I play for a level 10 team in the combined counties div 1 if I provide you some details could you add me to the database for them?
Do you know if Abbey Hey are part of this update? Currently in NWCFL Div 1. I'd consider being them if so :)
In reply to everyone else, I am not sure if I am going to be taking this any further than it already is.. i may do it not 100% decided yet. If i do you guys will be the first to know but for now it is staying at Level 9.

Also @Dale80
Abbey Hey are part of this update yes :)
Just had a look Abbey Hey aren't on this , NWCFL Prem division is, which is the division above abbey hey. They are in NWCFL div 1 :( ..

Great update anyway!
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It's mole valley I play for who are already on the game database, would be nice to get on but if your not taking it any further no prproblem thanks for your update good work ?
Hi I've uploaded it ok, how do i get the league onto my saved game? having trouble doing it, if you can't I will just start a new game..
Hi I've uploaded it ok, how do i get the league onto my saved game? having trouble doing it, if you can't I will just start a new game..

Yeah you've got to start a new game for it to take effect.
Not calling this a bug, or anything of the sort, but I started a game as Aylesbury Utd in the Level 9 tier. Got the team promoted to Level 8 pretty easily, and with the promotion the team changed to Semi-Pro status. I'm now struggling to hold onto my best players who are being picked up by bigger clubs, or just being offered more than I can afford (max £20 a week), so it's quite sad to see, but also realistic in a way. Tried asking the board for a higher wage budget, but no dice. Almost every player wants three times the amount I can afford. So I'm now in a higher division, with a weakened side. Still actually had a good start to the season, but the squad is much thinner than it used to be. At least it's forcing me into bring some youth players along though.

Nothing more than a rant, and a word of warning for when you promote. I don't know if anyone else has encountered this. Maybe Aylesbury Utd's board are just tight with their money compared to other clubs!
Sorry to double post, but still on the topic of my above post, Aylesbury have randomly given me over 3.5k a week for a wage budget, yessssssss. Max wage of £160 a week now too. Even with pretty much my reserves playing now, we're still in the hunt to win the league. Now I have the money to strengthen the team again, and hopefully get us promoted. Sorry for wasting time with these posts, just thought I'd say in case anyone else was in a similar spot. We're making consistently good profit each month (especially for a Level 8 club), so it was about **** time the board opened their pockets for me a bit.
Sorry to keep spamming this thread, not my intention, just I'm very 'into' my lower league save at the moment. :p

Into my third season with Aylesbury Utd, started in Level 9, currently in Level 8, but have not yet been entered into the FA Cup.

Also, when I promoted to Level 8, I stopped being entered into the FA Vase Trophy, despite competing in it when I was in Level 9.

Is there anything I can do or adjust to fix the cups? Other than the lack of Cup action, this Pyramid is absolutely amazing, thank you!
it not working saying something about promotions i just want to be afc fylde any help please
Yes, it needs running through again due to new FM update.. will do it and re-upload as soon as.
I haven't downloaded this yet but intend to. Can someone who has please tell me whether bedlington terriers are in it? They should be (I think) in northern premier tier 9.