Middelfart - let's not follow through

It took me a few days to get some space and have a think about how to turn a month of turmoil around. Our horrible form before the winter break meant that we were left with a headache. The boys left for their break and I had some time to rethink things before the friendlies.

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Well that went shockingly badly. Out of the 5 games, we should have won 4. A tough game against top tier Hobro IK was expected and we held our own to a degree, but the shambles of a performances that had surrounded this fixtures. This needs to change drastically if we want to stay in the running for promotion.

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We have a busy schedule for March so let's get to it.

Game 1:
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First up a surprising win against Viborg FF. Johansen scores just before the hour mark and Captain Casper gets another one. Luckily we held on until the end for the 3 points.

Game 2:
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A boring yet credible draw against a rival for promotion. Schjodt is still *****.

Game 3:
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Only 3 days rest between games and we face another tough opponent. 2-2 in the end with a brace from loanee Yao. Playing the last 20 minutes with 10 men so it was all right considering.

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A very interesting progression as top tier FC Midtjylland were wanting a word, if you believe rumours. Although I denied it, it has got me thinking!

Game 4:
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Another win! It came through a last minute penalty but we will take it! Skive could have been a real bogey team but we did it.

Game 5:
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Another 0-0 but this one was more disappointing. We played bottom side Vendsyssel FF and we struggled, really struggled. It didn't feel like we were playing a weaker team. Schjodt missed a sitter and still hasn't scored, so I have warned him that I will have to transfer list him if he doesn't sort himself out.

Monthly Review:
Considering the ***** month time we had before the winter, this undefeated run was quite welcome. We are within reach of promotion and with 8 games left, it could be a reality!

Player of the month: Between our Skipper Vaerum and Kristian Weber, they both had a solid month and pitched in with big plays to get the wins.​
No fart jokes in Midtjylland, think about that before you make any final decisions.
The end of the season is nearly upon us and it feels like it has flown in. With just 8 games remaining, we are actually in the hunt for promotion. If we are sensible and grind out a few results, lets get to it!

Game 1:
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Up against lower table AB, Molberg pops up with his first goal of the club! The other goal also came from a debutant scorer, Offenberg breaking through the high defensive line of AB. 3 points!

Game 2:
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Another game against out rivals Thisted saw us go behind early on. It took an hour to draw level and the remainder of the game was fruitless.

Game 3:
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Another tough game, despite some anxiety around the stadium, Weber scored to give us the lead. The rest of the game was a competition of who could get the most cards. On that front, they won. We got the 3 points again and it was another glorious result that sees us edge closer to the top of the table.

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Somewhat inevitable news, we got shot of Schjodt due to him being a woeful liability. The ******* even had the cheek to complain about his playing time! Well his stats spoke for themselves:View attachment 88517
Shockingly **** and he has risen to my worst signing on Football Manager.

Game 4:
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Phew, a very close call in this game. We were battered! I had to call them all sorts at half time but it seems to have worked! Johansen grabs another and we go marching on!

Game 5:
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End of the month sees us take on Fredericia away from home. They are also rumoured to be in for my services, I have obviously declined. Anyway on to the game. Our faithful away army of one cheering us on, we broke through with last year's player of the year Boesen! He has been a little quiet but still not as bad as Schjodt.

With that result, we rise all the way to second! Only 1 point behind Roskilde.
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We have 3 games left to really stake our claim. Promotion is a real possibility but winning back to back titles? Surely not?

The run in
Three games. That's all we have left to rewrite the history books for little ol' Middelfart FC. We were written off before the season started. Everyone said we were facing relegation. Well look at us now you bunch of nay-saying bastards! Theoretically we can win the title if we win all 3 games and results go our way! Dare to dream lads, dare to dreams.

Game 1:
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Probably the easier of the final 3 games we have. Viborg have been well below par this season and we needed to be very professional in our approach. The man who has stepped up all season has done it yet again. Vaerum scores and sets us on our way. Beciri added his second goal for the season in the second half. A late consolation goal for them but it was not enough. 3 more points for the Farts!

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As a credit to how close the league has been this year, with only 2 games left we have secured promotion!

Game 2:
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Now for the tough game. We are facing the team that has led the table for most of the season. They seem to have gone a bit wayward now and are struggling to maintain their lead. We also face up against our former star player Salami, who was greeted by our fans shouting "JUDAS!". The hostile atmosphere made for a tense game, Bertolt opened the scoring early on in the second half. We were up against it now, the season is on the line. We threw men forward and eventually got something. Tripped in the box, PENALTY! Vaerum steps up, as he has done all season to cooly slot away the penalty! We share the points and importantly we move into first place!

