ordering FM 14 and working on an update as soon as the release is online.

No doubt 1st November I will be working on a extended file..

If anyone has any recommendations for the new one when it comes out please PM me, or any special requests!

Obviously until the editor from FM14 comes out I can not say yes I will do the request due to not seeing the interface or what I am dealing with.

Thank you so much for the appreciation this year.
and good luck to all your clubs for the 2013/14 season.