"number of teams promoted from regional divisions (0) teams doesn't match with number teams relegated from regional prem divisons teams"
well.. that has been fixed and me and a number of users are using it now..

you need to re-download the file, don't use the same one.
I had the same problem but now it works....not sure what happened and I swear it was the same version. In any case thanks so much VOASY for your efforts and a Happy New Year! btw...when do you think step 10 will be out? No pressure as your efforts are very appreciated!
Yes you do sorry, any data file you use can not be imported into a current game.
Hi Voasy can you tell me if your file works in the classic mode please ?? :D
Shame there's no playoffs in the Level 8 Leagues otherwise this would be top notch!
It is hard to get promoted in the Lower Leagues I know, but thats what makes it good!, if your good at the game then it should not be a problem.
Going to start a save on this just for the **** of it!
Good work.
Anyone have suggestions for players who will come down to the lowest leagues in this, or are you going to have to rely on newgens?

What I normally do is go to Search and find players with a CA of 4 Star or Above and sign them. Try not to buy PA players.
Also Use Backroom advice aswell, they normally give you a good few suggestions for players in the League that you are in..

Then after 2-3 Seasons, I normally try to get an affiliation and attract a higher level club to be a Parent Club for my team so you can attract young Loans from them.
But the best way to do it is Use Scouting, Backroom Advice and Search for Players with a good CA.

Also use Team Report to get rid of the low CA players that are in your current squad.
I'm in the North West Counties Premier Division. Don't think the transfer window which is shut. Loving the fact I can just sign anyone for free and sack anyone for free when I want. However I've found out that only the league winner goes up, there are no play offs or anything. It is going to be tough!
Does this contain real player names too? (at least, from the start of the 2012/13 season) I'd like to see level 11 in this game. I live like, 50meters from a level 11 team's pitch.. and being level 11, its just a field anyone can go watch no charge. Unfortunately, my bedroom window is at the wrong angle to watch matches from, and i can only see one third of the pitch :( lol
Yes there is only promotion from winning the league in the lowest few tiers, few people have complained about this.. but that is actually how it is in real life, more difficult but more fun.

It does not have all real player names, there is some generated players, and I am going to look at creating another tier one step at a time, i.e. do the Level 10 Next and so on.. These lower clubs may not have the correct players as it would take a very long time to create every single club with stadium and players.. Eventually I want to go to Level 14.
if you get to level 14 do you reckon you could do level 15 which includes Mercian Regional Football League division 2 theres a team there called impact united and it would be cool to manage a team i used to play for
Hi, I'm new to the forum and really like the idea of this update as I much prefer the lower league managment challenges and could use some local sides. I'm having some problems loading the database though.

I have downloaded the update and saved in the editor data file as instructed but then do you need to do something else before trying to start a game? When I go on and start a new game it won't let me click on editor data files still and don't know what else I needed to do? Sorry for being thick!

@Voasy: Prefect mate! really! gonna use this to give my fm13 carreer new life! lets see how far we can reach !

Thanks again !

is it normal that i get only 25 thousand players? after doing whats told here?
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Hi there! Are you anywhere near level 10 yet? Just out of interest to know if you were doing the Essex Intermediate/Olympian League. If you need any help, maybe I could look for some. Much appreciated your efforts all round.


thank you voasy.
i changed my game file directory and just made it working by putting the 'editor data' folder in the right place to make it working :(