Game 3:
This is it. The game of games. With just our 1 trusty away fan we took on third place Silkeborg IF. Let's head down to the commentators for this exciting final day.

Silkeborg IF vs Middelfart
This is what the beautiful game is all about. The table is balanced delicately. If Middelfart win they will secure the title, if they draw it is still possible if results go their way. A loss could see them fall all the way to third place.

20 Minutes: A nervy start from both teams sees little in the way of attacking. Silkeborg are on the counter now, running the ball down the right flank, cutting inside onto the left foot. *Crunch* Ohh, what a bone crunching tackle from Molberg, he could be in trouble here. YELLOW CARD! He is a lucky boy after that big tackle, completely mis-timed.
37 Minutes: The game is still very close here, both sides struggling to make possession count. Now Middelfart have a chance to break with Jul bombing forward from left back, he plays a cute little pass into midfield for Vaerum who is tackled from behind by Vendelbo! Surely that's a card! It is yellow and now a chance for Vaerum to take a freekick. He blazes the shot over the bar.

Half time:
0-0 at the break. It is obvious that both teams do not want to lose this game. It is finely poised for the second half.

53 Minutes: News just filtering in now from the other game. FC Roskilde have taken the lead, as it stand Middelfart drop down to second place.

61 Minutes: CHANCE! Boesen is played a long ball over the top from Vaerum but is unable to bring it under his control. The keeper collects. Still 0-0.

78 Minutes: OUCH! Another big tackle flying in, this time it is Boesen who goes into the book. Yellow card for the striker and it looks like that is his final contribution to the game. Weber looks to be ready on the side line.

80 Minutes: This game is really heating up, we have seen some strong challenges and it was only a matter of time until someone got hurt. This time it is Middelfart Captain Vaerum with a serious injury. The stretcher is coming on, he landed awkwardly after competing for a header. Let's hope it isn't as bad as it first looked.

84 Minutes: Another yellow card as Cordua is cautioned for another poor tackle. Chances have been rare and the players are fatigued in these tricky conditions as it has now started to rain heavily.

87 Minutes: A chance here for Middelfart. Some patient build up play has seen a gap emerge. The ball is played through from deep and it is Weber who is through here, 1 on 1, he takes it onto his right foot. Keeper dives, it's gone underneath him GOOOOALLLLLL!!!!!! Absolute scenes as the crowd goes barmy! Kristian Weber has taken this game by the scruff of the neck and may have just won the title for Middelfart!

89 Minutes: Silkeborg are in all out attack mode, Middelfart are trying to park the bus. Chance here for the home team, OHHH!! A heavy touch from Salquist sees him try to win it back from Cordua but he goes in two footed! Only a yellow card!

90 Minutes: The whistle goes! The only Middelfart fan runs onto the pitch! They have done it!!!

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Incredible. Just incredible.
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I still can't believe it.

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Big things are coming to Middelfart. The club has just announced an expansion to the stadium to bump up capacity to 10,000.

They have also offered me a new contract which I gladly accept. The club is now officially professional as well!

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I still can't quite believe it. Even as I write this now. We have done it. Our left back and our skipper have also made it into the Team of the Year!
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The curtain closes on this season and the final league table looks like this.
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Only 4 losses this season and a **** load of draws has seen us pip stronger teams to the title. A quite unbelievable feat for a semi-professional outfit that only gained promotion from Division Two last year.

Monthly Review:
Earlier this season saw one of the lowest points in my career. This month is the polar opposite! Back to back promotions. Back to back league titles. What an incredible feeling and all that with a small team.

Player of the month has to be our Skipper Vaerum. He stepped up when it mattered most, as he has done all season. He single handedly dragged us through games and this month was no different. His calm and professional approach made all the difference. He would also be my vote for player of the year!

And now we start preparing for our first season in the Super Ligue!!

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Middelfart gain fairytale promotion!
It is not often that Danish football makes the headlines but this story needs to be told. In a Leicester like fashion, Middelfart have stunned the football world by becoming Champions of Division One in Denmark. What makes this feat even more incredible is the fact that this was their first season in the division having been promoted as champions of Division 2 last year.

Little known English manager, Hein van der Westhuizen was given the job at the start of the Division 2 campaign. Many local pundits were left in dismay as they could not comprehend the massive risk Middelfart has taken in appointing this unproven and frankly, unqualified manager. The risk has paid dividends and then some as the young manager has brought a wealth of success to the club and has also led them to their highest division in the clubs history.

