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Aug 21, 2009
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Welcome to LFCMarshall's FM13 Summer Update.. this update contains all changes to make the game as realistic and up to date as possible. It includes the following things:

- Managerial changes
- Summer transfers to have been completed so far
- Promotions / Relegations
- Position finishes
- Cup winners
- European coefficiants altered
- Contract changes
- Loans
- Edited CA/PA
- New owners
- Edited budgets
- amongst others updates


- Download and extract the file using a program like Winrar
- Extract the file to: Documents/Sports Interactive/FM13/editor data
- If there is no editor data folder, simply create one inside the FM13 folder.
- Start a new game, change the database, and tick mine


Current Update:

Future Release:

Saturday September 14th 9:30 am Current release

No more planned releases until FM14 now.


As you know, i work on the update generally on my own in my spare time and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

If you donate, i will send you the update earlier than the release dates, or any time you choose as a thank you.

If you cannot wait until the official update, donating is the only way to receive the file with a promise of being up to date as of when you donate!

To donate send to: [email protected] via paypal

Note: People will have to donate again to receive the final two updates early due to the transfer window closing and alot of changes being made

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Well. I know I'll be improving Ronaldo's 10 composure... Lol.
Improve Coloccini and Williamsons composure.
Thanks lads, obviously will be a fair bit until i actually release, but its good to get an early start!
Changes to the CA of certain young players that have moved up to the first team: Raheem Sterling, Marco Verratti, Suso, Jonjo Shelvey, Alexander Buttner, Nick Powell, Serge Gnabry.

Finances for some clubs should be changed too. Manchester City and Manchester United are spending bombs of money, even if City's transfer policy has changed, and Manchester United is too broke. Liverpool and Chelsea, on the other hand, are spending little money, even though they have like the backing of the board.

Wolfsburg's manager has been fired! So has Bolton's and Scunthorpe's.

Daniel Agger starts out with an injury that stretches four months into the season, that should be cancelled! Lucas Leiva on the other hand should be out till december.

Thanks LFCMarshall you're awesome for doing this! :)
where do i start? i'll make a list m8. i've noticed loads of stuff in the game which i want to call plagerism on. a few positional and ca/pa i done and finances as well as loads of stuff you done which they **** right copied. but i guess you could put that down to us being bang on and anyways theres a few things i noticed which needed changing. be good for them to tell us when the game is updated too. i have not checked a change list yet tho so will do when its released :)
A reputation bump for Crystal Palace is in order, I think. Also, Wilf Zaha and Glenn Murray need bumps - the former majorly, the latter only very slightly, perhaps a couple points in penalty taking - and Dougie Freedman has left the manager position.
Sporting of Portugal has a new coach, Franky Vercauteren, since today.
Cisse needs higher finishing please.
Can you please unlock german leagues to the 4th tier so that german reserves can get playing time

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As someone else suggested young players like Andre Wisdom, Serge Gnabry etc who have broken into the first team need to have their CA upped maybe do their PA too.

Obviously the sackings of managers and appointing of new ones like Blackburn, Bolton etc.
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