May 30, 2011
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Man City

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I have decided to do a bit of an easier more fun save to coincide with my more challenging Crewe Alexandra story, so every time i just want to play FM for a bit but not be 100% focused on it, some of you may remember how far i got with fierce rivals Man Utd so if i can do 10 years or even 5 years i will be happy.


Only sign players under the age of 23
Sell players over the age of 30 within the next year
Have at least 3 players from youth setup in the team within 5 years.

Right any comments or tips on the story specifically who you think i should sign would be much appreciated.

First post will be up dreckly
I m currently playing A Free Agent Save with Athletico Madrid and have only signed U21's.
IE - Players Born on or after 1/1/91...have a squad of 28 players...
Brilliant Idea this Mate...
and Best of Luck even though i wouldnt like to wish for City's Success>>>>:p
Man City

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July Pre Season

Man City Squad and Info

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I was actually quite suprise that we only have 2 players over the age of 30 in the first team squad who will be up for sale immediately lucky we have plenty of money to spend with the season expectations.

Season Expectations

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Hopefully i can sign at least 3 players with this sort of money the likes of Gotze, Wilshere and Bale are out of the question at the moment as they will cost all my budget!

Premier league Odds

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I agree with this 100% and expect us to win the league and at least get into the knockout stages of the Champions League the other two cups mean little to me and will be used to blood the youngsters.

Transfers Done So Far Next

Right transfers may take a while! despite winning the league last season City have a poor squad and i dont like half the team me thinks a major overhaul is needed! May only keep around 8 players!
thats gonna be quite something huge mate...waiting for it.....
huh David Silva, Edin Dzekko, Samir Nasri???
thought they were the 8 Players u gonna be Keeping
Thats who im keeping so far yeah i think they will stay too! Just going through the team and either leaving players alone or putting them in the reserves and up for sale
Man City

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July Transfer Window 2012

Transfer History So Far

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As you can see it wasnt quite the clearout i was hoping for players who came in this season would not budge like Garcia, Rodwell and Sinclair and then a lot of players only had loan offers despite offering most out at their value. PSG are the new us as they tried to sign most players i put up for sale but what were they thinking with Zabaleta! Chelsea and Arsenal wanted him too.

Raphael Varane

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One of the best prospects at CB in the world and at £20million i feel is positively a steal from Real Madrid and next to Kompany will be a rock at the heart of my defence.

Will Hughes

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He wont be near the first team for a while but i always like to sign him as he is one of the best players in a few years time.


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Was a beast on my Stoke save and is a brilliant RB and can also cover at CM.

David Alaba

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Brilliant LB yet again did well in my Stoke save and is one of the best LB's in the world now and is only just getting started.


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He was part of my Man Utd side that won everything and to get him at a young age is exciting and for relatively a low price.


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Will take over from Gareth Barry and i have never really had him in any of my teams but needed a defense minded midfielder and Fellaini was too old.

The reason i managed to get a few good deals was my tweaking of the future fees and the likes which may bite back in the future.
I had a deal sorted for Wilshere but it was cancelled as he is injuried, tried for Lamela, Gotze and Lewandowski but kept getting quoted silly money that not even Man City will pay
Just my opinion but this will be too easy. Should have set a rule of no one over the age of 20 could be bought. There are too many amazing players you can buy who are under 23. But good luck I will be following!
Just my opinion but this will be too easy. Should have set a rule of no one over the age of 20 could be bought. There are too many amazing players you can buy who are under 23. But good luck I will be following!
Its not suppose to be too hard ;)
Hard part will be getting some of my youth academy in the side
Man City

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August 2012

First off one more signing

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For a mere £16.5million Sanchez was a bargain Barca do have a buy back clause on him for £35million and 50%future fee so it may be a good deal or may not.

Community Shield
Man City 1 - 1 Chelsea

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Kompany wins it for us on penalties after Tevez misses a 7 minute penalty which could have won it for us in normal time, we started the game missing the likes of Alaba, Sandro, Kompany and Thiago but managed to scrape the win.

Premier League
Wigan 1 - 2 Man City
Aguero 54, 88

Well we were very lucky here as a terrible back pass from Kolarov gifted Arouna Kone an equalizer with not long to go but Aguero managed to get us the winner with seconds to spare.

Premier League
Man City 2 - 1 Stoke
Rodwell 4 Kompany 6

Well 2 set piece goals had this match sown up within a few minutes but yet again a poor defensive error this time Joe Hart knocking the ball to Jon Walters at the edge of the box who simply had to tap it in yet again giving us a nervy end to the match, Sanchez hasnt played yet or Alaba and Thiago so we are only just getting to full strength in the next few weeks.

Player of the Month
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Sergio Aguero 2 goals 2 assists 2 games
Done really well to get such a good fee for Zabaleta. Interesting signings too
Done really well to get such a good fee for Zabaleta. Interesting signings too
Yes i dont quite know how that come about it isnt a straight £20million though think its over 48 months thats why i got so much, hopefully if i get some money for the winter window the aim is to get jack Wilshere