Middelfart will now begin to prepare for life in the top division of Danish football and will host the like of FC Copenhagen and FC Midtjylland. Odds have already been stacked against the newly established professional Middelfart and they are expected to be in the relegation zone from the off.
New Season 2018/19

Last year's success is only a few months ago but the new season is already upon us. It is going to be a brilliant achievement if we can stay up this year. Our first game is not that far away and we need to get busy readying the squad for the new Super Ligue season.

First off we start by reinforcing the defence. Ostergaard has agreed to join us at the end of his contract. He looks to be a solid defender!
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Andre Riel
We have snagged a real bargain here. A free transfer for last years First Division top goalscorer. With over 25 goals, he should be able to bag a few this year too.​
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Asger Bust Sorensen
Our new midfield enforcer. We needed a replacement for Salami and Sorensen is that guy. At only 21, he is going to have many successful years ahead I hope.​
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Adriel d'Avila Ba Loua
A new left back or left midfielder! This lad can't half cross a ball and has decent physical stats.​
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Mathias Jensen
Our other main man in midfield, this lad can play and has all the stats to look like a formidable player. He is young and has bags of potential.​

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Kristoffer Munksgaard
Another top signing if I say so myself. Kristoffer seems like the very sort of guy who can cut inside and score some bangers from range.​
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At the end of July, we also have the season review and the release of the new fixtures. I still can't believe we are Champions!

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Our pre-season friendlies were varied. First up we faced last season's opposition AB, we came away with a comfortable win! We then faced our former parent club OB, who have cancelled the link seeing as we are in the same league. Only a 1-0 loss, not too bad considering we have a new team. The remainder of the fixtures were comfortable and included a 7-0 drubbing of a local team as a morale booster. It looks like the team is gelling well, in particular the budding partnership between new man Riel and Boesen looks to be working as the pair have scored over 10 goals between them.

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The only hiccup we are facing is the squad registration. Due to our meteoric rise, we have had to get rid of a lot of deadwood. There needs to be 4 players who have trained at the club for at least 3 years. We are currently lacking those 'homegrown' players, hopefully we can get by a little longer with not much difficulty.
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This is it. The start of Middelfart's highest ever division campaign. This is an entirely different beast, the teams are vastly more experienced, better established and financially stable than our little club. I have requested to do my National B Licence which the board have accepted, so hopefully I can fly through that. In the meantime some extra staff have come in to add to the quality of the training sessions.
We are working on a new tactic too, the 5-3-2 will be in operation as we look to frustrate teams and stop conceding.

Superliga: OB vs Middelfart
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Another game against our former parent club, only this time it was for reals in the league. We have picked up 20 further supporters to add to our faithful 1 away fan from last season. In the build up we were written off as I expect we will be most of the time this season but a very credible 0-0 draw is a good start I think.

Superliga: Middelfart vs AC Horsens
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Our first home game in our new temporary stadium. A bumper crowd of nearly 500 people turned up to witness the spectacle. Beciri got us off to a flyer by scoring a beautifully struck shot into the top left. Bjerregaard pegged us back on level terms a few minutes later. Just before half time, new boy Andre Riel showed why he was top scorer in the First Division last year by slotting a tidy low finish past the keeper. We parked the bus but it was not to be as the relentless pressure saw Johannessen deflect a cross into his own net. Robbed of 3 points but at least we got 1.

Superliga: AGF vs Middelfart
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Another away game, I know it is in August but with 5 games this month, I thought we would do this on in July's report. We set up in the 5-3-2 and looked to counter. We got battered, until a moment of luck. On the break Riel gets caught in the box and the crowd jeers for a penalty! GIVEN! New DM powerhouse Sorensen steps up to give us the lead before half time. For the rest of the game we played on the counter before setting up to contain. This seemed to work as we got the result and our very first 3 points in the Superliga!

Monthly Review:
All things considered, I don't think the month could have gone much better. 3 games, 0 defeats, 5 points.
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We are placed in second at the moment ahead by one game. This won't last. The target is to get to 30 points to secure promotion. 25 points from 30 games? Doable, I reckon.

Player of the month: Andre Riel - Our new striker has started life well. Scoring one, and getting us another through a penalty. Let's hope he can continue this form.
Last edited:
Very solid! Doubtless there will be a rough patch or two but that's a **** fine start.
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Our first month in the top flight was a dream. Undefeated! Can we carry that on into the month of August? Well looking at the fixture list, probably not.

Superliga: Middelfart vs Sonderjyske
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The end commentary was accurate. A forgettable draw. We looked solid and frustrated them early on leading to the red card. I thought with the extra man, lets go after them and get the win. Just not enough quality. Our luck may have dried up.

Superliga: FC Nordsjaelland vs Middelfart
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After conceding a daft penalty I was pleasantly surprised when Beciri followed up on Riel's first shot to equalise. Into the second half we were solid and a mistake from their defence saw Riel pop in a long range effort. CONTAIN!! We set up shop and as it entered the last 10 minutes the lucky sods scored. I say lucky, they were bombing us with crosses so it's probably fair that one resulted in a goal. A credible draw nonetheless against a team we were meant to be trounced by.

Superliga: Middelfart vs FC Copenhagen
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The best in Denmark versus FC Copenhagen. I joke of course. We had no chance at all in this game and their quality just overwhelmed us. Djurdevic actually scored another hat trick in the next game as well! He is on fire.

Superliga: AAB vs Middelfart
View attachment 88415Another away trip and this time against another side that will be in the top half come the end of the season. Our formation of 5-3-2 seems to be working in the first half but after that it goes out the window. It happened again in this game as it took a 5 minute purple patch for AAB to score twice and put the game to bed.

Monthly Review:
A very tough month where we were only able to pick up 2 points from a possible 12. We have plummeted down the table and now sit in 12th.
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The coming month is still going to be as hard as ever but hopefully we can steal some more points. 23 points to secure safety I hope!

Player of the Month:
A different sort of challenge this month which has seen our players struggle at points. The stand out performer was Ostergaard in defence. He was resolute as possible and I can't help but think that if he had better team mates in the centre back position, we would concede less.
Hmm... I'm still amazed you dropped THAT far in the table. Still - game in hand, plenty of time left...
Hmm... I'm still amazed you dropped THAT far in the table. Still - game in hand, plenty of time left...

At least you're optimistic! I am too to be fair, didn't expect to pick up as many points so far so all good. Would love it if we could stay up!
Good luck staying up even if you do it by the skin of your teeth, liking the story, makes a change to see one of the lesser leagues in Europe being played.
Good luck staying up even if you do it by the skin of your teeth, liking the story, makes a change to see one of the lesser leagues in Europe being played.

It will be really tough indeed. Thanks, I had no idea how much I would enjoy this little save
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With the slide down the table I have taken a personal day to reflect on the current situation.
I have taken a walk down to my new favourite place in Middelfart. A traditional bakery.
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Every time I walk home from the stadium I can still smell the fresh pastries. Unsurprisingly I have been a regular customer here, and thanks to my stardom in the little town of Middelfart, I get a lot of free samples. I have invited my assistant manager along to talk things through, he is already seated and halfway through his food when I arrive.

Hein: Rasmus, I need to talk to you about this season. I am very worried. We have had a great start but I think we have been very lucky. We are only drawing game and whenever we want to attack we look far too vulnerable at the back

Rasmus: I know boss, the honest view of the squad is that we lack the quality. We need better players.

Hein: Yes, I know that but we simply haven't got the money. I can't afford to pay the wages as we are already spending £3k over the budget a week. On top of that we haven't got the reputation to make players want to play for us.

Rasmus: It's tough boss, we can only try our best to keep the lads focused and look to get a few wins together.

Hein: I hope so Rasmus, things need to improve. Between you and me, I am considering a move to a bigger club. I have had a call from both Brondby and another team I can't pronounce. These are serious teams, serious chances for me to improve.

Rasmus: **** man, are you sure? Think of everything you have built here. The stadium will be finished before long and the fans love you here. Imagine if we could stay up, that would prove your worth. You are still young and we need you here.

Hein: You are right, I will stay here for now. The fans have been great, I just hope they stick by us when results don't go as well as they have been.

Time for me to head off to the office to prepare for our big games.

Superliga: Randers FC vs Middelfart
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First game up against fellow strugglers Randers. A good start through a fortunate on goal. We held on for so long, collecting many a yellow card. Just to be kicked in the **** 3 minutes from time. 1 point to the tally but it felt like we should have had 3.

Danish Cup 2nd Round: Kjellerup vs Middelfart
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Up against former Division Two opposition, this should be easy. Easier said than done as we got the lead but couldn't see it out. Story of the season really, Gertsen scores a leveller and we need our brilliant captain to score the winner in extra time. Having recently returned to the squad after a long injury I am glad to see Vaerum up and running again.

Superliga: Middelfart vs Esbjerg FB
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A chance to pick up three points against struggling Esbjerg. Vaerum scores again via the penalty spot. The rest of the action happened in the first half including an equaliser and a missed penalty. 1 more point.

Superliga: Middelfart vs FC Midtjylland
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Home game against the team that wanted to employ me if rumours were believed to be true. Skipper Vaerum scores his third in three games. We just can't keep a lead, Midtjylland overpower us for the rest of the game and end up with the spoils.

Superliga: Middelfart vs Hobro
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Back to back games at home. Hobro have been doing really well and find themselves in third place. 2-0 down we went for it, all out attack and managed to pull one back. Not enough though.

Superliga: Brondby vs Middelfart
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Brondby have been really underwhelming this season. They are managerless and are only one point ahead of us. We can win this. An early goal forced us to attack and then the game burst to life 70th minute, Sorensen scores for us before Holst retakes the lead. And then in bizarre fashion we level things again a minute later.

Monthly Review:
Things have really slowed down for us this month. We progress in the cup and pick up a couple of points but mainly we have been losing.
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The table is taking shape now and I expect that top will stay the same.

Player of the month: Got to be Vaerum, 3 goals in 3 games in a row and the man is on fire!​
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Not the best September as we could have got a few more points if it wasn't for conceding late on. October calls for us to really focus on getting as many points as possible.

Superliga: Middelfart vs Lyngby
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Lyngby are only a few points above us, despite this they pulled our pants down and aimed for maximal penetration. Ramkilde with 4. Just complete *****.

Superliga: Middelfart vs OB
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We face up against our former parent club yet again, this time at home. Raben has been after some more gametime and looked good scoring early on. Beciri added our second after OB drew level. We lost the lead again and we unable to get back in front.

Superliga: AC Horsens vs Middelfart
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*****. ****. Faeces. ****. Losing against bottom of the table is not ok. Yet another lead we have lost and this time we didn't even get a point.

Danish Cup Round 3: VSK Aarhus vs Middelfart
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Finally some good news. A comfortable, expected win against a lower league team. Raben gets a double and may just earn a starting place next to Riel. Still unhappy that we concede so late on.

Monthly review:
Not too bad of a month although slightly more disappointing that we dropped points from winning positions. And the less said about the Lyngby game the better.

Player of the Month: Mads Raben was kicking off about his playing time and fair play to the lad, he has scored when he got the chance.
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After a bit of a dry spell terms of points, we really could do with a bit of a winning run.

Superliga: Middelfart vs AGF

View attachment 88341
It was a real possibility for 3 points before kick off. AGF have been underperforming and we nearly had them last time. It didn't work out that way at all. Disappointing loss.

Superliga: Middelfart vs FC Nordsjaelland
View attachment 88340
A chance to upset the applecart. Ruiz has been playing out of his skin this season and opened the scoring. Raben pulled one back for us but they were already 2-0 up. Chasing the game, we just didn't have the quality.

Superliga: Sonderjyske vs Middelfart
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We looked like we could have stolen a point or 3 here, until Ostergaard gets his second yellow and with a man down we conceded late on. This is grim.

View attachment 88338

The only positive that came from this month is the fact I got my second qualification in the bag.

Monthly Review: ****. We are bottom. Need a win.

Player of the month: No one. Everyone is ****.
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If possible, we would love to pick up some points as a Christmas present. My mood is quite sullen with all these losses and the dark, early nights. We need some positivity, I called a team meeting to try rally the lads.

Superliga: FC Copenhagen vs Middelfart
View attachment 88336
We did not expect to get anything from this game so we just went all out attack. Jensen gets his first goal for the season. Djurdjevic then went on to score another hat trick against us. A couple more goals from them completed the drubbing as the only 2 positives were Vaerum scoring another goal and Radza saving a penalty.

Superliga: Esbjerg FB vs Middelfart

View attachment 88332
Trying to attack again, scoring early through Boesen. They replied before Boesen put another one in the net, just the wrong one. 2 more goals for Esbjerg saw us slope but skipper Vaerum kept fighting on.

Superliga: Middelfart vs AAB

View attachment 88331
Early finish, Sylvestr scores in the first couple of minutes and we were chasing the game all the way.

Superliga: Middelfart vs Randers FC
View attachment 88330

Last game of this year. Randers are mid table but we just can't buy a win. I thought we got a point from Nielsen's equaliser but it wasn't to be, even against 10 men.

Monthly Review: See November.

Player of the Month: Despite not winning any game, the stand out player is our skipper Vaerum, he just won't quit. Just hope this attitude rubs off on others.​